January Jones Might Have Named Xander After His Father

September 16th, 2011 // 68 Comments

Astute, sexual panther-like reader TomFrank made the following observation in the comments after January Jones named her illegitimate son Xander Dane who is allegedly the result of an affair with a married man on the set of X-Men: First Class. Except it turns out that last part might have been a tad off:

What if…what if January Jones just told us who the father is—Xander Berkeley (George Mason from Seasons 1 and 2 of 24), her married co-star on the movie “Seeking Justice,” which they filmed late last year.

Sure enough, a married actor by the name of Xander Berkeley did film Seeking Justice with January last year, but c’mon, would she seriously give her son the exact same name as the man who clearly wanted to keep the affair a secret and stay married to his wife? We’re talking about a woman who kept a baby out of spite, she wouldn’t do something so petty.

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  1. Rupert Giles

    No doubt she named him after Xander Harris, one of the original Scoobies.

  2. TomFrank

    Yay! I got my own call-out. Now I know how McFeely feels.

    One little quibble: TomFrank is all one word.

  3. Xavier

    Well, Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. january jones sucks my butt

    she is awful human being

  5. Derek117

    You’re reaching on this one.Xander Berkeley is old enough to be her father. I just don’t see them hooking-up; even if they were stranded on an island together.A more realistic guess is that she simply became familiar with the name “Xander” because of working with Mr. Berkeley, and decided it was a good name for her son.

    • TomFrank

      Sure, it’s definitely a possibility that she just liked the name from when she met him, but if we’re going to speculate here, why not go whole hog? Also, he’s 55, she’s 33. And in a world where Scarlett Johansson (26) can choose anyone she wants, and she picks Sean Penn (50), I’m not ruling anything out.

    • miaou

      January Jones totally strikes me as the kind of chick that’d fuck a really old dude

    • XanderDoo

      Except for:

      1) Daddy issues.

      2) This is not the first time an older dude bumped a younger chick. Often he’s 60 and she’s 20; this is nothing.

    • Venom

      Yeah Derek, because never in history have younger chicks hooked up with older guys and even gotten pregnant by them. Never….

  6. Bia

    This movie was actually filmed in late-2009–I know because my cousin worked on it in New Orleans.

  7. maeby

    I assumed you meant Xander Harris of the Joss Whedon ‘Buffy’ fame.

    Does anybody actually LIKE January Jones? Regular people and celebrities.

  8. me

    just seen an interesting vid of Kat Von D giving Lady Gaga a tatoo before Gaga became famous. Don’t understand the fuzzy technology behind it, but anyway, here it is…

  9. whatthewaaahhh?

    So when someone would criticize abortion you all would freak out because its HER body and HER right what to do with it… But when she WANTS to keep the baby its not her body or right and shes a filthy homewrecking whore? Seems the only way to appease some of you is just to kill babies, cause these comments and articles dont seem too fond of her rights.

    Fyi- she isnt the one ruining a marriage. Its the mystery dumb ass who couldnt keep it in his pants, couldnt wrap it up and couldnt pull out.

    • Richard McBeef

      you should have been aborted then we could have been spared your religitard horse shit.

      • whatthewaaahhh?

        Thanks for proving my point there el capitan of the S.S. Douche. There isnt any logic in your argument, just baseless, oxygen deprived bullshit.

        “darp derp derp, religion bad, kill babies good, abortion good, im so fucking hip cause I try and act snarky derp derp”. Who fucking said I was religious dipshit? Just prove how simpleton and hypocritical your argument really is.

    • Or how about you don’t *purposely* get pregnant by a married man, then abortion or raising an illegitimate child won’t ever be an option? With condoms, birth control and the morning after pill, there is no such thing as an “accidental” pregnancy.

      • whatthewaaahhh?

        *Purposely* is heresay, mmmkay? Just cause she didnt abort is not proof positive. Who came in her? You dont fuck much less cum in someone unless youre fucking retarded or know its gonna make a baby. So mystery man is a douche for shooting one off in her and his wife deserves to gtfo stop wasting her life and find a real relationship. But she’s a whore because she excercised her right to her own body? Hypocrite much?

      • Mirror

        Unplanned pregnancies, even with birth control, exist. Birth control is 99% effective, not 100%.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      *Swooning from the romance*

      • Richard McBeef

        you must be some sort of professional dumbfuck if you try to extract logical arguments and point out imaginary hypocrisy from being told to fuck off.

    • “she isnt the one ruining a marriage. Its the mystery dumb ass who couldnt keep it in his pants, couldnt wrap it up and couldnt pull out”

      They BOTH were involved. Her cunt wasn’t absent from the affair. You act like he sabotaged her pants with a mystery sperm injector as she sat innocently and obliviously to it all.

