Jared Fogle: ‘I’m Not A Monster, My Victim’s Parents Are’

Remember when we read Jared Fogle’s texts about “craving a 15 or 16 year old girl,” and we all collectively thought “Welp, that’s it. That’s the bottom right there.” Haha! We were fucking idiots! Because having sex with minors and soliciting child porn was just him getting fluffed up. Now, Jared is suing the parents of one of his victims — who is seeking additional compensation from him for the emotional trauma she suffered after finding out that he and his scumfuck business partner secretly filmed her bathing and changing over the course of four years while she was a minor — because he alleges mom and dad were the ones who fucked her up, not him. So, it’s true, eating turkey subs with no mayo really does mean you’re a psycho. Via Daily Mail:

In a series of allegations about the parents, he claims that the end of their marriage was followed by custody and parenting arrangements which ’caused unnecessary stress, anxiety, and trauma for Jane Doe’.
‘B.T. and J.T. maintained a hateful and abusive relationship toward each other, which included, but was not limited to, engaging in frequent fighting and arguing between themselves; abusing alcohol and getting drunk; and engaging in frequent fighting, physical abuse, and arguing with Jane Doe, which caused Jane Doe to suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, and major depression before she learned of any allegations [about Fogle and Taylor],’ his lawyers argued.
Calling the parents’ conduct ‘outrageous and reckless’, he claims that they drove her to consider taking her own life.
Jane Doe had told in her own legal case how she had considered suicide, slept with multiple sexual partners and turned to drink and drugs.

Here’s the part where we ask why he hasn’t died of some kind of anus trauma yet, right? Clearly, he’s under the wing of his own Omar Little Freddy in there. So instead, I’d like to offer up Jared as the American justice system personified — Where a rich man gets to sue the family of the kid he violated, because like Bill Cosby, his wealth and fame afford him the finest legal racketeers available, while people of lesser means languish in jail for offenses like selling LSD at concerts. Aside from race, money is the largest determinant of how a person’s day in court will go, and the rich wield it like a billy club to force their desired outcomes. In the same way that Cinemark bullied the victims of the Aurora massacre into a settlement, by threatening them with having to cover the corporations massive legal fees if they lost their suit, Chomo the Hoagie Troll is now using his wealth to manipulate the already flawed system into something even more grotesque. If that’s not worth sitting out a few national anthems, fine, but can we at least pay some homeless guys to take a shit on the chip rack in Subway? I’m just saying there’s got to be a common ground here.

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