January Jones & Will Forte Are Doing It

Kristen Schaal farted on Will Forte – That’s an actual true story you can click on and experience the wonder and majesty for yourself. – while filming The Last Man on Earth, so most courts would agree he’s her property. And if there’s one thing we know about January Jones, it’s that she’ll have sex with other women’s property and without the courtesy of at least getting an abortion when she’s done. A fact I genuinely feel bad about typing because she’s actually pretty good on the show and agreed to play a character named “Melissa Shart” which makes two poop jokes and we haven’t even got to the blockquote yet. Easter Fever: CATCH IT. People reports:

Will Forte, star of the Fox comedy, is dating his costar, January Jones, PEOPLE has learned.
Jones, 37, and Forte, 44, first worked together when the Mad Men actress hosted Saturday Night Live in 2009.

Did I already mention Kristen Schaal farted on Will Forte? Because that’s literally the most interesting part of this post, and I really need to stop shooting things out as soon as I start – unless it’s the bedroom. Amirite, ladies? Yeah- wait, why are you walking away? I thought there’d be high fives. Where are the high fives? What’d I do?!

Photos: Getty