Jason Priestly Is Thrilled With Tori Spelling Right Now

“If you don’t sleep with my daughter, you’re off the show.”
“Aaron, it was cancelled five years ago.”
“So hardball, is it? Tori, sleep with me or you’re off the show!”

Over the weekend, Tori Spelling proved she’s out of bullshit to keep herself on TV by revealing she slept with Jason Priestly while working on Beverly Hills, 90210. As for how that happened, Tori also admitted to calling her dad and having Shannon Doherty fired, too, so there you go. In the meantime, Jason Priestly was naturally less than thrilled to be shoved into the reality TV meat grinder to make Tori Spelling’s rating sausage, but on the bright side, he didn’t have to try and reach orgasm while staring into her death-hole again. Little things, Jason, little things. Via E! News:

Jason Priestly’s List of Regrets (In Order)

1. Sleeping with Tori Spelling
2. Not redeeming himself by banging Megan Fox (David Silver!)
3. That family he murdered

In order.

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