January Jones Wants Fat Jews To Drink Her Butt Sweat

Over the weekend, we basically saw everybody naked. More specifically Kate Upton, so I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore because I’m pretty sure it just peaked. Anyway, now January Jones is going around telling fat Jews she’s flattered that they want to drink her butt water because we’re living in the Apocalypse. It’s the goddamn end of days, and before you even say it, yes, the pop-up video on the bottom right probably caused it. I warned them this would happen, but nooooo, “third quarter revenues blah blah blah.” Via Uproxx:

What does it say about me that not only did this comment from @thefatjewish not offend me, it flattered me. And I try not to sweat at a rule so that’s saying something. #lightenup

You can see thefatjewish’s comment below which January posted to Instagram in a shocking display of personality and longing for human contact. I just assumed she communicated through a series of icicles and child-killing glares, so now my entire world is even more upside down. Hold me.

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