Janice Dickinson flashes her pantyhose

March 21st, 2007 // 128 Comments

Janice Dickinson was spotted at the Christian Audigier Fashion Show acting like her usual self, which means flashing her underwear and desperately flailing around for attention. It’s just so refreshing to see an ex-supermodel age with dignity. She should travel around the nation and give speeches at schools about how to stay classy. And at the end of her speech she’ll get all serious and point at the crowd and say, “Just remember, you can never be too classy.” Then she’ll pull a midget out of her vagina and start doing the Macarena.

janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-02-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-03-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-04-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-05-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-06-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-07-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-08-thumb.jpg janice-dickinson-pantyhose-flash-09-thumb.jpg


  1. Donkey

    Nasty Bitch!

  2. mobilus

    That R1 looks pretty sexy…

  3. uberfrau666

    well, at least she not flashing her middle aged puss

  4. Jiimbo

    Damn, I wanted to be first

  5. imran karim

    how old is she

  6. Donkey

    What’s up with the dude in the first picture?
    It looks like he’s fingering his taint.

  7. favrav

    I don’t think those are panties so much as it is the cotton crotch of a cheap pair of nylons. In any case…ick.

  8. danielle

    I bet if you slashed her stomach with a jacknife, plastic would fall out and the only thing left would be the leathery exterior.

  9. It’s that cotton crotch in her hose that makes
    these pictures so sexy!

  10. schack

    that guy she’s sitting on is a cUtiE. and he looks like he’s into it, too. as long as you haven’t lost your powers of seduction, you are not yet OLD. kudos, janice!

  11. ponk

    Her farts smell just like jrzmommy’s.

  12. sikofdis

    I hate this cunt!

    (consider the previous comment copied & pasted onto the Tom Cruise thread as well…it is my birthday and there are beverages to be decimated!)

  13. schack

    probably, but i bet she’s crazy in bed and just has orgasms as often and as easily as she farts.

  14. BarbadoSlim

    She just oozes classiness.

  15. schack

    what is classiness; can someone tell me? i forget.

  16. Binky

    She never fails to put the ‘dick’ in Dickinson

  17. Donkey

    I didn’t even know who she was until she was on that stupid reality show.
    And, I don

  18. wedgeone

    Mr. Fish – take note of #7 and get with the friggin’ program.

    And why does every goof holding a microphone or TV camera have to look like a complete douche?

    I like how she and Jessica Simpson share that same “gaping pie hole in every photo” characteristic. NOT!

  19. Jiimbo

    Who the is this bitch and what make her worth putting on this web site? Maybe if she put a strap-on on and used it on Tom, that would be worth posting he. But it would have a be a BIG strap-on

  20. Jslash

    Looks like she put collagen in the wrong lips.

  21. Schnuggie

    @#8 I think the only thing she has more of in her than plastic is blow. How stoned does she look in these photos???

  22. kamihi

    ERRR WHO is she?

  23. <=== Click Here ========

    Janice Dickinson will do anything to hold on to her 15 seconds of fame! she is a joke and a waste of our time.

  24. tiggerhoohoo

    Dewd, she needs some new shoes. Last pic… how old are those bad boys?

  25. sikofdis

    Holy Shit!!!

    In the first(frist?) of the thumbnail pics, I think you can see her clit dangling from the back of the roof of her mouth.


  26. p911gt10c

    she’s like a skeleton wrapped in Saran Wrap really.

  27. ^Jenna^

    Ok… THIS…. THIS is what’s going to give me nightmares… and she should wear overalls to cover the scars and match those crow’s feet

  28. guymorgan

    What wonderfull scabby shoes she has on in the last picture.

    I have no idea who she is, the only ‘Dickinson’ I know in the Uk is a 60 year old guy with a oumpalumpa fake sun tan who does antiques roadshow on TV.

  29. hotredhead

    depressing to see such a pretty woman being so… ‘paris’ =/

  30. those are pantyhose, not panties. and thus concludes the evolution of the superfish:

    funny –> boring –> retarded

  31. guymorgan


    Thank you, I think you have summed up the superfish well.

  32. Gotta love that loud mouthed tramp! “I’m the world’s frist supermodel!!!” I had never even heard of her til I watched The Surreal Life, but MAN was she a trainwreck. I’m not a violent person, but she makes me want to hit her repeatedly with a sack of scissors.

  33. sharpei dude

    You’re all wrong! That’s a fucking take-out menu she’s hiding.

  34. teetee

    Her face is pulled so tight that she didn’t realize her muff was hanging out!

  35. .
    Ok, again, she was NOT the first Supermodel. She and a bunch of drunk friends used to say “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERMODEL!” Not the same thing.

    Also, she had maybe three major magazine covers and they were in Europe, not here. Cheryl Tiegs had maybe 50 or 100. Christie Brinkly the same, Twiggy was around years before Janice and was WAY more well known. Kim Alexis, Renee Simonson all these women were 20 times more famous than here, she was a 2nd, maybe 3rd tier model at best.
    .Nice that no magazines point this out. I mean heck if you can just make up history, then I am a superhero and was the first person in the world to learn to swim.

  36. jillybean

    Thank god for that panty shield.

  37. Jiimbo

    Hey Veggi, how long is that lunch??

  38. woodhorse

    she sure doesn’t want anyone to steal that green purse

  39. Jiimbo

    That is where she keeps her dildo

  40. schack

    which green purse?

  41. schack

    i see 3, maybe 4 of them

  42. bedbugsandballyhoo

    WTF is wrong with her??? I guess she felt outdone by Paula Abdull. (misspelling intentional)

  43. guymorgan

    The second picture look in the corner at the skull scarf and shoes, it’s http://thesuperficial.com/2007/03/jenna_jameson_is_uh_sexy.php !

  44. Those pictures kind of makes me wonder how many cocks and vag holes have been in that face? and what which one out ranks the other one? i’m on a quest to find this info-mation!


  45. lambman

    The Superficial forgot to mention the story that goes along with these pics on every other blog.


  46. schack

    ba baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaahhhhhn banned?

  47. julyper

    #43, nice catch! it is, lol.

  48. kamihi

    OK i looked her up so shes an ex model actually for 52 she is looking pretty damn hot – BITCH, but really is she WORTHY of being on here, I mean what d’ feck did she do in the last 20 years?? OK scratch that you could say that bout most of the skanks who appear on the superficial!

  49. Jiimbo

    I agree with Kamihi. For 52 she looks pretty good.

  50. The bitch is just asking for it!

    I bet she doesn’t even realize that she has panties on. She wanted to pull a “britney”

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