Janice Dickinson yells at straight people

February 15th, 2006 // 32 Comments

jdickinson.jpgJanice Dickinson recently yelled at some straight people while she was in an East Village gay bar making out with two guys. A source says: “They tried to have a word with her, but she told them to get out of her face.”

What’s interesting about this story is that Janice Dickinson was making out with two guys at a gay bar. What’s even more interesting about this story is that she only yelled at the people bothering her instead of doing her trademark “clawing off of their faces.” And what’s most interesting about this story is that it has no mention of how great I am in bed. Okay, that last one isn’t interesting. It’s just tragic.



  1. memichelle77

    Huh? What? This story has more holes in it than Janice Dickinson’s lips after a day at the collagen parlor (assuming there is such a thing).

  2. ShanDourdan

    See, I would have thought the ‘worlds first supermodel’ would have felt more at home at a transsexual club, you certainly wouldn’t be able to spot her.

    Still, Janice kicks Twiggy’s ass when it comes to Next Top Model…Her erratic, crackhead performances were my personal highlight. Sniff.

  3. LaydeeBug

    Those guys either lost a bet or won a bet. Either way, ewwwwwww. That crow needs to be taken out back and Old Yeller’ed.

  4. Tania

    The whole “gay bar” part makes perfect sense…Seeing as how she’s as much of a woman as RuPaul.

  5. HollyJ

    Why did you put a picture of Lisa Marie next to this story?

  6. LaydeeBug

    How old is she, fucking 70? She is SO GROSS.

    I’d hit it though.

  7. HollyJ

    I don’t know what a Janice Dickinson is, but does it have a penis?

  8. She looks like a REALLY REALLY bad drag queen. The kind of drag queen that Ru Paul would walk up to, laugh and say “Girrrrrrl, you GOTTA give it up!” Then he would snap his fingers and walk off leaving Janice Crying into her bowl of collagen.

  9. stevie511

    Snaps for Janice, we gays just love her! She’s fabulous in that crack-smoking, has-been kinda way. She’s just a failed-marriage-to-Bobby-Brown away from super diva.

  10. bigwhitekingzulu

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . bowl of collagen

  11. Bad_kitty_cat

    Alas… I find myself unable to crack a joke about a woman, whose familly name is DICK, making out with two dudes at a gay bar… Maybe because the story is a joke in itself… go guess…

  12. MortyFishbein

    It’s nice to see the Original Kate Moss is still ho-ing at her age. You GO, girl!

    She’s got mucho sex appeal if she’s kissing two hot guys in the Village at a gay bar. Did she forget to ask them if they could help her with make up tips?

  13. ESQ

    Did anyone see her on “The Surreal Life?” All she did was yell at people and constantly make them aware she was the first super model. Christ I never heard of this woman until I saw her hosting a show on VH-1 about bad boys or bad girls of rock a few years back. She is hott but needs to shut the fuck up, her negativity makes her ugly.

  14. senin

    Drunk and sexually confused is no way to go through life…

  15. Devil Is Chrome

    She is one prescription away from becoming Gloria Swanson.

  16. Go Sip

    A supermodel? look I live in the West Village in NYC and I see trannies all night long and I am telling you she is a clear pair of stilettos and a dental dam away from street walking. She WAS, operative word WAS, the first super model, now she is haggard and manly. Yuck.

  17. becca11

    yeah she USED to be hot

    She needs to get back on that show though, twiggy is boring.

  18. LaydeeBug

    I saw her site….yawnsville.

    She fucked up her face by adding all that Lego shit under her skin. Not that she was that gorgeous to begin with.

  19. okiedoke

    Thanks becca11. Wow – she was actually very pretty. She didn’t look like she’d grow up to be such a bitch!!

  20. Jayne

    She’s much more attractive than Omarosa.
    That piece of work is SO a man…
    I’d like to see Janice drive over her body with a bulldozer.

    #19>>She didn’t look like she’d grow up to be such a bitch!!<<

    Every god damn model grows up to be a bitch.
    Tis cruel reality.

  21. blackblackheart

    Is this the same idiot from “The Surreal Life”? XD If it is, I love her!! She’s so fucking stupid it’s funny XD

  22. Sheva

    No doubt Janice didn’t just become a bitch because she got old and crabby. It’s the other way around. Hell you can even smell it from the photos of her years ago.

    Problem is what a guy used to put with years ago doesn’t play anymore because the hole ain’t what it used to be.

  23. dimestoredetective

    I’d hit it…all night long…frontways…backways…sideways. Those collogen lips feel great on the grundel. Plus she’s a spicy little tart.

  24. SMF121490

    First I had to figure out who this was. Now I wished I hadn’t, she is nasty. Are you guys sure it isn’t male?

  25. What about the time when she started crying, because Balkie wouldn’t stop hitting on her?

  26. HollyJ

    @17 thanks for the site ..

    So I guess it DOESN’T have a penis? Good to know.

    She looked good in those old pics. Are you sure that’s the same hag pictured above???

    She (on that site) resembled Phoebe Cates. I’ve always thought Cates was just classically beautiful.


  27. fame is funny

    wow…this is like a story that should be hot, but is disturbing. whats the opposite of horny? i’m that now.

  28. karmakoma73

    she looks like a rabid beaver.. is she? i mean plastic surgery does wonders…

  29. LaydeeBug

    Karma…..(hee hee), you said “beaver”

  30. A Nobody

    She’s one of the plastic surgery failures, yet she actually encourages other girls to do those sh*t. It’s people like these who kills me when I’m trying to cut down on swearing here.

  31. robot_turkey

    She’s GOT to be a man! There’s no way she was born with “girl-bits”. She adopted those kids of hers.

  32. gogoboots

    who is this bitch? she looks like a drag queen…like so many others…must be celebs are actually drag queen robots waiting to attack us with their stupidity inducing ray guns…we must escape this madness!

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