Janice Dickinson flashes her pantyhose

March 21st, 2007 // 128 Comments

Janice Dickinson was spotted at the Christian Audigier Fashion Show acting like her usual self, which means flashing her underwear and desperately flailing around for attention. It’s just so refreshing to see an ex-supermodel age with dignity. She should travel around the nation and give speeches at schools about how to stay classy. And at the end of her speech she’ll get all serious and point at the crowd and say, “Just remember, you can never be too classy.” Then she’ll pull a midget out of her vagina and start doing the Macarena.

janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-02-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-03-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-04-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-05-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-06-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-07-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-08-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-09-thumb.jpg


  1. Googolygoo


    ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Totally worth ruining my keyboard with spit out coffee for the laugh!

  2. zena marie

    EEeeeeew. What’s that smell.

    I feel so sorry for her son and daughter.

  3. FRIST!!!

    Kinda looks like she’s the only one laughing, and everyone else looks annoyed. Maybe she’s at that stage of drunk where she feels invisable. Which is where I plan on being later tonight.

  4. Jiimbo

    First – I think the guy that owns the mortorcycle is pissed becasue he now has to scrub his seat down to get the fish smell out of it. You know his girl friend will smell that seat and nail him for boning something else

  5. schack

    well, he DOES have the pics to prove he didn’t

  6. schack

    or at least to corroborate an alibi

  7. Jiimbo

    Would your other half beleive you? All that is is proof that you poked her on the seat of your bike. You a dead man!!!

  8. LilRach

    Crazy bitch! No wonder they she’s not on ANTM anymore.

    And do you know what i noticed??? Jenna Jamieson is standing right next to her in the 2nd & 5th of the small pics – its her skull scarf and you can see a little of her jeans! Fuck i’m observant.

  9. schack

    sorry, Rach- you’re not with the program

  10. schack

    when you watch a movie from the 70′s or even 60′s you wonder how americans ever spoke the way they did, how they ever wore so much polyester, and how stiff all the hairdo’s are. what do you think posterity is gonna think about us?

  11. Jiimbo

    LilRach – you are on crack. Jenna Jamieson is not in those pictures.

  12. natechip

    Is she trying to “throw” gang signs?

  13. Jiimbo

    No, that is how many fingers will fit inside of her at once. I would have thought all 10. Maybe she has had vaginal reconstruction surgery

  14. meee

    she’s disgusting. i’d be so embarrassed if i knew her in person.

  15. LilRach

    #59 & #62 She is your just blind or you didn’t see the earlier post of her.

  16. Jiimbo

    Sorry, I see what you are talking about. Your right:)

  17. ponk

    that’s pretty much the same expression i make when i rip one.

  18. schack

    see #43 (guymorgan)

  19. schack

    p.s. jiimbo was f-ing with you

  20. Jiimbo

    I think she is quifing!!!

  21. LilRach

    oops my bad – i can never be bothered reading the earlier posts.
    At least i wasn’t the only one being super observant.

  22. Jiimbo

    LilRach – You are allowed one F-up in here. Now you have to say something really rude and funny about Janice

  23. schack

    quif. lol. someone i love dearly used to love that word.

  24. iamsosmrt

    IT has children. Can you imagine? I’m sure we’ve all felt embarassed at one time or another, or always, by our parents but for her poor children it must be unbearable.

    #4 is how she poses on the family Christmas card in front of the manger scene.

    Her and Britney should get together and have parenting classes for Hollywood Mom’s.

    Week one : Riding a motorcycle with a baby on your lap.

  25. Jiimbo

    Damn, this day went by fast. I actually got some work done too. One of the best things is DanYELL was not around most of the day. I think I will go have a beer and F*&^ with the rest of you tomorrow!!!

  26. woodhorse

    #65 you skills of observation are astounding. Now, as I said earlier, I can’t tell those two skeltors apart. I can barely distinguish them from the Olsen twins. How do you do it??

  27. I’m bored. Click on my name. DO IT!!!!!

  28. HollyJ

    I really like how she’s practically wrapping her legs around the camera lens and opening her labia with her fingers, and all the people around her are just conversing like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

    Must be L.A..

  29. BarbadoSlim

    @35….right on Doc, and it’s about time someone on the media calls her out on her bullshit.

  30. LiLiMe

    She is an attention seeking whore, and nobody wants to pay attention!! Do something real with your life bitch!

  31. schack


  32. Daffy

    All I see is her BNA mouth (ball ‘n’ all). Why risk going south on this ho.. no need to. And you know she’d be up for, it no question.

  33. kayvan

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  34. bubbaray07

    too bad she wasn’t wearing sheer to waist with no panties mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  35. Chouli

    In pic #1 you can see what looks like a herpes infection of the throat.

  36. here

    Janice Dickinson’s farm-fresh plastic-wrapped chickent.

  37. Ithrowball,youleave

    Is it just me or does it look like she shit her pants, just a little? Kinda brownish, streaky? Vomitosis.

  38. ok, this women is soo nasty! i thought plastic sergury makes ya even more beautiful,hmmm…. I guess not, she looks like she is 60 years old

  39. LilRach

    Man i want a new post….. I hate this bitch…….boring……

  40. this women is nasty! She is soo freakin ugly and thinks she is hot? What the hell is wrong with her, I thought plastic sergury makes you even more beauitful but guess not. She needs to be 100% covered up!

  41. Damn, these pics made my dick go soft. Words alone cannot describe this STD ridden hag…

    And those shoes are “Ho on the Stroll” material… They would look better on an 80 yr. old tranny…

  42. Jedi Kevin

    Never have I been so thankful for 9 square inches of nylon.

  43. ChairmanoftheBored

    This is what we’re left with for late night?
    Gaaaah, she’s giving me a soft on…

  44. okiedoke

    Why does this woman take EVERY PICTURE with her big mouth open? So annoying.

  45. ChairmanoftheBored

    She’ catching flys?

  46. ChairmanoftheBored

    And why is Janice Dickinson relevent? Christ, she’s 52. Christie Brinkly is 52 as well, and she looks fantastic. Maybe Janice needs to dump Billy Joel. That should keep her mouth shut.

  47. iamsosmrt

    What are the marks on her legs in picture #4?

    I didn’t notice before because I was eating my dinner and I didn’t want to look to closely at this nasty ass. Unlike a lot of idiot bitches my age I work out and then eat what I (within reason)want so vomiting isn’t part of my dining regiment.

    Perhaps her skin cells are slowly trying to kill all the other cells in her body.

  48. DDD

    What kind of handbag is it ?! LOVE IT

  49. arden

    She’s 52, I think she looks damn good.

  50. I smell halibut… Must be the salty ocean breeze coming from my monitor… I had to come back and see if she closed that gaping gap yet…

    Those nylons would make good “chum” for a day trip on a fishing boat tho!

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