Jason Wahler: Lauren Conrad sex tape doesn’t exist

April 30th, 2008 // 73 Comments

Lauren Conrad’s ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler is denying that a sex tape of Lauren exists. Heidi and Spencer were on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday and claimed the rumors about the tape are absolutely true. Heidi even claimed that Jason was trying to sell it. Us Magazine reports:

“I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist,” Wahler tells Usmagazine.com in a statement. “Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.
“Lauren is my friend,” Wahler continues, “and it is insulting to her to suggest this.”
On Tuesday’s Tyra Banks Show, Pratt declared, “I know for 100 percent fact it did exist – 1000%!”

Okay, there’s an easy way to sort this out: Let’s put all four of these jokers in a room and toss a grenade in. Whoever survives is, obviously, the liar – and gets fed to a shark. Damn, I should negotiate peace treaties. Someone book me a flight to the Middle East. And don’t forget my shark.


  1. Trover

    So Lauren made a tape, faggoty Spence and Co saw it, then it got destroyed. Whoop-deee-dooo. Is there a story here?

  2. HuckyDucky

    Yes, I hate them. But they are all fine as hell. That Audrina chick is really fine.

  3. jane

    you know, back in the 90s i had a subscription to rolling stone. i was actually interested in reading about their reviews, as i found they had writers capable of describing the inner-workings of contemporary and classic music. i loved being informed on the musical zeitgeist.

    i hope that every employee at RS had a gun to their head and that was the only reason they released an issue with a bunch of retarded twats from an imbecilic television show that shouldn’t even be aired, let alone advertised skimping around in white cotton panties. an even better photograph would be the same, except each moronic female is decapitated.

    to quote denis leary – “i can’t believe i have to get MAD about this shit!”

  4. Grunion

    #53 try All Music Guide.com , more information, less STD’s

  5. sla

    I am sure there is, or at least was, a Lauren Conrad sex tape, simply because almost every person who has a video camera has made one.

    Show of hands: how many of us here who 1) have had sex, and 2) owned a camera at the time, have not made a tape? I rest my case.

  6. sla

    Back to the picture: Heidi wants it up the ass, and Audrina wants her 15 minutes. I didn’t even know who she was until her school girl pics hit the net.

    I am ashamed that I know all of these girls — or at least, three of them. Don’t know the one on the right, which means naked pics of her have not hit the net. Yet.

  7. idiot smacker

    Lauren has a boring life and a raspy smoker’s voice, Heidi is a horse and Audrina has big fish eyes on either side of her head. Whitney is the only person in that sad group who may actually do something worthwhile with her life. (NO the person on the right is NOT rat-faced Lo!)

  8. Sasha

    The only way he’d know 100% is if he was in it or filmed it.

  9. Dumb, But Sexy

    Yeah, they may be dumb, and their show may be inane. But, c’mon people, these are four tasty pieces of female meat for your dicking pleasure. Yum!

  10. Jenn

    Notice how everyone else in the picture is posing somewhat naturally except for Heidi…

  11. untildeathdo

    Rolling Stone. How very pathetic of you. Perhaps this is a parody cover?

  12. timefly

    OMG! Do we totally care? Look at the headline at the top of the cover. Is this months cover meant only for voyeurs?

  13. jwalkerblack

    dumb as rocks….but they have great bodies…i would much rather look at them rather than brooke hogan’s bakers dozen of a tummy

  14. lace

    “Speidi’s” 15 mins of fame are running out so they’re trying to grad onto to anything that they think will get them any kinda of attention…it’s sad really. If I saw them in public…I’d throw something at them

  15. shala

    heidi is a whore and an idiot. she makes me ashamed to be a woman.

  16. Anal Fistula

    who exactly watches these 4 moronic cunts anyway? what are the ratings for that show? and when did videotaping your own shitty life and televising it become interesting?

  17. Elk

    What the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK. I thought this was a photoshop so I went to Rolling Stone’s website and this is the actual cover. WHAT THE FUCK.

    You have failed Rolling Stone, everything you have ever done is now worthless.

  18. WHAT DOES, to be precise?

  19. blah blah

    god damn I’d fuck the hell out of Audrina until she died. then I’d fuck here again until the coroner arrived.

  20. PrehistoricGlamazonHuntress

    This is the kind of shit that would almost…….ALMOST!!!……. make me forgive Osama for 9/11 if he took all these bitches out in one fell swoop.


  21. OC Trophy Wife

    I thought the photo went with the title along the very top of the cover, “Inside a $25,000-a-night Escort Service”.

  22. Rocko

    Wow. Rolling Stone huh? Didn’t that used to be a reputable magazine? I’m saying used to, because when this cover was released, I’m sure any awards they were once given were retroactively taken away and their writing staff quit to be replaced by caterpillars (the insect or the construction machine company, doesn’t really matter which).

  23. Johnny5

    how on earth are these fuckin’ idiots on the cover of rolling stone magazine.

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