January Jones Probably Has Matthew Vaughn’s Baby in Her (UPDATE: Or Not.)

It’s starting to become more and more likely that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn cheated on his wife Claudia Schiffer by sticking a baby in January Jones who kept it for reasons we’re still not sure of, but early speculation points to she’s a bitch. Anyway, apparently Matthew and Claudia bailed on a Beverly Hills house they were renting immediately after the baby was announced, and now come reports that Matthew and January had an “odd” and “very close” relationship on set which everyone knows is industry talk for wiener touching. On top of that, Fox suddenly decided not to have a premiere (Last night’s event was just a screening. My bad.) for their major tentpole film from a massively successful franchise. Because studios do that. E! News reports:

Both the Vaughn/Schiffer rep, as well as another production source (Fox, which is releasing the sequel, would not comment) said there would be no X-Men premiere, other than a “cast screening” in New York, which took place yesterday—January, among several other cast members, did show for the screening.
But the rep tells us Matthew could not attend the New York screening because of a “severe” case of tonsillitis.
Miraculously, though, Mr. Vaughn still seemed quite the chatty Cathy for X-Men interviews on the same day. His health seemed to be in tip-top shape, as the Brits would say.
Also healthy was Vaughn’s time spent with Jones on set, say our X-Men insiders. Multiple sources from the set insist Jones and Vaughn were “very close” throughout shooting, as we have stated.

Awesome. Now Matthew Vaughn gets to explain to supermodel Claudia Schiffer why he put a baby in a frigid television actress then figured she’d just get an abortion as a solid after he broke off the relationship because he didn’t love her enough to leave his wife. You’d just assume something like that would go smoothly.

UPDATE: Apparently E! has pulled this story, so either they hit too close to home, or it’s time to start writing blind items about Kevin Bacon being the dad: “Sources say he ‘Footloose’d’ his sperm into her vagina, but we can’t say for certain if the father also ‘came’ with eggs and home fries.”

Photos: Splash News