January Jones is Single

January 18th, 2011 // 26 Comments

Almost as if she sensed I needed an excuse to post more of this dress, January Jones has apparently sobered up enough to realize she’s been having sex with SNL star Jason Sudeikis, according to People who conveniently left out all the drunk stuff:

The pair, who were first linked romantically last July, are calling it quits on their relationship, a source confirms to PEOPLE.
“They’ve been on and off for a few months and then the long distance kind of ended it,” the source says. “But they could get back together. It was just hard to stay together with the distance.”

At this time, I’d like to point out to January that I’ve often been described as “a young Jon Hamm,” although most of those times I was talking to myself in front of a mirror with my penis tucked between my legs. Not that she’s anyone to judge, Miss “I Just Turned 33.” How dare you?!

Photos: Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. January is my favorite month.

  2. HeyNow

    Her and Nicole Kidman need to spend some time in the sun. Pasty, ecchhh.

  3. hmna

    Is January Jones hotter than Christina Hendricks? Discuss.

  4. Drundel


  5. Cher X

    Does this chick even KNOW how to smile? She always has that pinched “Angela from The Office” look.

  6. Normally not into super skinny girls, but she’s damn cute. I like she’s not all ripped, but looks soft and girly. That’s the best and way it should be.

  7. slappy magoo

    Jones on Mad Men is the perfect example of the perfect actress for the role. In any other piece of “entertainment” I’ve ever seen Jones in, she came across as an empty vessel – a smoking hot empty vessel, but unable to muster the emotional range necessary to convince me she wasn’t made of wax. When I saw her on Mad Men, I thought she was so amazing that something must’ve changed to make her better, much like Chris Rock pre-”Bring the Pain” was instantly forgettable and then all of a sudden he actually seemed good. But then, she turned up on easily the worst Saturday Night Live of that season, and the worst thing about that episode was her, completely out of her element, and then I realized “ah, she’s an empty vessel playing an empty vessel, like Sharon Stone playing a scheming skank in Casino, it’s not that she’s that good, it’s that she’s that right for the part.”

    And then I wept. Then masturbated. Then wept some more. Then ate some cookies, And life went on as it always does in Casa del Magoo.

  8. Hate Rough? you probably hate freedom

    Have they exhausted sexy web cams? JJ needs to work that body promptly I guess …

  9. poo

    best hair. best dress. why do we hate her again?

  10. Plobes

    Jason Sudeikis is adorable
    she was lucky to date him

  11. January Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    first fuckers!

    (for real)

  12. taa

    This look reminds me of something… I half expect her to start speaking in broken English, fall in love with Korban Dallas, and save the world from Mr. Zorg.

    Lee Loo….

  13. Glassman

    Seems she has a “type”, cause the SNL guy looks enough like Bobby Flay…

  14. Red Blooded Dude

    First dibs on the face and tail.
    I would savage her from both ends and leave her a gooey mess.

  15. Ed

    LOL, it’s all downhill from here for Jason Sucksdicks.

    Also SNL mostly blows except for that one funny lady and the guy who plays the chinese president.

  16. light take cout with u to be some great in sexitive,which all world need

  17. Great dress, but I don’t think she’s that hot.

  18. Buzal

    Wahh…gimana ya, semuanya bikin detak jantung semakin keras. Untung peratùran disini sangat ketat.

  19. T Paul

    @Lightdragon, Nicole is a redhead they have creamy skin as standard, she is also Australian ! It is extremely dangerous for a redhead to spend anytime in the sun down here. It’s deadly ???

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