January Jones Is Naked, Wants To Bang Rihanna

March 20th, 2014 // 22 Comments
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January Jones 9 Years Old
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Here’s January Jones posing nude for Violet Grey where she reveals if she could bang any celebrity dead or alive it’d be Paul Newman or Rihanna. Except that’s not even the most incredible thing January Jones said because that honor goes to this exchange:

What is the single greatest night of your life and why?
The night my son was born for so many reasons.

AHAHAHAHAHA! Sure, it is. Sure, it is. Then again, if anyone feeds on pure hate, it’s January Jones, so imagine her surprise when a never-ending, renewable source fell right out of her vagina. “Immortality is MINE,” she probably said before telling the nurse, “Nah, you do it,” when asked if she wanted to hold her son.

Photos: Violet Grey


  1. queefed in the tub and turned it into an ice bath

  2. How telling that she can’t actually come up with any reasons.

  3. January Jones Nude
    Commented on this photo:

    in bottle behind her: Her son’s blood. She likes to to look at it and laugh, laugh, laugh.

  4. January Jones Nude
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    Did she crap in the tub? The water looks putrid.

  5. January Jones Nude
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    Btw, the camera’s not set to black and white, that’s just what happens when she asked who Xander’s father is. All the colour is drained from the room. Then the souls.

  6. Goose

    Between that TBT pic of her as a child and her fisheye boobs in that naked scene, she has dropped a bunch of spots in my hotness Q list.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    “January Jones Is Naked, Wants To Bang Rihanna” might be the greatest title for any blog post in the history of the internet.

  8. January Jones Nude
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    bitchy ice princess, sure. agreed. but she is smoking hot.

  9. MarketingMike

    Such an icy whore monster, wrapped in a beautiful package.

  10. Dox

    Little known fact:
    It took thirty seven water heaters to keep the tub from freezing.

  11. D-chi

    Who does their makeup in the tub? Goodness, how the other half lives.

  12. January Jones Nude
    Little Tongue
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    “Oups! I think I have diarrhea!”

  13. January Jones Nude
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    Taken a nanosecond before the water froze solid.

  14. who is January Jones?

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