Janice Dickinson still loves gay people

April 26th, 2006 // 123 Comments

  1. Fisher55

    Kirstie Alley, Kelli Osbourne, Jennifer Coolidge

  2. TrannyGranny

    Too hung over to be funny this morning. Gotta stop that whole bottle of Jim Beam mixed with one Coke ™thing. Could someone please make a looks like a man, transvestite, embarressed gays, work-out video joke for me? That’s want I wanted to do, but I think I’ll spend a few quality moments with my family instead. And by family, I mean clutching the porcelin god.

  3. His baby sitter was Tom Cruise?

  4. Fisher55

    Jennifer Capriati, Mariah Carey, Biatcho

  5. Land-Man

    Women: Are big balls sexy?

  6. Bic

    Picture number three. Gay guy #1 – “What the hell is she doing Barry”? Barry – “She’s trying to grow a penis. It’s so disturbing I think I just grew a vagina”.

  7. mamacita


    Only if they’re big because they’re filled with diamonds. Or gold coins. Or gold ingots. Or just cash.

  8. Ez-EEEE

    i have a plethura of comments to make on recent events.

    1. where in the mother fuck is mamacita? who does she think she is leaving us all alone to fight the edna?

    2. i had a nightmare last night about edna and sherrycock. edna sat on me and wouldnt let me up while sherrycock tried to molest me and brainwash me with scientology bs. edna’s cunt smelled like swiss cheese and day old bread. sherry cocks breath smelled very much the same. i woke up screaming.

    3. i applaud janice dickinson. shes got umm… err… confidence (i guess). either that or an insane unbased uncontrollable ego. but at least shes helping the environment. when she dies, shes going to be recycled. 75% post consumer waste was used in her face.

    4. biatcho, i <3 u. wanna go out? in a highly lesbian way?

  9. CruisingForCock

    I’m so glad Land-man is back. Please don’t ever leave me again.

  10. Ez-EEEE

    oh, there she is. yay.

  11. Italian Stallion

    Land-Man looks younger in that picture though…….

  12. Ez-EEEE

    whats an ingot and can i please have one, or more?

  13. hugh_g_rection


  14. pinky_nip

    I know I’d be drunk every DAY, if I woke up and saw that reflection staring back at me.

  15. Edna'sHugeVagina

    Wow, my name says it all. And it is HUGE.

  16. biatcho

    Ding Ding Ding Fishcake! I totally win!. I pegged it about 30 minutes ago that you were going to write “Biatcho” and call me a faghag, you’re just a little slow. Guess you’re really busy with grad school and all. Can you change your name to “QueenofObviousandSuperLameJokes” because that is all you really are.

    Buttfucker! And MeganHarris lover!!

  17. Trotter

    Not for the faint-of-heart, but I found Janice’s baby pictures:


  18. biatcho

    Sorry #58: My heart belongs to Fisher55 because It is so witty & entertaining and super-smart too! You know, It’s getting it’s PHD!! I mean, I can’t shake a stick at that.

  19. mamacita


    “whats an ingot”


    “can i please have one, or more?”

    I don’t know. Ask Land-Man. Supposedly, his huge balls are stuffed to bursting with them.

  20. pinky_nip

    #68, Thanks Trotter, even though you warned me, I clicked and just puked up my lean pocket.

  21. mamacita


    Do the lean ones also get the cheese-sprinkled exterior or do only the REAL hot pockets get that?

  22. BigJim

    To the tune of “Love Shack” by the B-52′s:

    I know a girl named Edna, she’s as big as a whale, and she’s about to set sail!

  23. biatcho

    BigJim did Fisher55 ask you to write that?

  24. TrannyGranny

    Land man,
    My penis is regular sized, and because of this I get to stick it in every orifice. And ladies, my tongue is quick and light, like the hummingbird, and yet strong enough to lift a piano.

  25. Land-Man


    Like anyone wants to hear you talk about your penis.

