January Jones Got Knocked Up By a Married Dude

“I’ll send this one to his wife. I just know we’ll be besties!”

As we continue to delve deeper into January Jones’ baby-hole, The Daily now reports that the mysterious gunmen on the grassy vagina is married making him one of way too many people to list from the cast or crew of X-Men: First Class. Regardless, this is about to get real interesting considering this guy either promised to leave his wife – And if it’s one of the cast or director Matthew Vaughn, assume Fox’s marketing department made him promise to wait until next month’s premiere while attempting to hide their massive erections. – or he said no such thing, and January Jones kept the baby anyway because she’s a crazy, vindictive bitch. Also, love-children are in right now, but only if you can somehow make one black then adopt it even though it fell out of your vagina. It’s all about the trifecta.

Photos: Splash News