And Now a Compliment For January Jones

June 10th, 2011 // 46 Comments

DAT ASS! *tips hat* Ma’am.

I’ve been saying a lot of (true) things about January Jones lately: She can’t act, she’s a bitch, she sleeps with married men and then keeps the baby when he won’t leave his wife because she’s most likely Claudia Schiffer; the list goes on and on. But what I haven’t mentioned is how she’s literally photographed every single day going to yoga class (above) because she’s dedicated to not letting her little bastard ruin her figure. I might just be some guy with an erection who’s thinking about e-mailing it to people now that the media’s glamorized it and made it sound sexy, but that level of commitment should count for something.

Photo: Fame, Splash News, WENN


  1. Pippa Middleton take note.

  2. Unimate

    What kind of horrible parents would allow their nine year old son to give up his ass for transplant?

  3. It had to be said

    Actually . . . she has saddlebags. Which is fine is regular women, but dat ass? I dunno, dude.

    • Xtal

      You must be a girl. Saddlebags are sexy. Anyone who thinks her legs don’t look great has got issues.

      • It had to be said

        I’m not only a man, but I regularly comment about all the dirty things I want to do with Christina Hendricks’ fat. Still, DAT ASS when I am looking at saddlebags? I dunno. On the same day we had to endure all tools yipping about circumcision?

    • Mike Walker

      Pretend they’re jodhpurs.

    • bi chick

      She’s not allowed to work out much because Mad Men is set in a time when women were soft-figured, whether slim like January or voluptuous like Christina. They are literally not ALLOWED to have muscle tone in their arms.

    • wtf

      k, just a genetic fat distribution. you must be under 22. she looks good (idk about ‘dat ass’, but still looks good). saddlebagz usually come with a booty anyways…

      • Jessesgirl

        It’s just genetic. Most white as white anglo saxon chicks have hips, saddle bags and love handles but no ass to speak of. See also mischa barton.

  4. Carla V.

    Muah, SuperFish! January Jones posts are my favorites here. Regarding that ass, because even a straight chick gotta shout: SWEET.

  5. fish you might get lucky sending the pics to jones, pregnant women have more blood flow down there. send a lot of them though, sexting’s a numbers game

  6. tonawanda

    She was the hottest thing on the screen in “American Wedding”. Little has changed.

  7. Cock Dr

    And here’s another compliment: she’s apparently kept her mouth shut on who the father is.
    So far. That certainly can’t last forever. Could it?

    • It had to be said

      Maybe she isn’t sure.


    • Pink

      You know the paps must be peppering her with that question every single sec:

      “Smile January – whose the Daddy?”
      “Looking Good January! – who the father?”
      etc. etc.

  8. Pink

    Bitch does yoga EVERY DAY.

    Baby Daddy better get ready to start paying for her lifestyle of not working.

  9. January Jones Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    there seems to be so many people who don’t like women in general here… she looks absolutely fine, sure she is a bitch, but who gives a shit! she’s good looking

  10. Mitchie

    What ass?

  11. Anonymous

    Who the hell is January Jones?

  12. cc

    Two words: zoom lens

  13. I see you’ve strapped on your pistolas, seniorita.

  14. anonym

    a little better than Pippa’s.

    but that is still a tiny, but toned, ass.

  15. tlmck

    Very nice from the back. Too bad the front is messed up.

  16. salliemae

    Meh. I think she looks good here (from the back), but I’m fairly certain it’s due to the weight gain from her pregnancy. I’m sorry, but in X-Men: First Class, she was a stick with boobs. Normally has no hips or ass–major Pippa Middleton body, but with more boob.

  17. Arzach

    She always has had a great ass, that’s how she gets all those good roles, she has to be worried for the moneymaker.

  18. the captain

    ……imagine a big dampy TURD is coming out of the butt?

  19. Mel

    She doesn’t even look preggo from the back: props, Bitch-Face January!

  20. leenie

    She’s got a nice ass!

  21. January Jones Butt Yoga Pants
    Human nature
    Commented on this photo:

    Good for January for not being intimidated to get rid of the kid. If she wants to keep her baby, she should. Yes, she sounds like a selfish bitch but most people in Hollywood are. In fact, most PEOPLE are period. People always complain about “homewreckers” and then they go around and do it themselves. January’s not a hypocrite at least.

    January knows she’s not the best actress. She got knocked up by a rich director and she gets to have a baby AND she’s set for a long time (not for life but until that kid is 25) so good for her. A beautiful new baby and money in the bank. And the added revenge of knowing that the director’s marriage is probably going to end up on the rocks (eventually). She’s pretty much “won” this one. The director has “lost”. And the director’s wife? Obviously Claudia shouldn’t be married to the director anyway because he doesn’t love her enough NOT TO CHEAT ON HER.

    I don’t feel bad for anyone here. Everyone is getting what they deserve, but if you want to play the blame game? The blame is SQUARELY on the shoulders of the director. I would never have January Jones as a friend, but i completely understand her and don’t fault her for being human.

    And all the hypocrites who criticize her would do the EXACT SAME THING if they were in her shoes.

  22. January Jones Butt Yoga Pants
    Human nature
    Commented on this photo:

    Um…January, honey…if you are reading this – after the baby you may want to get some lipo to hoover away those saddle bags. Not very attractive – you can look much better without them.

  23. really?

    reaaaaalllyyyyy? dat ass? you mean dat dimply, almost non existent ass?

  24. mfbinc

    i’d bite that ass!!!

  25. Stuey

    Why is everyone calling her a bitch for keeping the kid? If she aborted it people would be demanding her ass on a cross. I was a fan of her, not so much now, but why is she a bitch for not killing a kid that didn’t do anything. I think it is commendable.

  26. CoCo

    Again with the 6 year old ass. Dude stop it!

  27. anonym

    what’s up with people’s obsession with figure-less women with relatively big funbags?

    a real woman has curves…….. somewhere between this shit and Christina hendricks.

  28. Cardinal Fang

    Her lower half looks like a Nazi officer in uniform.

  29. Frak you not tellin

    Who cares? You people make more than it needs to be? How is this news? Gossip, like little old ladies at the bridge club.

  30. LizzyB

    I’m sorry, I thought this post was about January Jones’ ass, not a 10 year old boy’s ass?

  31. January Jones Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Cutest lady heiny in Hollywood.

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