January Jones Probably Has Matthew Vaughn’s Baby in Her (UPDATE: Or Not.)

May 26th, 2011 // 67 Comments

It’s starting to become more and more likely that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn cheated on his wife Claudia Schiffer by sticking a baby in January Jones who kept it for reasons we’re still not sure of, but early speculation points to she’s a bitch. Anyway, apparently Matthew and Claudia bailed on a Beverly Hills house they were renting immediately after the baby was announced, and now come reports that Matthew and January had an “odd” and “very close” relationship on set which everyone knows is industry talk for wiener touching. On top of that, Fox suddenly decided not to have a premiere (Last night’s event was just a screening. My bad.) for their major tentpole film from a massively successful franchise. Because studios do that. E! News reports:

Both the Vaughn/Schiffer rep, as well as another production source (Fox, which is releasing the sequel, would not comment) said there would be no X-Men premiere, other than a “cast screening” in New York, which took place yesterday—January, among several other cast members, did show for the screening.
But the rep tells us Matthew could not attend the New York screening because of a “severe” case of tonsillitis.
Miraculously, though, Mr. Vaughn still seemed quite the chatty Cathy for X-Men interviews on the same day. His health seemed to be in tip-top shape, as the Brits would say.
Also healthy was Vaughn’s time spent with Jones on set, say our X-Men insiders. Multiple sources from the set insist Jones and Vaughn were “very close” throughout shooting, as we have stated.

Awesome. Now Matthew Vaughn gets to explain to supermodel Claudia Schiffer why he put a baby in a frigid television actress then figured she’d just get an abortion as a solid after he broke off the relationship because he didn’t love her enough to leave his wife. You’d just assume something like that would go smoothly.

UPDATE: Apparently E! has pulled this story, so either they hit too close to home, or it’s time to start writing blind items about Kevin Bacon being the dad: “Sources say he ‘Footloose’d’ his sperm into her vagina, but we can’t say for certain if the father also ‘came’ with eggs and home fries.”

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  1. Cardinal Fang

    April is still the best calendar name

  2. stratacat

    I love that she’s keeping the baby out of revenge. It’s old school.

    VAUGHN: I’m not leaving my wife. It’s over.
    JAN: Well, I’m keeping the baby, so it’s really just begun.
    VAUGHN: Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!!
    JAN: *blink* *crazy smile* *blink* *head tilt*

    How I hope that went.

    • RoboZombie

      Damn strata, that’s good work. You should get into directing…I hear there may be an opening soon.

  3. Cardinal Fang

    How does that bald mo fo nail all these hot actresses? Oh yeah, he’s a Hollywood director.

  4. Cock Dr

    Mr Vaughn certainly seems to go for tall Nordic type blondes. Can’t fault the man for that.
    Proper condom usage can save your health, marriage & bank account. If a man has just gotta weiner touch some strange please glove it up.

  5. Richard McBeef

    go find me a mediocre looking chick, i’ll knock her up, let it bake for 4 months and then you jack off over it. there is nothing interesting about this bitch.

    • Jovy

      Fucking thank you. She looks retarded in the face and I hate her attitude. Hope that baby sucks all of the life outta her.

      • who dat

        Oh it will and it will be a lonely life cause last time I checked guys don’t like frigid resentful bitchy single Mom’s. Single Mom’s in general are man repellent, I know I was raised by one. This woman seems like an vindictive cold hearted utter waste of space and if she kept the baby out of revenge she is one dumb bitch, because she’s going to be stuck with all the work and she’s just fucked her life up entirely for some old ugly ass douche who was never going to leave his wife and now who’s going to want her, yeah great revenge plan genius.

      • TrojanMustang

        Grammar hates you.

  6. bad shirt and weird angles? Or let some sperm marinate too long in her baby hole?

  7. Tom

    The least appealing pretty woman in the world. How I hate this talentless cunt.

    • Jackie Smith

      i’m sure she cares what a talentless ball bag like you thinks. she travels the world and makes TV shows and movies. you jerk off to kiddie porn.

      get a job, scrotum.

  8. Claudia Schiffer January Jones Matthew Vaughn
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sure that there COULD be legitimate reasons to to cheat on a woman this fabulously beautiful.
    The most likely one is that the man is a selfish scumbag.

  9. Rafe (pronounced "Ralph")

    I bet it’s VINCE Vaughn’s baby. She probably figured, I let Sudeikas, why not Vince? What’s next in store for this bimbo’s vajayjay (i.e., after she bulemicizes herself thin after giving birth), John Mayer? Spencer Pratt? One of the Madden twins?

