Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Looks Especially Homeless Today

If Jason Momoa quit acting tomorrow he could probably find a lucrative career scraping barnacles off the bottom of sailboats in a Fort Lauderdale marina or maybe even a well-paid barista gig in Brooklyn. His Aquaman character may be one of two good things going on in the DC movie universe right now, but that’s not stopping him from dressing like the guy at the end of the bar who won’t stop mumbling about cannibalism. Today I learned that he got the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones by submitting an audition tape of himself doing a haka dance, which is terrifying.

Anyway, here is a gallery of him in his civvies looking like a long-lost roadie for Van Halen. He also casually carries a knife around because bodyguards are for Canadian ladyboys who can’t handle their beef jerky. I’ve never been close enough to smell Jason Momoa, but I have a feeling that if he were to walk by me, my clothes would reek like campfire smoke for the next week.

He’s also packing a respectably hefty heap of pepper, if you’re into that sort of thing…

jason momoa