Jasmine Fiore’s mother: ‘Ryan Jenkins is a coward’

August 24th, 2009 // 87 Comments

In light of murder suspect Ryan Jenkins hanging himself in a motel room, Jasmine Fiore’s mother Lisa Lepore gave an interview to Good Morning America saying that while it’s brought closure for her family, she would’ve liked to see Jenkins brought to justice:

“It’s a relief to know that this man is not out there with the possibility of causing harm to other people,” she said of her former son-in-law. “That was a dangerous person. And now we don’t have to worry about him, but I feel like he was a coward. He took the easy way out. He didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions.”
Orange County, Calif., district attorney Tony Rackauckas said on “GMA” that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will continue to investigate, but his office is “very confident that we know who the killer is. All of the evidence points to Ryan Jenkins without any question. He’s the killer here, he’s the sole perpetrator of this killing.”

While I might have joked about giving Ryan Jenkins the death penalty, this guy really deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison. Or been forced to marry Megan Hauserman without a pre-nup. While she’s ovulating. I’m cool either way.

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  1. #50

    On one of the previous articles about her someone observed that she looks identical to Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age movie – I would say she’s more like a charicature of Sid.

  2. Random Observer

    Ryan was an idiot, because any good defense attorney could have got him off. It’s quite a simple defense: chick looks just a like praying mantis, which are known for eating their male mates after copulating. She was gonna eat him, so it was in self defense.

  3. ocman

    So what that she was extremely fugly, I pray that he gets what he deserves in hell no matter how ugly or hot not one human been should be murdered.

  4. Oh my,… that face,…

    as far as I can tell from these pics she wouldn’t score with her face, definatley not but the body seemed quite ok (besides from the fake tits, hate that shit). Also we all know sometimes it just doesn’t matter how ugly a face is if you can at least enoy something else.

    Even if she was as cheap and skanky as she looked she didn’t deserved to be murdered. That guy looked like he had to high blood pressure or something well and the ugly truth is those things happen if ppl can’t cope with their problems or ignore them till it’s too late, either for someone else or both of them.

  5. Mz Bitch

    # 10….you CLEARLY are an un-educated piece of shit…Canadians can’t be trusted???? CANADA is the ONLY country i would ever want to admit that i am from… talking about our legal system when you obviously know nothing about it!!! It is hugely laughable!!! Do you know how many cerial killers have got away scott free in the United States??? hahaha you’re a dumbfuck Ryan Jekins should have fucked you up too!!!!

  6. #56, please with that spelling, let French be your first langue. Cerial? Are you cerious?

  7. str fan

    I find her face… ewokative

  8. #48, you are a funny man. Ski masks…oh God, I’ll be cacklin’ all night. Some of the commenters here are just golden.

  9. abby

    Does this mean they can put ‘Megan’ back on the air? Could another channel pick it up if VH1 doesn’t?

  10. Mz Bitch

    # 57 Bitch PLZ…excuse me, SERIAL…. hahahah better and might as well be french??? the only thing that you could point out in that whole comment was the mistake of a C instead of an S…….and you seem to enjoy the french LANGUE so much maybe you should head over there….OHHHH and nice G R A M M A R by the way, way to show me ;)…..hahahahahahahahahaha you’re obviously married to # 10…..

  11. #61, sorry but ‘cerial’ is a ‘cerious’ offense if Anglais is your 1st language. That’s just so…uneducated. Then you must be from Calgary. Yee Ha!

  12. JEFF



  13. #56, it’s ‘How many SERIAL killers have GOTTEN away. Don’t play one upsmanship w/me, Missy. You will lose more than you have since…I don’t know…birth. BTW, stay off of my site. IP adresses show up when you comment there. Merci.

  14. JEFF


  15. rita

    While Fiore may have made some very bad life choices and also may have fetal alcohol syndrome (she does have the “look”, or it may be sither bad plastic surgery or conscious attempt to look like a man pleasing barbie, who knows?), no one should have to die as she did. All the hateful comments are precisely how women end up in these circumstances. You redicule and debase such women, and then, see them on the sly. Next time you are surfing porn, or going to a strip club, take a moment and ask yourself how you feel contributing to attitudes that do such things to women. shame on all of you!

