Janice Dickinson looks decent in a bikini

July 20th, 2007 // 140 Comments

Janice Dickinson was spotted on a Malibu beach in her bikini looking pretty amazing for a 93-year-old. She is 93 right? 130? I mean, most mummies I see are wrapped in bandages, have purple flesh, and are behind a glass case in a museum. So she’s doing pretty okay for herself. Besides, her driver’s license photo looks like this. And that’s worth an automatic one million bonus points right there.

NOTE: I can’t tell if this is her boyfriend, husband, or dad. What I can tell, however, is that he’s a Grade A fox.


  1. I died today. I’m finally in heaven. Much love to anyone who prayed for me. Thank you, Tammy.

  2. Talk about a porkbelly, this girl is one porkchop. That guy with her is porkchop heaven. The girl is so ugly, we could use her face on a porkstore ad.

  3. well i’ll be a dirty dillweed!

  4. This girl has a horse mouth and her boyfriend looks like a porky pig.

  5. She was a very beautiful model in her days, and she looks really good know.. Better than some other younger ladies..

  6. woodhorse

    Snow white chest hair with orange abdominal hair and stretch marks over that beer belly -I can only think he must be incredibly rich. The only way I’d hit that is if he bought me a yacht with a heliport, submarmine and swimming pool. And I would still have to keep my eyes closed.

  7. she knows her shit though.. and she
    doesn’t try to hide her plastic work,

  8. If thiz girl waz in “Back to the Future”,
    then she really changed, coz I don’t
    remember anyone looking at all like her.

  9. the last straw

    somehow you’ve completely misconceived what is attractive and what is totally fucked up.

    i thought kardashian idolatry was misplaced but THIS proves you don’t know what a person looks like.

    i mean gotDAMN you must be shitting me.

  10. the last straw

    the only thing more disgusting is if janice was fucking posh spice in the ass with her big fucking dick.

  11. the last straw

    i’m taking my business to stalkingjenniferbiel.com unless you prove jon benet ramsey is still alive.

  12. blahblahblah

    are you kidding? seriously you must be joking, she looks far from “amazing”. her tits are disgusting how unnatural can you get and look at her stomach! eww and that so-called ass she has there, nasty. i’m surprised she used to be a supermodel

  13. babycakes

    trying to show up tyra?

  14. She looks awesome, and all you bitches know it… Hell, im gay and I’D roll around between the sheets with her!

  15. boogaloo

    looks hot to me

  16. expeditus

    #108 Just how incredibly fucking stupid are you, you lobotomized peabrain? No, wait, don’t answer that, we know already.

  17. That’s about as much as good looking as plastic surgery can maye you look.

  18. superrupee

    Wasn’t she last months video on the “My friends hot mom” site?

  19. 116/ fuck U and the horze U juzt got
    done zucking, dickbrain….nice girlfriend
    U got there…..dick big enough for ya, bitchfucker??

  20. havoc

    Too bad she’s completely nuts and can’t be trusted with kindergarten scissors……

  21. My boyfriend xxxfiles is talking about me and the horse ride we did on my farm on the other sites. I told him to keep his big mouth shut, but he just has to brag about it to everyone. See, as kids, he used to spend time with me and the horses and we like to suck their big dicks and fuck them in the ass. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but little dick(xxxfiles) had to open his big mouth, so it’s out now. Everyone knows, please don’t judge us. We’re sick bastards and we know it. We love it.

  22. schack

    that fat fuck is a fat fucker

  23. Bling

    I mean come on…It doesn’t matter if you look great in a bikini at 50 something. Should you even be wearing it? Blah! Besides, her abs look like Tara’s. Yuck!
    For #5 and all who commented similar…That is so gross! I guess some people will fuck anything

  24. Assbestos

    In that photo where she is trying to stand all doe legged, is it taped back, or did she just dump herself/himself?

  25. Lucky#13

    WOAH what the fcuk happened to her tummy in the second to the last photo? I mean is it really possible to be around 5 months pregnant THAT fast?

  26. kelli's psychiatrist

    121 Run along, kelli, it’s time for your meds And if you don’t stop having these little “accidents” we’re duct taping a diaper to you.

  27. #108: Kelli, I thought I told you not to leave the hospital? How was your lobotomy by the way?

  28. #108: Kelli, I thought I told you not to leave the hospital? How was your lobotomy by the way?

  29. 127/128==howz yourz….how about pozting a couple more timez
    ztupid fucker…..

  30. jayem

    ewwww, shes nasty as all hell… and so annoying id like to kick her face in. she parades on her decaying title of ‘worlds first supermodel’. oh, and her show sucks. ATM is way better. plus she was nauseating on the surreal life.

  31. wisp

    She looks good for her age and really by ‘normal people’ standards rather than Hollywood’s ridiculous ones… but this bitch has no business criticizing all the girls on her show for not being skinny enough if she’s going to go around looking like this.

  32. fayz-ing it

    Well, Janice has the worst character and personality in the whole wide wolrd.
    She destroy designers only champion dress and still think she is right…..
    Wonder if someone bang her hard and she likes it and tell her she is bad in bed and get the F**K off my house… wonder that guy is right at the end of the day?????
    Yes, she is a best B***H in the world and yet she can be old enough to be our mom or grandma…. but one thing for sure… like most of the comments here… she is fucking hot for her age and many man will still HIT her if they have the chance…
    So.. overall Congrats Janice for being a super duper HOT BITCH…..
    Cheers……. :p

  33. georgia

    *shudder* My Eyes! My Eyes! Sheman is pure filth….Has sheman already died? looks like it…looks so so soooo bad.*vomit*

  34. Melissa


  35. Hasn’t she stated that she is an addict??? Should she go back to rehab? How about celebrity rehab 3?I have seen her go off on her models on JDMA (oxygen).WHY is no one mentioning this?

  36. good idea,i like it

  37. thanks for your post!!!!!!!!!

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