Janice Dickinson is gorgeous

February 27th, 2006 // 72 Comments

When you’ve got a driver’s license photo that looks like this, you’ve earned the right to occasionally step outside and look like a monster. Or to, uh, get more lip injections. Because if there’s anything Janice Dickinson needs it’s more lip injections. You know, injections. For her lips. To make them fuller.



  1. SuperSpence

    I think I saw her in one of the background scenes from “Night of the Living Dead.” She was eating someone’s calf bone.

  2. Caught Dead In That Dress

    I don’t think she looks that bad there…

    A little like she might eat your face. But hey! Who are we to judge

  3. gogoboots

    ugh that totally scared the crap outta me. who is this drag queen?!

  4. JollyJumjuck

    The good news is, my collagen futures just went up! Dickinson used so much on her lip implants, she caused a worldwide shortage.

  5. Astriastar

    She’s hideous! Why does she poke her lips out…is she channeling Mick Jagger?

  6. playahater101

    Her boob looks like it’s about to attack her face. That’s one round titty on a 50 year old!

  7. anja

    And the left pic for some reason reminds me of Sandra Bullock…

    But really she just slightly overdid it with eye-shadows and mascara (even though my friends claim that after more than 4 layers it starts to fall off, it seems not to be true in this case). and who counts – half-a litter collagen more, half-less..

  8. In the first picture, she’s doing the same face as the Cowbell chick–

    And as a afterthought, her lower lashes look like they are drawn on her face, Clockwork Orange style.

  9. Wow, she looks like she is taking make-up lessons from Kelly Osbourne.


  10. Average

    Jolie time warp

  11. Mary45

    I guess there is no growing old gracefully in Hollywood.

  12. Quiggie

    …and she has the nerve to put her 2 cents in on America’s Next Top Model. Looks like she needs to judge herself first…

  13. blackblackheart

    Kelly Osborne looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid… XD

  14. Xarah

    This isn’t a man? Seriously….

  15. Binky

    That’s SO not her.
    When’s Alice Cooper finally going to retire ? ‘School’s out ‘ buddy.

  16. tits_on_snack

    Annoying old crazy lady!!!! I read that she tapes her saggy neck back, with pieces of tape behind her neck, underneath her hair. (it must be true because i read it in a magazine!)
    Annoying old crazy lady clinging to the past. Reminds me of hearing about rich old dudes from Dallas whose wives used to be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and introduce themselves as “Hi my name is Cheryl and I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader” every single time they meet someone.. Still clinging to their 15 minutes of fame.

  17. Jum

    how much collagen can be pumped into one’s lips before they just explode?

  18. ESQ

    Annoying or not I think she looks good for a senior citizen.

  19. vargas_grrl

    Um, the ego on this woman may rival the size of her lips. How can she honestly look at this pic and believe she is so hot? She looks like a scary gila monster FA-REAK!!! And ladies of Hollywood, there is such a thing as too much collagen!

  20. MKOh8sMischka

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! that’s all I have for this one. she’s horrible!

  21. senin

    Don’t foget about the fake boob implants – she needs more of those too. How about saving the botox moneyand putting it toward the turkey flesh neck???

  22. Xanthia

    Just the same, can you imagine having her as a friend??? Someone offends you, you tell her and she goes psycho on their ass, while you sit back with a big coke and a box of popcorn. How great would that be????

  23. bigdog

    I think she looks sexy plus nice rack do we have a full pic of her

  24. sadiembeagle

    Ah, the eternal dilemma… beyond what point of plastic surgery can you no longer call yourself human?

  25. Bubba_is_me

    I thought it was that Jordan chick for a minute there.

  26. Nice DSL’s – but there’s the danger that she might use her teeth to tear it off.

  27. Jacq

    Are her eyes melting? They can pool on her upper lip. I feel sorry for her left boob, because of that dress not just cause it happens to be part of her (actually – crammed in her body).

  28. happy_bunny

    See? This is how Angelina Jolie is a scourge on humankind! Since she came up and was pronounced “most beautiful woman of all time ever in the history of the universe” everyone’s been running out and getting these big, silly fish-lips. In a few years, VH1 will do a retro show with clips and snippets of people making fun of everyone who fell for the Jolie-fish-lip craze.

  29. She sort of looks like Sandra Bullock after a motorcycle accident.

  30. SMF121490

    I really hope she is not getting on a plane soon. Her lips and boobs will explode. Collagen and saline all over the place, ewwwww.

  31. playahater101

    I love how she feels it’s necessary to tell every person who comes within a mile of her that she’s the self proclaimed world’s first supermodel. Must be scary for models to see the mess that they, too, can become one day.

  32. N2

    Did anybody notice how her boob just looks… wrong. I know it’s fake but…..damn. Girlfriend should sue a ton of doctors. And can somebody please tell her to just let the lip thing go!….Just ‘let ig go.’

  33. justforkicks

    gross. who is she?

  34. UCSD

    32. HA

    She looks a little scary, but thats nothing a bag wouldnt fix. I’d put it in her butt.

  35. Porcelyn

    It looks like she has one big boob right in the middle of her chest

  36. Mary45

    # 32 lol!! I am trying to picture the yellow lipstick as we speak!

  37. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    ummmm not so much carp lips….. more trout pout…

  38. HughJorganthethird

    Someday Collagen will be like oil and wars will be fought over the control of Janice’s lip reserve.

  39. happy_bunny

    Look, everybody! She’s making her “fierce” face. That’s “fierce”.

    Signed, Tyra Banks.

  40. mags

    That’s a big ol’ bag of unfortunate.

  41. shelovesglitter

    Collagen,fake boobs, WHO CARES?
    It’s all about the the bone structure honey.
    Janice just has that je ne c’est quois!
    She is gorgeous and funny as hell..

  42. nichole

    Oops, the first link didn’t come out. This will:


  43. rick mcginnis

    Yeah, but those photos haven’t been new since Duran Duran released Rio.

    The new ones, on the other hand…


  44. hermanita

    THAT’S THE SAME WOMAN? Her befores look like Jessica Alba if not better and now…she’s this?? I understand a woman that was ugly before and had to wear alot of makeup and get plastic surgery to look good. But she looked AMAZING before…how HOW the fuck did she turn into this Teri Hatcher wannabe??? It’s too hard to watch.

  45. hermanita

    Oh wow…I looked at pics before and I am stunned by her beauty. Here’s a tribute to the old her.



    and now…


    eek…talk about the ugly duckling, except the other way around

  46. julema

    grandma with collagen and fake boobs!

  47. Yuck, why can’t people look their age and not like a plastic freak show. It;s so obvious, who do they think they are fooling?

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