Janice Dickinson looks decent in a bikini

July 20th, 2007 // 140 Comments

Janice Dickinson was spotted on a Malibu beach in her bikini looking pretty amazing for a 93-year-old. She is 93 right? 130? I mean, most mummies I see are wrapped in bandages, have purple flesh, and are behind a glass case in a museum. So she’s doing pretty okay for herself. Besides, her driver’s license photo looks like this. And that’s worth an automatic one million bonus points right there.

NOTE: I can’t tell if this is her boyfriend, husband, or dad. What I can tell, however, is that he’s a Grade A fox.


  1. boze

    i’d hit it. who cares how old she is?

  2. I just looked at these again and I have an objection to her ass in picture #12.

    That was way too close up. It looks like a dead animal.

  3. michelle

    her gut kinda looks like her “husbands” (?) in those pictures. but he gets the last laugh.

  4. asscrack

    Gross, cooties bigtime. You nasty G.

  5. mcsnoop

    These photos are so staged. Paparazzi my ass. She wanted these photos to be taken.

  6. AmeriCanadian

    She looks pretty good for a woman her age, though the fake tits are kind of well, fake. Gotta give her props for doing her thing and making money doing it. You go, girl.

  7. Sauron

    Talking about Skippy ball jumping…..Did this guy forgot to put on pants? (18th/19th pic from the left)

  8. adeliza

    What happened to her show? I sheepishly admit I liked watching her be rude to folks and curse out kids that came from straight off of the farm.

  9. she does look better than tara reid, and at three time tara’s age right?

  10. Kamihi

    if fake tits and orange fake tan are hot then, yeah then she’s hot.

  11. Lowlands

    Beat me to dead and i still wouldn’t know who Janice Dickinson is.On the other hand her name remind me of Angie Dickinson… According to my point of view one of the hottest actresses all times.

  12. dandelion

    She’s 50.

    She’s had every kind of plastic surgery, implants, botox, etc. known to man, and she’s proud of it. She does not care who knows, but in real life, she seems really, really sad. I saw her at a book signing, and she seems so depressed, maybe hates sobriety.

  13. Rosie's Mustach

    Scrunches up face and shakes head in fear repeating “no, no”.

    What garnered such a reation?

    A)trying to eat my daily bowl of bran cereal


    B)seeing Janet Dickenson’s hideous manfriend

  14. Lux

    She looks better in a bikini, then Britney, but they’re both crazy!

  15. JC

    hottest gilf, am i wrong?

  16. JK

    It does a great job of hiding its penis. It puts the lotion in the basket!

  17. Bella Jewel

    It’s not just me right? This chick is redefines old and desperately needs to gain quite a few pounds. And are we letting the cellulite on her butt go cause she’s older than time? I’m saying, I just want to know…

  18. DahliaRose

    I love her. She is beautiful, and I bet this lover has a big dick!

  19. old and ugly like my
    friendz mom..
    and that lookz like
    zhez with zome
    fatt guy that pregnant?

  20. Sophie

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  21. Charlotte

    I would like to be the class act who points out that her dyed(?) pubes(?) are sort of showing in some of the pictures

    ::bows deeply::

  22. Ike

    CHARLOTTE!!! You perv! Good eye.

    I would sooooo hit this old lady! Plus, she’s got a better stomach than a MUCH younger Tara Reid….probably better looking boobs, too, but they’re covered.

  23. Hey pOnk! Who has bigger boobs–Janice or Father Christmas?

  24. Snatch

    She’s 52. And she looks better than most women I’ve ever seen.

  25. GOOOOO JANICE, you look great! You should shake your plastic surgeon hand!

  26. tonycatman

    GILF. She is a GILF. I’m going to vomit, because it is true.

  27. man_phat

    I’ve done older women than that.

    That’s the amazing magical power of vodka shots in your pint of lager and a friends supply of viagra

  28. ph7

    I bet she’s had more Dick enter her than the front door of the Vice President’s mansion.

  29. man_phat

    @78 Yeah! *lifts hand to mouth and sniggers* I bet she’s had more cocking action than John Waynes rifle *sniggers again*

  30. morning coffee

    She looks good! Even the saggy crotch shot in pic 3.

  31. johnsmith

    this just fucking proves the rule that if you throw enough fucking money at women they’ll shitting well fuck anything.

    sad, but fucking true

  32. piedlourde

    Gotta love that hot mess!

  33. Kamihi

    Hey thats a cute ginger hairy gorilla she’s with – so cute, OOh what? its a man with hair on it’s back??? UGH men with hairy backs/shoulders/upper arms should be FORCED by law to WAX or keep the ugly mofo’s COVERED UP.

  34. batboy

    nice camel toe

  35. bulldogi

    Not for me. At 70 she does look ok. She has that little ass-cheeks going on. Happens when you get very old.

  36. anna79

    gross look at her hands and knees

  37. Ju

    i’m fifteen .. my body’s looking fine ..
    and this old woman’s got me all jealous.

  38. Kamihi

    Her knees look OK to me, its the ugly troglodyte she’s with that worries me I seriously hope he’s a billionaire I wanna puke looking at that thing.

  39. #81
    Dear John Smith,
    Is that how you really feel? I don’t remember you throwing any money at me when you showed up on my land and porked me. I miss you John and only snootie bitches fuck for money. Your Indian squaw,

  40. kay

    @ #89


  41. star69

    She looks good for a dead corpse.

  42. Peter Pan doesn’t have any money, but does that stop me from from pleasing my little boy Pan? Men can shove their money, where the sun don’t shine.
    Only some ugly girl like Janice Dickenson would use some dirty old bastard for greenbacks. Tramp.

  43. lolol

    u are kidding me !!!!!!!!!

  44. Kelly

    Gramps looks like Anthony Hopkins.

  45. joe

    I wonder if her vajayjay is fake too.

  46. johnsmith

    89 & 92 Ha ha ha, oohhh yeah…He just loves her for her fucking great personality (which all models have, by the fucking way) and wonderful fucking sense of humour *leans over, pukes*

  47. Parry Hotter

    Harry is a Horcrux… Harry lives and Voldemort dies in Deathly Hallows!

  48. darstardlyduke

    Hey Parry Hooter, or whatever, it’s the weekend, trying getting out of your mom’s house and meeting people. And top tip wizard boy, leave the fucking cape and ‘magic’ wand at home. Nugget.

  49. kate

    100th, bitches!

    and, umm, ick.

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