  10. RoboZombie

    Wow..Claudia used to be such great wank material…now not so much.
    Hey, you could just substitute “bang” for “wank” and understand her husband’s thought process.

  11. nahhhhh

    It’s remarkable, the degree that people are intimidated by women who’ll say what they believe, and not only what you want to hear. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion.

    • stratacat

      Neither is pro-condoms or pro-birth control.

    • RoboZombie


    • lar

      yeah, calling someone a “bitch” solely for not getting an abortion just seems kind of excessive to me. People have sex. Sometimes, it results in a baby. It’s not that outrageous. Apparently, some morons don’t even know the meaning of “pro-choice” anymore.

  12. Awesome job

    Vaughn has got it straight going on-he bangs twisted sister, ruins the bitches body and screws up her social life…and then gets to return to a super model.

    Good for him…let her keep the little runt…he’s got plenty of dough and can afford the child support. Why ruin your supermodel wife’s body to poop out some progeny when you’ve got a slut in waiting?

  13. Claudia can’t be that stupid. This isn’t the first time he’s done this.

  14. It had to be said

    January Jones walking home in the morning with only three souvenirs from her night with Matthew Vaughn: (1) a hang over; (2) his baby; and (3) his watch.

  15. Wow, she got knocked up by her married boss at the workplace, then decided to keep the baby to spite his wife? It’s like the plot of some sort of some basic cable evening soap opera about advertising. They should totally make that a TV show.

  16. Deryn

    “… Fox suddenly decided not to have a premiere for their major tentpole film …”

    Tentpole, heh heh.

  17. Deryn

    Also: So she’s not just strutting around in see-through “look at my baby” clothes to rub it in some random woman’s face that she screwed her husband, she’s strutting around in see-through “look at my young and [some might say] hot body” clothes to rub it in *Claudia Schiffer’s* face. Oh, wow. I really hate this person.

  18. Fawks

    Every pic, every story about her… makes me hate her. What a bitch. She’s a fucking poster girl for the arrogant, selfish and downright idiotic/vile modern woman.

    • Amy

      Lol! Don’t conflate modern women with selfish bitches. I’m pretty sure they have been prevalent throughout all eras. Women’s lib didn’t enable arrogance. It just put the female version of it on equal footing with it’s male counterpart.

      • Jackie Smith

        well any woman who chooses to live her life the way she wants to, to express herself honestly, and to not care 24/7 about what others are saying must be a selfish bitch! original.

        and btw, how old are you? 80? women’s lib? do you call black people negroes too? get a life. since when did keeping a baby become arrogant? how about cheating on your wife while she sits at home with your 3 kids? that’s not arrogant apparently. oh wait, i forgot, matthew vaughn is a man. male behavior isn’t criticized, EVER. just shut up.

      • Amy

        Jackie, I think you misunderstood. I never said I was anti-abortion. Quite the contrary. I was responding to Fawks who seems to think “modern” women are selfish and arrogant. I think that’s an absurd statement to single out women. Of course, I think most people are in the developed world are arrogant, entitled bitches. You see, I’m not a misogynist, I’m a misanthrope. I was pointing out that implicit in Fawks’ statement was that “modernity” (which I interpret as a veiled reference to women having more opportunities in the work place as well as more right to privacy as opposed to being pain killer addicts trapped in unfullfilling marriages and with not control over their own bodies) was at least in part contributing to women being arrogant, which somehow leaves out arrogant male behavior, which you more bluntly pointed out.

        But, you know, I can tell you really wanted to get on the feminist soapbox too, so that’s fine. But you don’t need to preach to the choir.

    • Jackie Smith

      awww, poor baby keeps getting rejected! let’s blame feminism for the fact that you can’t get laid. idiot.

  19. chainsawbuzzkill

    Why the fuck is everyone saying she kept the baby “out of spite” or “because she’s a bitch?”

    Maybe she’s keeping it because she doesn’t think it has to die for her dumb ass choices.

    Give her all the shit in the world for not getting Vaughn to put a bag on it, not being on BC and not getting Plan B. But all this cheering for abortion is creepy.

    • Amy

      That she wasn’t on birth control is creepy. Obviously, this actress has more of a choice than others in the situation. She’ll be able to take care of the kid whether or not the dad is involved. But it’s a crappy situation to bring a baby into. It’s not like the planet is hurting for emotionally abandoned children. In fact, it’s not hurting for humans either. It’s not so much cheering for abortion as it is dreading another entitled, self-centered creature.

      Now you can see why all my friends call me Cheer Bear.

      • who dat

        It’s more than creepy it’s obviously something she planned or she’s just the dumbest girl alive to have her resources and not protect against this. So either she wanted to baby trap him all along or she’s dumb as shit, well she’s dumb as shit either way.

