January Jones’ Parents Don’t Know The Kid’s A Bastard, Do They? Awkward

I meant to post these earlier in the week, but I’ve still been in a state of shock after learning January Jones has actual parents and wasn’t chiseled from a glacier. Anyway, here are the Joneses spending time with their new little grandson Xander Dane over the holiday weekend where they had the incredible pleasure of pretending keeping a baby out of spite is adorable. “Now, dear, your mother and I might not be happy about the way you went about this, but the important thing is that – Wait, you’re not carrying the kid around in public, are you? Okay, good. – the important thing is that we love you even though this was really the most trampy thing you could’ve possibly done. I mean, keeping a married man’s baby? Jesus, we’d almost prefer you told us you’re a lesbian. Almost.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Flynet