January Jones’ breasts pose for GQ

October 13th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Mad Men‘s January Jones poses for the November 2009 issue of GQ looking the hottest I’ve ever seen her look. And I’m not just saying that because she’s basically topless underneath a leather jacket. I’m saying it because I want to touch her breasts, too. I’m a complicated man that way.

Photos: GQ

  1. clpierced

    okay, i will admit, she has nice boobs. i am semi jealous. butt everything else is eh okay. also, wtf is up with the mask in pic #6?! hahaha i think she looks ridic. and i hate your name :)

  2. Cec

    skinny….knobby knees…pretty face but stilll blonde and boring. and I’d put her at a B cup. Not bad, nothing to jerk off to.

  3. i want to pay her beautiful boobs…i like her

  4. she uses that nose to breathe

  5. Damn

    Wow. I’m a completely straight girl, but in that first pic, even I want in on the motorboating.

    @13 – 11 is right, bras are made to make your boobs look bigger. Also, you both sound like idiots disputing who knows more about “real breasts,” it is painfully obvious neither of you could get a girl.

    @52 – Your comment is pathetic. you would have been better off sitting quietly, and wishing that a girl with a fraction this one’s beauty would even acknowledge you if you spoke to her. Trying to sound like a douche who has any right to judge this girl to your supposed standards only shows what a lonely loser you are. Be quiet and get a life.

  6. If that’s how January Jones’ boobs look like on the cover of a magazine, then a Christina Hendricks’ cover with a similar pose would be 90-95% boob.

    In a related story, it would also be the best-selling issue of GQ of all time. (And by “best-selling” I mean, “most gawked at on supermarket aisles across the nation.”)

  7. Yeah, having just watched the most recent episode on Sunday, I’d be hard-pressed to believe that there wasn’t any airbrushing going on in the chest area. That woman is thinner than any other actress in the show. Even Hildy!

  8. NG

    Why is Draper cheating on her? She’s way hotter than his mistress.

  9. The indoctrination of Rough

    Unless they’re smaller ones I might have had premature adulation toward JJ…

    Some reference # 20



  10. ha


    Why do you even watch Mad Men if you don’t remotely understand the content?

    January Jones is beautiful. I can’t even believe all of these insulting comments. What a joke.

  11. Jessie

    thats cooool.
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  12. Kate83

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  13. Andie

    I love her. They couldn’t have done better casting her in that role, she is PERFECT for it. I think she looks like Grace Kelly. And me, yeah, she looks a lot like me. DH even says so. Without the photoshopped boobies. LOL.

    I f*cking LOVE Mad Men. Fantastic TV.

  14. YourMom

    QUICK CALL 911! I’ve just hit a nearly naked woman with my car! Uh, wait. No, scratch that. It seems I’ve come upon the most awkward photo shoot of a corpse. Good times.

  15. Tinner

    “Who is January Jones”

    I am shocked: TS’s demographic are people that watch nothing but shit like the hills and 90210!?

    I am so surprised!

    Also: Peggy > all and you know it. Word up n shit!

  16. The Dude

    Very hot chick!

  17. Mad Men addict


    Peggy for the win, until she screwed Duck.

    No redemption there! Ew.

  18. Darth

    You can tell that she’s an experienced hitchhiker.

  19. Narcissist

    I don’t know who she is but she has boobs.

  20. Paul

    All of these “who?” comments are pretty damned sad. Are you people really that proud of your ignorance? Mad Men is the greatest scripted genre in the history of the television medium. Pull your head out of your collective ass and stop pining for Paris and “lilo” and all those other dumb, talentless twats who are famous for simply being famous.

  21. debutante

    January Jones is so gorgeous. Though I think these boobs are definitely enhanced through lighting or something. She never looks this busty on Mad Men !

    AND She looks NOTHING like Claire Danes – yeesh !

  22. girls usually love to hear celebrity gossips, they are always into it -,`

  23. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Boring go kill urself wit ur clothes u whore!

  24. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    hi there Kim, i love your whole family. I love da way you sisters get along, i wish i had sisters like you girls. I never miss your shows, is it true you guyz are coming to south africa? Love you all

  25. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    What u fly girls r doin is a great thing for the kidz.I watch your show every week. Y’all are the 3 beautifullest sister’s I’ve ever seen.if u ever in ny holla at the kidd.muahz all ova.yes all ova;*

  26. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Helllooooo kim :) i would love you to do your next project on hair to maybe hair exstentions or somethink i dunno but im sure it would be amazing :D x

  27. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi Kim I’m one of your biggest fans I love watching ur shows I have never met a celebrity ever before I one day would love to meet u I would love to have all ur looks I see u as my idol even though I’m a little older than u I’m 32

  28. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    drunk at noon
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait, we’re supposed to believe that someone ran over this hooker and didn’t stuff the corpse in a drunk for later?

  29. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Delightful breasts but it’s obvious even GQ gave up on getting her to smile.

  30. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Put the body in the trunk and save it for later. Necrophilia joke ftw. I suspect it would be no different that fucking her when she was alive.

  31. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    They need to actively start cropping her face out of pictures. It’s a shame her breasts have to suffer because of her sour fucking face.

  32. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    would be worse ways to get frostbite or places to have your tongue stuck to…

  33. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry haters – I still would beat off and cry to myself – oh wait…I’m already doing that.

  34. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    This is a glacial geologist’s wet dream.

  35. January Jones Topless Lingerie GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF are those comments just above?

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