        No one’s cheering for abortion BTW Op, just because we think she’a a moron for getting herself into this mess doesn’t mean we’re cheering for abortion. Also this ain’t the first item blondie’s been caught with a married man, Bobby Flay anyone, so you’ve got one insecure little head case here. Women who respect themselves and have even an ounce of self worth don’t go for unavailable married men. Women with any sense of decency don’t either.

        On the subject of women with no decency I love the he’s the one whose married excuse as though that absolves one of any responsibility to anyone else. By that token we should be able to kill people and hurt people we don’t know personally in any way we want because they aren’t our family or our responsibility. What kind of selfish twat fucks around with a man with three kids? It’s just a vile shitty thing to do and reflects so much on her character and her own self worth. No happy well adjusted mentally stable woman does that shit. If married men are her thing, lets see how many want her now, lets see who at all wants to be with her after this, I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it’s going to be a lonely hard ass life for this one, she made her husband fucking bed and now she’s going to sleep it in all alone, brilliant life choices lady just brilliant.

      • Chupacabra

        Maybe she just wanted a fucking baby, ever think about that? She was banging like everyone before this movie was made. I think the girl’s bio clock was ticking. She could probably give a shit less that it was a married man who sperminated her. That’s why she hasn’t said anything to anyone about who the father is.

  20. NTT

    I broke this story here in the last january post. Thank you very much

  21. Rancid


    • Jackie Smith

      Common sense or

      • Jackie Smith Sucks Dick

        Jackie Smith is an illiterate annoyance. who sucks dick. madddd wart-covered, chlamydia-riddled, dick. ’nuff said

    • Chupacabra

      Maybe she just wanted a fucking baby, ever think about that? She was banging like everyone before this movie was made. I think the girl’s bio clock was ticking. She could probably give a shit less that it was a married man who sperminated her. That’s why she hasn’t said anything to anyone about who the father is.

  22. Rafe (pronounced "Ralph")

    Maybe she’s keeping it to spite Sudeikas? Maybe she wanted one with him and he was like, no way, and that’s why they split?

    Gotta feel for the baby-to-be, condemned to have a walking twin Popsicle named after one of the coldest months for a mother.

  23. January Jones Matthew Vaughn
    Commented on this photo:

    Whatever. I just dig her shades.

  24. January Jones Matthew Vaughn
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    Her baby will be a bitching cunt just like mommy.

  25. the captain

    it’s equel.

  26. cc

    She left with his Rolex in the morning, and is still wearing it. Big clue.

  27. JC

    I know she’s pregnant, possibly a bitch,a nd she’d just insult and condescend to me, but I still want to hit it. Is that wrong?

  28. The ol’ casting couch screen test. Making actresses since 1906.

  29. malia

    She’s in her second trimester and still she looks less pregnant than Scarlett Johannsen.

  30. Jackie Smith

    why do males have holes in their penises?

    so oxygen can get to their brain.

    some pig cheated on his wife, and all the comments here seem to blame the women? SHOCKING.

    matthew vaughn is a pig, just like arnold, john edwards, tiger, jesse james, dominik strauss-kahn. WHEN ARE MEN GOING TO LEARN? stop acting like pigs because then you will have to pay the price. CONTROL YOURSELVES.

  31. mean tina

    i love how she’s taunting the press with guesses of whose it is. she’s a selfish vain ammoral c*nt. all there is to it. i wanted to root for her, but each story proves the rumor more and more true. that’s she’s miserable.

    • Jackie Smith

      get a life. nobody cares what you think..

      • Helena

        And no one gives a shit about what you think either, so stop posting here pretending to be someone else, January!

        I just watched X-Men: First Class and everyone gave superb performances. Everyone except you. Good thing they had that CGI diamond effect most of the time to cover up your lameass, non-acting skills.

        Stupid bimbo.

  32. Ed

    They should have the premiere and let it go down as teh greatest cat fight in history!!! You know it’s on when JJ takes out her earrings! 1 million hits on youtube in 1 hour I bet lol~

  33. brains

    It’s not Vaughn’s. She got it on with a camera guy. A married with a toddler of his own camera guy.

  34. 15piecesofflare

    I think we have seen the peak of her career then. This is just really bad form. Remember when Penelope Ann Miller went on the Letterman show (or one of them) and blabbed about having an affair with Al Pacino during Carlito’s Way while he was still married to Beverly d’Angelo? Then, boom, you never saw her again? Hollywood doesn’t like this kind of thing.

    Not saying this is exactly the same but it is similarly dumb. I just don’t know why Jones would play her ace card like this just as soon as she gets to finally dip her toe into movies.

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