Janice Dickinson says Sly Stallone ‘juiced’ her

Janice Dickinson claims that she not only saw her ex Sylvester Stallone use steroids, but he used them on her. Janice was on FOX New’s Red Eye when she accused Rambo of using drugs. Page Six reports:

“He juiced me,” Dickinson said. “I’d wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye – steroids, testosterone, all that stuff that people say [mimicking Stallone voice], ‘Hey, it’s not that good ’cause you get really big, you know what I mean?’ ”

However, Janice Dickinson has been known to lie in the past about Rocky:

Dickinson and Stallone were briefly engaged in the early 1990s. The brunette found out she was pregnant and told the actor he was the father, but DNA tests proved that producer Michael Birnbaum was the daddy of her baby girl, Savannah. Stallone immediately dumped her.

I doubt Sly Stallone’s walking around injecting his girlfriends with steroids. “Hey, yo, baby, maybe you’re, uh, breasts shouldn’t be so big and, yo, I dunno, maybe you should grow a moustache, know what I mean?” Although, this does explain why Janice Dickinson looks like, well, Janice Dickinson.

Photos: Getty Images