Janice Dickinson has best driver’s license photo ever

August 12th, 2005 // 14 Comments

jdickenson_license.jpgI don’t care if Janice Dickinson actually is the world’s first supermodel like she claims she is, or if she’s the thirtieth. With a driver’s license photo as spectacular as hers, she can say pretty much anything she wants and people will believe it. She could call herself the world’s first Emperor of Rome, and if anybody doubted her she could just whip out her license and say, “If I’m not the world’s first Emperor or Rome, then how did I get a driver’s license photo that looks this fucking amazing?” And then everybody would gasp in awe and mutter among themselves that maybe she was the first Emperor of Rome.


  1. Sara=hater

    The fuckers at the DMV wouldn’t let me even tilt my chin a little…much less slip the sleeve of my shirt off.

  2. Fifth Stooge


  3. Damn. And she’s a donor? How about this: She can donate her boobs to me ANY DAY…I could surely use them…

  4. Who can do that?

  5. Kelly

    Hate it. She has no neck in her picture and a piece of hair in her face.

  6. nicole

    Fa. bu. lous.

  7. skeptic

    hmm… perhaps her DMV operates differently, but at mine, I was forced to push the edge of my bangs OFF MY EYEBROW. I think they would have kicked me out if I’d actually turned my back to the camera. Or had my bangs covering my MOUTH, for that matter. I call shenanigans.

  8. Hemlock Queen

    photoshoot at the DMV. Weird.

  9. adrianac

    why is it that you can’t see where her driver’s license number was blurred out? i also think this is a fake license.

  10. cory kennedy

    wait? shes someone special?
    haha i think not

  11. america's next top sanitation worker

    so THAT’s why the line at the dmv is always so long.

  12. Dude, 1956? Does that make her older than Henry VIII’th?

    Like. if he was still alive. today.

  13. Imagine if she’d have been a porn star. What pisses me off is she has a nice signature of that digital pad piece of shit.

  14. I wonder what a few years ago when I have mine! .. I look absolutely horrible in it! and about 20 kilos more .. not a pretty picture! I can not wait until I get a new one!

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