Jasmine Fiore’s mother: ‘Ryan Jenkins is a coward’

In light of murder suspect Ryan Jenkins hanging himself in a motel room, Jasmine Fiore’s mother Lisa Lepore gave an interview to Good Morning America saying that while it’s brought closure for her family, she would’ve liked to see Jenkins brought to justice:

“It’s a relief to know that this man is not out there with the possibility of causing harm to other people,” she said of her former son-in-law. “That was a dangerous person. And now we don’t have to worry about him, but I feel like he was a coward. He took the easy way out. He didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions.”
Orange County, Calif., district attorney Tony Rackauckas said on “GMA” that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will continue to investigate, but his office is “very confident that we know who the killer is. All of the evidence points to Ryan Jenkins without any question. He’s the killer here, he’s the sole perpetrator of this killing.”

While I might have joked about giving Ryan Jenkins the death penalty, this guy really deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison. Or been forced to marry Megan Hauserman without a pre-nup. While she’s ovulating. I’m cool either way.

Photos: WENN