January Jones Parked In A Handicapped Spot

September 28th, 2012 // 38 Comments

Here’s January Jones parking in a handicapped space yesterday, and while normally we like to call out rich celebrities for being inconsiderate shitbags who are too beautiful to walk a few extra feet, in this case I’m sure January just wanted to make sure she could get home to her son as quickly as- Pffffttttt! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I tried. I really tried. She fucking hates that kid.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily


  1. cc

    Not having a heart IS a handicap. What’s the fuss?

  2. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    Doesn’t matter how much of an icy bitch she is. Would still go to town on that butterscotch flavored cinnamon ring I imagine she has.

  3. Colin

    Emotionally handicapped doesn’t count, Emma Frost.

  4. Paulie McGonagle

    she was delivering ice for the handicapped !

  5. Billy Rubin

    Who has left their genetic blueprints in her cooch?
    Show of hands ?

  6. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    In Hollywood I believe the parking designation is
    “disabled / celebrity” since it’s so hard to tell the difference these days.

  7. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    her ‘disability’ is she cant smile

  8. vandinz

    She’s ginger, she’s entitled to park in a disabled spot.

  9. Bozo's Choice

    She’s being a responsible humanitarian. Honestly, ask yourself. Do you really want a retarded celebrity searching for a space in a crowded parking lot while driving a 2 ton automobile. Do you really?!

  10. Jack Ketch

    She always looks constipated, always.

  11. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    The queen of all bitchfuckery strikes again. Are we sure it wasn’t her that stole those DVDs from those sick kids a few weeks ago?

  12. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    Where did her Emma Frost titties go? Damn you advances in brassiere technology!

  13. XGL

    January Jones is such an asshole. Never mind the fact she dated- and was dumped- by Ashton Kutcher, but she’s so much of a bitchface that someone doesn’t even want to raise a child with her. Either that, or she has no bloody idea who the father is.

  14. I wonder if a photograph would suffice to send her a citation…???

    There is no excuse for an able-bodied person parking in a “disabled person’s” parking spot. What a selfish cunt!

    • Joaquin ingles

      Too bad most of the people I see with those stickers are fatasses whose handicap is wheezing getting out of their SUVs.

  15. memmememe

    she better get over herself because outside of mad men, she has no career.

  16. See Alice

    Freakin Liberals

  17. They have a word for people who do that…. If only I could remember what it is…. I really have to PUNT this one around to try and remember… Even with the RUNT of hers, there really is no excuse… No matter how hard I HUNT for that word, I just cannot remember it… It’s… It’s…

  18. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    Plain fuckin’ Jane.

  19. Gabe Kaplan

    In her defense she thinks the signs are pictures of self absorbed white people shitting on the rest of the world and figured she qualified to park there.

  20. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    She must think that the sign applies to the kind of mental handicap she has.

    got the license plate number.

    Now it’s time to find this bitch’s car and key the shit out of it for the sake of the truly handicapped.

  21. charlie

    why is she so hated?

  22. baja

    pssssssst: PLEASE BREAK HER BACK & BONES!!

  23. gryphon50

    how does someone as genetically gifted as this somehow still appear to be unattractive?

  24. January Jones Parked In Handicapped Space
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    I thought she had a Rolls!!!!

  25. martian

    I see it somehow as very politically uncorrect and contemporary dadaist act. That is plus these days, in my opinion.

  26. This is why I could never make it as a publicist. I wouldn’t be able to prevent myself from bitch slapping my clients while screaming “You must be some kind of stupid to park in a handicapped spot after I told you I arranged for paparazzi patrol today!”

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