Janice Dickinson thinks Britney Spears is a hick

May 17th, 2006 // 89 Comments

jdickinson-scold-britney.jpgJanice Dickinson told The Book Standard that Britney Spears is in desperate need of a makeover and should dump Kevin Federline. She says:


  1. downshine


  2. downshine

    wow-shes one to talk…

  3. Tracie

    You know you’re f-ed up when Janice Dickinson criticises you. Who’s next…O. J. Simpson?

  4. She may be a hick, but at least she’s not a fish.

  5. kittiesarecute

    Umm. third. or fourth. or fifth.

  6. Fisher55

    Angelina Jolie is lookin a little beat

  7. Jacq

    Talk about pschological heirlooms and Janice Dickinson – wowza. That’s worse than MeganHarris telling you that you’re ugly. Or me calling someone else a whore.

  8. Fisher55

    Angelina Jolie looks a little beat up here

  9. Fisher55

    Angelina Jolie looks a little beat up here

  10. Fisher55

    Angelina Jolie looks a little beat up here

  11. gossipmonger

    Off topic here but..

    HAHAHA Good ol’ Edna is over at PerezHilton with this:

    I am glad to see this site is not nearly as vulgar as the superficial, which I lobbyed to install a filtering system. Keep it clean! I am reporting all disgusting posts!

    Posted by: Edna Bambrick | May 17, 2006 09:30 AM

  12. pinky_nip


  13. BrianMolko

    Is she related to David Dickinson?
    I think they’d make a good couple.

  14. Edna Bambrick

    It seems things are going my way, which is GOD’s way. Bless you all and keep it clean.

  15. Surprise, surprise. Old news. Everybody knew Britney was a hick.


  16. 86

    From Janice Dickinsons lips to Gods ears.

  17. crunchy_wasabi

    Apparently advice from silicone-ville is A-OK…

  18. gossipmonger

    Unbelieveable that all comments are now being “moderated”… So much for free speech. When the SF starts bowing to pressure from some religious biatch instead of allowing the regular readers to post their thoughts, it is time to move on to a website that allows free speech. Too bad, SF, I was enjoying your site immensely.

  19. mmmBitch

    Well, Britney Spears used to be the hottest little thing for a while. How do you go from Justin Timberlake to Kevin Federline in less than a year? And turn into a snagglepuss? Romp around barefoot?
    Maybe she like iambic pentameter names a lot.

  20. LRonHoover

    I’d Hit It!

  21. Edna Bambrick

    Jesus loves you.

  22. (s)AINT

    whooo 3rd post……there both hella ugly…except brit would look good if she droped a dfew pounds

  23. True story;

    I got high in the back of a van with Mario Lopez a.k.a AC Slater. He said that “Saved by the Bell”, ruined his life. He didn’t even give me his autograph…

  24. speechless

    she just said what we were all thinking. way to state the fact, captain obvious!

  25. Dr.Rokter

    Janice Dickinson was at a party I was at and she weaved up to me and called me “snapperhead”, and told me to get a haircut. Which would have been funny, but she was also really drunk and kept offering the bartender a “wet blowjob for a dry martini” even though the bartender kept explaining to Janice that the bar was open, and that she was a girl anyway and didn’t have a penis. I really felt bad for Janice.

  26. Edna Bambrick

    Jesus loves the Superficial filters.

  27. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    What she says is completely true, but….too bad it’s not coming from someone who looks like an old tranny.

  28. LRonHoover

    I’d Hit It!!

  29. SpazzCat71

    I don’t even recognize her–wasn’t she one of the Price is Right chicks???? She looks like an old worn out Madam of some brothel somewhere…..talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  30. Mr. Fritz

    Her comments make sense. However, she used to screw Rambo and doesn’t have good taste in men either. She is looking more like that Aerosmith dude.

  31. abc123teach

    Britney may be a hick – but I think Janice Dickinsen has a dick.

  32. BigJim

    In related news, Saran Wrap announced that Janice Dickinson will be their new spokesmodel.

  33. krisdylee

    Hmmm… hick or freak? I just wouldn’t be able to decide.

  34. ptprez

    i thought karen black was dead??????

  35. ptprez

    i thought karen black was dead????

  36. Edna Bambrick

    hmmm… Superficial hates Jesus? You are REPORTED!

  37. ptprez

    …the filtering nazi’s are at work…awaiting post results…WHAT’S UP DUB’YA!!!!

  38. gammanormids

    Janice Dickinson is desperate case

  39. waterranger

    Haha slater has a mullet!

  40. hotintempe

    And I think Janice is an ugly,washed up, sometimes funny whore.

  41. ptprez


  42. playahater101

    Janice Dickinson is the last person who should be commenting on people’s appearances. When she gets her original face and body back, then she can talk.

  43. saltpeanuts

    Uh, just checking to see if my post goes through, and also wanted to mention that the right breast cleavage in that shot of Janice is really cool. Yay.

  44. Italian Stallion

    I’d hit it…..

  45. prideofchucky

    And next on TODAY we’ll have Janice Dickinson with her special parental segment “When Should My Child Get Botox”

  46. Proteon

    That guy has a boob!

  47. Spacedog

    Tough call on this one.
    Janice is a washed up, played out fag hag cougar who probably has started mainlining embalming fluid in the mistaken notion that it will help her keep her “beauty.”
    On the other hand, Federlame is a drain on humanity and must be stopped from any further reproduction, for the sake of us all.

  48. ptprez

    …”due to recent issues with commenters, we’ve put in a system to filter out inappropriate commenters”…

    i’m trying to comment on that “fag-hag” and i have to wait to be approved??? worry about the jew-hater eden or the holy-rolling edna…by the way, too weird the names are so close…are they the same person???…according to edna’s book, did’nt the jews kill her lord and savior?…way to go edna/eden!!!!

  49. ptprez


  50. Dr.Rokter

    Insert innocuous, inoffensive comment about Janice Dickinson here. Or unrelated comment based on running themes using language/ideas suitable for PG audiences.

    1) Gosh! Janice Dickinson looks like a man!
    2) Golly, she has strange looking lips!
    3) She is old and unattractive now!
    4) Her behavior is abnormal!
    5) Britney Spears enjoys consuming Cheetohs!
    6) Tom Cruise is a homosexual that pretends he’s a heterosexual.
    7) Tom Cruise’s religion is really a cult and involves aliens, which is really weird!
    8) Paris Hilton is a woman of loose morals and may possibly have contracted a sensitive disease!
    9) Lindsay Lohan uses illegal substances!
    10) Jessica Simpson does not look as good as she used to!
    11)(A celebrity’s) plastic surgery is unconvincing. (A celebrity’s clothing/accoutrement) are (desireable/fake/ugly)!

    etc.,etc. ad nauseum…

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