January Jones is My Kind of Girl

June 10th, 2010 // 70 Comments

Here’s Mad Men star January Jones doing the ol’ walk of shame yesterday after being spotted in the same clothes she wore to the Oceana World Party the night before, and you gotta respect a woman stumbling her way out of a taxi after a night of drunken, promiscuous sex. Not only did she put out, she had the courtesy to not make the dude drive her home. If you told me she doesn’t laugh hysterically at small penises, I’d probably stab you in the face for stealing my dreams and turning them into a woman without my consent. (But appreciate the thought.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. sonofasailor
    Commented on this photo:

    FIrST Bitch!

  2. Richport's Ghost

    Ha ha ha, what a dumb little whore. Maybe she picked up a disease or a baby along the way.

    At least we know her part in Mad Men must be up for renewal. Guess we’ll be seeing her in the upcoming season now?

  3. queensupreme

    Eat a sandwich, January. Your bones are clacking against each other.

  4. linds
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    WTF happened to her feet?

  5. ooooahhh
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    wowwwwwwwwwwwww ?! wtf is this about

  6. take your shoes off before walking across the lawn.
    You don’t want those heels to sink in the grass.

  7. Plo0x
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    Love her.

  8. Erica
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    What I want to know is, was the dude Adrien Brody?

  9. Jenn

    Where are her feet?


      This photo is fake, that’s why she doesn’t have feet. I guess the person doing the Photoshop work isn’t good enough to be able to do feet in grass.

  10. Harold^Sick

    Betty Draper, you sexy little vixen. Come here!

  11. Photoshop Police

    There’s no shame in this.

    January… call me :-)

  12. Eric


  13. WOW!

    OMG The new site looks brilliant!

  14. Dog

    Glad to see her getting some. We all love to fuck, people – no shame in that!

  15. oooaaahhh

    pic quality is horrible.

  16. Yo Mero
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  17. Bunny

    Man… I’ve done this walk a few times.

  18. Commented on this photo:

    Class act!

  19. Yo Mero
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    I mean, FRIST!

  20. Gen

    She has such an amazing body… I’m so jealous.

  21. Geneva

    having a good time – all for it .
    not brushing your ratty sex hair after – eeeewww…

  22. Commented on this photo:

    Why does it look like her feet are buried in the ground in the pics where she’s standing on the grass (in heels no less)???

    Seem photoshopped…

  23. AnneShirley
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    She looks horrible! Her legs and arms look all gangly like a 14-year-old, and her hair looks like absolute straw. Nothing on Christina Hendricks!

  24. HighHouse

    OJ’s mom – fuck you I am not a soccer mom

    • I’m with you. Sounds like somebody hasn’t had to perform the walk of shame since, ummmmm, what’s OJ’s father’s name again? Damn, bitch needs to get laid.

  25. Commented on this photo:

    the new site is clean, fellas. sieg heil.

  26. bar room hero

    Her hair looks bad, probably some man-chowder pomade in there…


  27. Ms. Jones is doing the Walk of Fame. We love this kind of women!

  28. rz
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    fake shopped, look at her legs in the grass. unless this girl has no feet

  29. testington

    um since when is she soooo freaking skinny? Her shoulder/arm looks gross and gaunt

  30. Nero

    That’s definitely an attractive woman! I would make a stop!

  31. mbone
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  32. Anyone else think this is just a bad photo shop job? I mean what the hell happened to the bottom half of her legs. Did they just dink into the grass?

  33. captain america

    ……….I PREFER MARCH, folks!!

  34. Cardinal Fang

    Should have positioned yourself for an upskirt out of the cab. Likely she wasn’t wearing any panties.

  35. Phred

    Jesus, some of you people are dumb. Her feet aren’t visible because she’s standing on a pathway that’s below the grass line. If you bothered looking at some of the other pics you see the entrance to that path as she steps out of the cab.

  36. Brett
    Commented on this photo:

    Either the ground is swallowing her feet or she has a lot of heavy booze in her stomach weighing her down and implanting her in the ground.

  37. tswizzle

    If you haven’t heard yet, she crashed into 4 cars last night. And funny thing is Bobby Flay showed up. Guess who’s having an affair?? Go to the tmz website and you’ll see the whole story!! Its juicy!

  38. Duh
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously NO FEET? No feet at all? Photoshop FAIL. OR is it quick grass WIN…Like quick sand but greener. Duh…


    This site is more vile than Lady Gaga’s shit! You’re all a bunch of retards and you need to kill yourselves!!!!

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