      They BOTH are homewreckers ruining a marriage. You are just as ignorant to pin it all on him as the people who pin it all on her.

      • Mirror

        I think it’s much more his fault. She was single, he was married. He could have just been a decent person and decided to do the right thing.

    • HollyGoLightly

      In case you haven’t figured it out, yet, it takes two to make babies. She should have also zipped herself up, also. Your diatribe points to major issues you have about men. so leave the Internet and get some professional help.

  10. Close, but not quite. She did want to name him after his father, but she’s blonde, meaning she can’t spell. She went with Xander after not being able to figure out If Xavier was spelled X-a-v-e-e-y-er or X-a-v-i-u-r. Therefore, the real father is….Patrick Stewart, who played Professor Xavier in the original X-men movies.

  11. Father of January Jones Baby
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Well this father candidate certainly came out of left field.
    So grizzled.
    Perhaps this was indeed a suitable inseminator for the icy Ms Jones.
    How exactly does one explain this baby name development to one’s wife?

  12. Yeah Hi

    My son is named “Zander” and it’s short for Alexander. Maybe she just liked the name. The father is Matthew Vaughn

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    She’s like a low-rent, angry Elizabeth Banks.

  14. g-moonie

    So Xander’s real-life wife was also a co-star with him on 24? Where the fuck does Kevin Bacon factor into all of this?

  15. Venom

    The father is Xander Crews…duh…

  16. Father of January Jones Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t look at her toes.

  17. Frank Burns

    I thought she was great when she sang for Flock of Seagulls.

  18. Jess

    You know he’s married to Nina Myers? I wouldn’t mess with that bitch without having Jack Bauer on speed-dial

  19. Maybe I’m being overly pedantic…but “Xander” isnt’ a name, it’s a nickname for “Alexander”. Did she actually name her kid xander, or is she just publicly using the nickname she intends to call him by?

    And I think it’s clear she named the kid after his father, Professor X. Anyone who can’t see that she was impregnated by a fictional character while filming a movie, is an idiot.

  20. When I look at her, I see 5’7″ of razor blades with blond hair.

  21. dee cee

    Shame on her for deciding to keep the baby and love it.. What is this world coming to when some women have no worry and don’t need to have a abortion..?!!!

  22. OMGPonies

    Macaulay Culkin has never looked so good!

  23. Meh

    I know | shouldn’t give a shit, but I really wanna know who the damn baby daddy is. He can’t stay a mystery forever can he?

  24. Ashley

    Where was January in Dec of last year? That’s when she got pregnant. Do the math! She got pregnant the end of Nov. beginning of January.

    • GuyLeDouche

      Well she wasn’t on the end of my dick then : I’m sure I would have noticed.

    • From the end of November to the beginning of January is a pretty good spread. Did you mean end of November, beginning of December or End of December, Beginning of January?

      And frankly, who gives a rat fuck? I know I didn’t get to bang her, so whoever it was is a lucky s.o.b.

  25. chainsawbuzzkill

    Stop with this “kept the baby out of spite” shit. Keeping a kid isn’t spiteful, it’s her decision. And what has she done to be spiteful about it except make a bitch face and clam up?

    • Bret Michaels

      I agree. I know this site is supposed to be funny in a dark, ironic, pervy, stupid sort of way–and that’s why I love it here. But that line that she kept the baby to be spiteful just gives me the creeps.

      Oh well, I guess we all have our buttons that can be pressed. What is a dark and twisted joke to one, is offensive to another.

      Happy Weekend!

  26. anna

    This is the most stupid and misogynistic site on the internet. What business is it of yours to hound a stranger into telling you who the father of her child is?

  27. bing

    She is so fucking boring and annoying, I can’t stand her.

  28. Father of January Jones Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    “Kept a baby out of spite?” Did it not occur to you that she might have kept the baby because she wanted to be a mother, or perhaps she didn’t believe in abortion? Damn, people are cold-blooded these days….

  29. Melie

    She looks like Alexander Skarsgard in a wig.

  30. Stevie

    Kept the baby out of spite? I know everyone says she’s an ice cold cunt but some women just plain old can’t kill their unborn child even though it’s going to complicate some mans marriage. He shouldhave thought of that before he put his dick in someone who wasn’t his wife.

  31. anonymousslyawesome

    This crafty bitch.

  32. Father of January Jones Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn, even in real life she can’t shake the ice bitch look

  33. cc

    Or, she heard about this fish from a European angler, but got the spelling wrong.

  34. Kip Winger

    Her warmth exudes all through the internet to me …..

  35. Bad Brother

    Queen of Cold !

  36. Father of January Jones Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    Daddy issues!

  37. anonym


    come on…

    gimme a smile.

    ok. how bout a smirk. ??

  38. BrandiLye

    Brrrrrr. Chick isn’t called January for nothin.

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