Janice Dickinson still loves gay people

April 26th, 2006 // 123 Comments

  1. tehchaos

    she bears a disturbing resemblence to steven tyler in some of these photos.

  2. SoupaSarah

    First post yey :D.

    Who the hell is this woman? is she supposed to be famous for something??

  3. thegorgeous&thegrotesque

    when i first saw this pic i thought it was courtney cox with some hideous leech on her face. then I realized it was Janice D. and those were her lips. and i threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  4. SoupaSarah

    Damn, 2nd post :(

  5. tehchaos

    i threw up a LOT in my mouth.

  6. jenny4a20

    I wanna be just like him when I grow up, Steven Tyler rocks!! And he looks great in these pics!

  7. Beer goggles, anyone?

  8. bjpack

    #1, the NY Daily News actually has a picture of them next to each other today saying that his lips are real, her’s are not and the same can be said about their breasts.

  9. snark

    she’d be a lot prettier if she got some collagen injected into her lips

  10. BarbadoSlim

    That’s what happens when your ass is grafted to your face. The fag hag effect.

  11. DonLes91

    She has breasts?

  12. Chrystal03

    The only thing that is beautiful in these pics is the beer in her hand…yum!

  13. reptilicus

    That old coke hag always makes that stupid fucking face like in the first photo.

    If everyone would quit kissing her ass and would just tell her she’s an old, washed-up bitch, maybe we’d see less of her.

    And why she is dressed like she’s 19? She should know it’s not appropriate for 97 year old women to hang out in bars dressed like that.

  14. krisdylee

    Call me crazy, but I think i’d like to party with this crazy bitch!

  15. hafaball

    I don’t know how this is either, but she does have nice CSL’s. :P

  16. IwearBananahammocks

    Did she put her lipstick on with a curling iron? Or did they inject the fat from K-Fed’s ass in there. Peace Bitches

  17. GirlyGirl

    Janice Dickenson is the most disgusting, abominable woman I have ever seen. Did anyone see the episode of The Surreal Life where she actually called a group of people with Downs Syndrome “retards”?? That is about the lowest you can go. Other than, you know, killing babies or something. What a useless bag of wrinkled skin and plastic. I hope she gets brain damage next time she has plastic surgery that’s not going to fool anyone into thinking she’s younger than 400, and someone calls HER a retard. Fish lips.

  18. YunGunna

    Her lips are indeed disturbing. Who is she anyways?

    Is she goin down on the gay dude in the 3rd pic?

  19. GirlyGirl

    Oh, and by the way, when I said she called them “retards”, I meant TO THEIR FACES.

  20. Fisher55

    15, what’s a CSL? Janice should have picked hotter guys to be photographed with, yech

  21. pick_me

    doesn’t she have kids? kids whose friends would probably find a lot of common ground with her druken, vain self.

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    This is a picture Stevie and Chet took with Lindsay Lohan’s vagina at Disney World. I know this because Chet does my hair.

  23. ATX

    Janice was a super model, and now is a super bitch. She is 53 years old, so I would say she looks pretty good for her age. All those drugs and alcohol have not completely ruined her looks. She was much better looking before all the plastic surgery. I would also like to party with this crazy bitch, just not in an AIDS bar. She would probably suck you off if you asked her. Then maybe she would want you to put your thumb in her butt. YIPPEE!!!

  24. @17 – I’ve done worse, I called a bunch of down syndrome kids “retards” while I was running them over in my car. Kidding, it was actually a forklift, since they can’t run fast.

    @18 – The queen in the 3rd pic is laughing because he is so confused, he normally like when guys go down on him but he heard a rumor that Janice was a girl (just a rumor, tranny more like it).

    @19 – CSL=DSL I am assuming. Cock Sucking Lips.

  25. ATX

    I almost forgot to ask… Why do all gay guys look alike? Very puzzling, but true.

  26. BarbadoSlim

    Aids bar??!?! hahahah GOLD!!, but, I digress..the fact is, that this skank appointed herself as the worlds first supermodel. This folks, is a term that’s even more watered down and meaningless than “diva.”
    I’m willing to recognize her staus as world’s first “cosmetic surgey” victim though.

  27. AprylA

    #14 – (oddly enough, me too)

  28. pinky_nip

    I always thought gay guys had better taste. I wouldn’t touch those lips with Tom Cruise’s cock.

  29. reptilicus

    Yeah, she appointed herself that, even though she isn’t even on the list of those actually deemed supermodels.

    Keep in mind that you’ll never see her with her hair tied back because that would expose the scars from where they keep tightening the skin.

    Her neck is fucking nasty.

  30. ATX

    #28 – Tom Cruise has a cock? I always thought men under 5’3″ tall did not have cocks? My mistake.

  31. clarkehead

    Is this supposed to be the same Janice Dickinson that’s in these pictures? http://v64.com

    Because if it is, I’d say this woman’s had way too much plastic surgery. Maybe it’s just me.

  32. pinky_nip

    #30 – I shouldn’t have said “cock”, I should have said “pee-pee”

  33. Zanna

    In that first picture she looks like a hybrid of Steven Tyler and TWAT.

  34. shell

    What a fag hag.

  35. ATX

    #32 – Thanks for the correction. Actually, I would rather see Tom Cruise in those pictures in that bar. He would be a real “hit” with the fellas.

  36. hafaball

    #20 Fisher, CSL = cock sucking lips XD

  37. tits_on_snack

    Fag Hag. Fruit Fly.
    There comes a time in one’s life when acting like a 16-year old who just got permission to stay out late no longer has the same appeal.
    Usually that time comes before the age of, you know, a hundred.

  38. mamacita

    That first picture is the very definition of the term “fish lips”. And I don’t mean, fish lips because they look like the lips of a fish. I mean fish lips, as in it looks like she has a whole salmon laying on her face.

  39. BarbadoSlim

    That link is very revealing #31. It shows how a life of cocaine abuse, cumguzzlin’ and hanging out with new yorkers will turn an ordinary slut into a walking, mutated cunt with legs.

  40. ATX

    #39 – LMAO! Damn, I need a life…

  41. Before she walked into the bar, it was only 90% gay. After she left, the other 10% turned in favor of men.

  42. Fisher55

    To 34 & 37: she’s not really a fag hag, because she only has 2 of the 3 fag hag characteristics: Clings to gay men, Alcoholic, and Overweight. Chicks who REALLY love gay men are almost always obese.

  43. Fisher55

    #41 LOL very funny

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I just read the article after the eighteen paragraphs of Janice Dickkissins lips (thank you, thank you – that one is free for all to use) where is said she was dancing on the “stipper pole”. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was one of those really honest gay guys there, the one that’s always like “oh, honey, NO”. You know the one. I would like to see her cry. Just to see if I could tell the difference between her crying face and her melted tranny orgasm face.

  45. Fisher55

    Fag Hags: Margaret Cho, Ricki Lake, Star Jones, Kelly Clarkson, etc.

  46. Idolnian

    #22 Haha!

  47. bjpack

    you forgot Katie Holmes

  48. ablet

    She makes the best publicity decisions ever.

  49. Land-Man

    Well I was born with a large cock
    And I live with a large cock

  50. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    49 – at least that’s what your babysitter told you.

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