  16. tash

    She was a person and just because someone was a stripper or didn’t look the way you would like them to is no justification for their death.
    We have no idea how she ended up in such a job and most people are very fortunate that they have the oppotunities that they have had ( education ect) and just because someone works in a job you don’t approve of does not mean they deserve to die or deserve to be ridiculed repeatedly after their death. It seems the concept of respect for the dead or rest in peace is lost on most people.
    As for the people blaming her mother for her death – that is just horrible, the person responsible is the man who killed her.
    I feel so sad whenever I see this story and the comments made are sickening.
    I agree with rita #66, I’m sure many of the people making such foul comments are the type who look up porn and/or go to strip clubs. It’s just a horrible thing and for people to make such degrading comments saddens me deeply

  17. Sergio


  18. SkipSmith

    I heard wide set eyes are a sign of inbreeding.

  19. Evelin

    Those of you who think she deserved to murdered are so mentally disturbed. NOBODY deserves that, imagine someone close to you being tortured and mutulated, WOW. As for Canada not being trustworthy?! I wonder why so many americans pretend to be Canadian tourists and plaster Canadian stickers on their bumpers and backpacks!?

  20. Darth

    This isn’t much surprising.I wouldn’t expect from her to say he’s a hero.

  21. bete noir

    No one deserves to be murdered. That said, is this what passes for caucasasian beauty nowadays? She has a face like an egg.

  22. Aja

    She is someone’s daughter and a human being. You people are trash. Lowlives.
    R.I.P Jasmine.

  23. brul

    Her ugly face makes my stomach turn

  24. Mark

    So it ends up Ja$mine was into adultry (at least three boyfriends at the same time while married), bigamy (she was married to the Jail guy and Ryan at the time she died), and in general a whore (sex for money).

    The real kicker, is the Jail guy and Ja$mine were pulling a con on Ryan for his money. The police have letters written by Ja$mine as evidence and have the Jail guy in custody (again).

    Ryan found out about the Jail guy, the con-scam for money, and yet another boyfriend she was planning to visit in Vegas.

    More will come out. Jasmine’s mother should be glad there will be know trial. After the Jasmine truth comes out, Ryan could have gotten off lightly with justified homicide (death in the heat of passion).

    RIP Ryan.

  25. I call 'em as I see 'em

    Wow, what a rodent face… but she didn’t deserve to be murdered.

  26. Mz Bitch


  27. Mz Bitch, stop making me clean up after your uneducated ass. I can’t believe you have the balls to retort & write ‘Sence’ for sense.. I guess I’m gonna have to school you. Please, write back to I can give you lesson #4. Okay, Ontario, then?


    You would probably say “right back’. You idiot! You are mortifying Canadians (like myself).

  28. Ooops, sorry. Different IP address on here from the one before.

  29. the jay man

    I agree with Mark; she was probably playing him big time and he found out and got pissed off. I was watching NG last night and it’s all about “poor Jasmine”. Poor Jasmine my ass, she was a cheap looking gold digging whore and that’s all. Nice girls don’t dress up in trampy looking cop uniforms with handbuffs like the photo at the top of this website. Too bad he offed himself; maybe they could have turned him loose on Casey Anthony, another useless piece of shit.

    No. 11, Dr. Detroits’s comment had me rolling!!!!

  30. Cupcake

    Wow. I have an issue with practically everyone who’s posted. Whore? Deserved what she got? Gold-digger? Stupid bitch? Jesus Christ. Those of you men who made these comments are only one girlfriend away from being the next Ryan Jenkins. I’m practically puking from this mysognistic spew. What a group of pigs. What are you guys, 14 year old boys? You sure aren’t men. Women do not deserve to be mutilated and killed because they are whores, strippers, and models. It’s actually against the law. Yeah. And this woman meant something to somebody. She was loved and now her survivors will suffer. People loved her and cared about her. You know what’s sick about you guys? You’d pay this woman to strip for you and you’d screw her in a second. It’s the old Madonna / Whore syndrome. It’s because of our society’s high standards of beauty for women that the Jasmine Fiores of the world go under the knife. There is so much to be learned from this story. And it was all lost on the assholes here. Would you women haters make these comments if you knew your mothers would be reading them? What a disappointment you must be to the women in your lives. I am so fortunate to have children who are compassionate, caring, and respectful. You can all rot in hell. You don’t belong in civilized society.