  26. kate_possible

    #68 you are a fucking bitch and i hope you rot in hell.

  27. tits_on_snack

    I’ve seen that no-face little girl before, it’s sad. Thing is, I’d rather stare at her all day, than be in the same room as Janice. Has nobody ever smacked that woman before?
    I like how she veils the fact that she’s a vapid old plastic surgery freakshow sad bitter annoying cunt, with this “I’m a tell-it-like-it-is, party hardy, strong willed, ‘cool’ bitch who don’t take no crap from nobody!” facade. It takes about 0.000002 seconds to see through that crap.

  28. BigJim

    Being prejudiced against people based on ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is simply not cool.

    For example, were I to call mamacita a bible-thumping spic dyke, then that would be uncalled for. So I won’t.

    However, it is okay to hate fat people for the simply reason that they choose to be fat.

    That’s why I hate you, Edna. You and Lush Rimjob. You two are a couple of walking myocardial infarctions waiting to happen.

    I wish someone would hide your Lipitor and nitro.

  29. careyanne

    I guess her momma never told her not to make an ugly face because it could freeze that way!

    Damn, that’s one ugly drunk bitch!

  30. BigJim


    Uh, no. And if “he” had, the answer would have been no. Did I miss something?

  31. claire bear

    I love Janice. She was the best part of ANTM, and the Sureal Life, and I’m so excited that she’s going to have her own show.

    Quality TV, I tell you. Quality.

  32. biatcho

    82: Sorry, just making fun of the lameness of Fisher55 and that joke you made. You’re usually funny but that one about loveshack, I don’t know, it just didn’t do it for me.

    No offense… it’s all aimed at Fisher because It’s a cockbagger.

  33. mamacita


    “For example, were I to call mamacita a bible-thumping spic dyke, then that would be uncalled for. So I won’t.”

    Awww. I thought we made up the other day. Remember when I said cock and balls about eleventy billion times and you said that I may indeed rock? I guess you changed your mind :( As ning-ning would say–MAMACITA ARE SAD.

  34. playahater101

    First of all, who is this Edna and why does she keep saying she’s going to report us all? I must have missed something. Help me out here!!

    Second, Janice Dickinson needs to realize she’s 85 now and isn’t sexy anymore. And that her lips are ridiculously huge and not appealing at all. She’s gotta cling to gay guys. They’re the only ones who’ll give her any effection since she is now officially a man. The transformation is now complete.

  35. BigJim

    mamacita: You misundertand me. I said I wouldn’t say those things about you. And I didn’t.

    Biatcho: you think I’m usually funny? You ma new friend! I’ll try to do better.

  36. boobiezmagee


    She’s a bible thumper who is hell bent on ridding the internet of “smut and filth” and she is reporting all “vulgar” posts to some FBI/Homland Secerity/Jesus humping website.

    She’s just a cock juggling thunder cunt, looking for attention.

  37. TrannyGranny

    Land man go masturbate with a cheese grater

  38. chanel_bear

    i still think edna is uglier…

  39. BigJim

    How many cocks would a cock juggler juggle if a cock juggler could juggle cocks?

  40. Ask Megan, he jugglers cock all the time.

  41. boobiezmagee



  42. BigJim


    Sorry, can’t. Married to a CJTC.

  43. BoobsForBob

    Cruella DeVille scares me.

  44. billabong021

    not a clue who she is but she looks like a total tool in all those pics..

  45. playahater101

    Thanks #88. I have been wondering.

    #97, Janice Dickinson is a self proclaimed world’s first supermodel. She introduces herself as “Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel”. No joke. She’s a total bitch. So making fun of her is OK.

  46. Spindoc

    Careful Janice, you might break a hip with all that activity at your age.

  47. who the fuck is this woman and what the fuck is wrong wit hher lips…i wouldnt get anywhere near those

  48. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    She had to pole dance at the gay bar because no hetero man wants to waste good beer by throwing up after watching her.

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