  31. I Agree

    Cupcake, do you know why there is a cavernous silence to your post? Because all the knuckle head neanderthals have used their 500 word a day limit given to them at birth. I absolutely agree with you. The men posting here with such vitriol are nothing but base pigs. God, how do they treat their mothers and sisters? Can I suggest that their mothers and sisters are whores and deserve to die because they are bitches related to the pigs? How would that go down? They wouldn’t like the fact that someone called their momma a fat cow who gave birth to a brain dead pig and should be punished by death. A horrible death. Give this girl a break. She died a horrible death at the hands of a pig. Too bad she thought she needed to live her life that way. I wonder how many of these guys have girlfriends and wives and talk this way over the internet. Do they talk about their wives like that? Do any of them have daughters? How about your daughters grow up and die in that manner. Not nice boys.

  32. Cupcake

    I Agree. Finally, the voice of reason. I was downright depressed after reading the other comments here. Pigs. That’s exactly what they are. You are right. Like I said before, I don’t even know where to start. We’ve got #80 the jay man up there saying it’s too bad he killed himself because he could have gotten rid of Casey Anthony, “another useless piece of shit”. Huh? Are you for real? So a woman who modeled bathing suits and erotic clothing is in the same category as a woman who murders her innocent 3 year old child and dumps her like yesterday’s trash. WTF??? Scantily clad young women do not equal child killers. Pigs. You, sir, are exactly why certain mattrers of justice and rights are not left to public vote. You’re one sicko. She was playing him? Even if that were true, should her actions be punishable by death? Yeah, espeically if you support honor killings. Maybe she “played him” because she knew him only 2 days before marrying him and was looking for a way out. There are reports she had the marriage annuled, and, that he assaulted her soon after that. Gee, if my ex-boyfriend was a friend I’d call him too if my husband was beating me up. And you’ve also got a problem with her cop uniform? This is hysterical. This costume isn’t as revealing as most bikinis. Or even most halloween customes. WTF are you some kind of mormon. I have yet to see a photo of this woman that is more revealing than what most actresses show these days. I bet you think they’re whores too. There are three things the men here have in common. 1. You are pigs. Women are either bitches or whores and they exist only for the pleasure of men, Women aren’t even human. The are body parts. Tits, asses, and pussy. They deserve what they get. 2. The men here are stupid and maladjusted. Every last one of you is a msyoginists. You are haters who have not evolved like the rest of us. You are ignorant, You are unenlightened. You are haters. There is nothing anyone can do to help you. Your kind will be elimnated through the process of evolution. 3. You are insecure. You are insecure about your manhood and your ability to please a woman. If this weren’t the case, you wouldn’t hate this woman as much as you do. You strip her of her dignity, you call her a piece of shit, you say she got what she had coming, and you call her a whore. You do this because never in your dreams could you attract a woman with a body like hers. Hell, you probably can’t even get your wives to screw you. You beg for it. You are swine.

    God have mercy on the women in your lives. Your mothers and wives. Your daughters who look to you as a model of what she one day will look for in a man.

    PS If you are trying to breakup with your wives or girlfriends, let them read your posts here. They will run like hell and never look back. Men like you repel women. You deserve to be alone.

  33. the jay man

    Hey Cupcake: how are ya!

    first of all, most men (myself included) do not consider all women to be in the category that these women are in. Men look at women who pose for photos like the one on top of this page, as well as strippers and prostitutes (and party girls like Casey Anthony) as cheap whores. Let’s face it; these are not women most of us would bring home to our mothers. My mother would have a shit fit if i brought home someone like this to her.

    secondly, the cop uniform is fine if you’re going to be costume party, not if you’re dressing up to show off your plastic body for a sleazy photo shoot. That’s when it becomes cheap.

    thirdly, most men are pigs.

    The Jay Man has spoken…………………..

  34. J

    Well she looked like the type of woman who liked it in all her holes….and be honest guys, that’s what we all really want!

  35. Most things as I am shitty as everyone else. She was fug and probably a waste of space, but he “did not deserve to die. He deserved to die, but a more painful way, repeated sodomy in jail like the big guys.

  36. Just a Guy

    The only people this world needs to get rid off are the post writers suggesting that these two individuals just took up space and their deaths is a good thing. You are the psychopathic scum bags with no empathy nor sensitivity for anyone but yourselves. You’re useless and selfish cowards most likely sitting in your mother’s basements throwing venom at anyone. Your comments show that you’re already dead inside your minds and your hearts. Your writing demonstrates that you have already committed the suicide of your soul. You are the ones who are just “taking up space” to use your expression. Prostitutes are much more useful and do a huge service to society unlike yourselves, whose hearts and minds are rotting in your aging mother’s basements. Go play in traffic… it may wake you up before it’s too late!

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