Janice Dickinson escapes her tomb, gets manicure

March 27th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Janice Dickinson risked life and emaciated limb yesterday by venturing out into the daylight (Nosferatu’s natural enemy) to get a a manicure at a Bevery Hills nail spa. For those of you wondering what’s in Janice’s cleavage, it’s her cell phone. Where does the sexy end and the woman begin? Am I right? Back me up, fellas.

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  1. Auntie Kryst

    @44 My metric weight is what? Fuck, I don’t mind being trolled but does it have to be from some fucking foreigner?

  2. rosa parx

    Here is a short tidbit from her bio:

    At age seventeen, Gia Carangi was working the counter at her father’s Philadelphia luncheonette, Hoagie City. Within a year, Gia was one of the top models of the late 1970′s, gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, partying at New York’s Studio 54 and the Mudd Club, and redefining the industry’s standard of beauty. She was the darling of moguls and movie stars, royalty and rockers.

    Gia was also a girl in pain, desperate for her mother’s approval and a drug addict on a tragic slide toward oblivion, who started going directly from $10,000-a-day fashion shoots to the heroin shooting galleries on New York’s Lower East Side. Finally blackballed from modeling, Gia entered a vastly different world on the streets of New York and Atlantic City, and later in a rehab clinic. At twenty-six, she became on of the first women in America to die of AIDS, a hospital welfare case visited only by rehab friends and what remained of her family.

    Gia’s Stats:

    Height 5’8″

    Dress Size 6-8-10

    Bust 34 Waist 24 Hips 35 1/2

    Shoes 8 1/2

    Hair Brown

    Eyes Brown

    January 1960 Born in Philadelphia
    1975-1977 Lincoln High School , David Bowie fanatic
    April 1978 Moves to NY City. 350 E. 62, Apt. 3G
    April 1979 Cover, British Vogue, by Chatelain
    April 1979 Cover, Cosmopolitan
    May 1979 Cover, French Vogue, by Newton
    July 1979 Cover Cosmopolitan
    August 1979 Cover of Vogue
    1978/79 Poster girl Studio 54
    January 1980 Cover Cosmopolitan
    April 1980 Florida shots by John Stember
    July 1980 Cover Cosmopolitan
    August 1980 Cover, French Vogue, by Watson
    November 1980 Last great Vogue shots of Gia, by Piel and Scavullo
    1983 20/20 focuses on Gia in attempt to portray the dark side of modelling
    February 1981 Cover, Italian Vogue, by Grignachi
    1982 attempts comeback after battle with heroin addiction
    April 1982 Cover of American Vogue, a gift from Scavullo
    1984 makes another comeback attempt in Modelling
    Nov 18 1986 Dies of complications from AIDS at 10:00 AM
    Funeral. “Beloved Daughter” is her epitaph.
    July 1996 Paramount begins pre-production on story of her life

  3. Bye everybody. I’m NEVER coming back..

  4. mike

    FRIST don’t ever let yourself get like Janice. She’s dieted and coked and lipo’d away her ass, and I don’t think you’d be satisfied with “to mouth” only.

  5. OK. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow. Or later tonight..

  6. rosa parx

    98 nicknames of Janice Dickinson

    1. America’s Leading Tourist Resort
    2. America’s Mecca
    3. Father Knickerbocker
    (referring to the type of trousers worn by the early Dutch settlers)
    4. Gotham
    (name given to New York City by Washington Irving in the Salmagundi Papers, 1807)
    5. The Bablyonian Bedlam
    (allusion to the confusion of tongues at Babel, described in Genesis XI)
    6. The Bagdad of the Subway
    7. The Bagdad on the Hudson
    8. The Banking Center of the World
    9. The Big Apple
    10. The Big Burg
    11. The Big City
    12. The Big Town
    13. The Biggest Gateway to Immigrants
    14. The Burg
    15. The Business Capital of the Nation
    16. The Business Capital of the World
    17. The Capital of Finance
    18. The Capital of the World
    19. The Center of the World
    (Trygve Lie, first United Nations general secretary, on Sept. 7, 1962)
    20. The City
    21. The City at the Crossroads of High Diplomacy
    22. The City of Cities
    (book by Hulbert Foother)
    23. The City of Friendly People
    24. The City of Golden Dreams
    25. The City of Islands
    (the borough of Manhattan and numerous other small islands within the city limits)
    26. The City of Light
    27. The City of Orchestras
    (music center and ‘Tin Pan Alley”)
    28. The City of Skyscrapers
    (the tallest building in the world; the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, 60 Wall Tower, etc.)
    29. The City of Superlatives
    30. The City of the World
    31. The City of Towers
    32. The City that Belongs to the World
    33. The City that Never Sleeps
    34. The City with Everything
    35. The Cleanest Big City in the World
    36. The Coliseum City
    37. The Commercial Capital of America
    38. The Commercial Emporium
    39. The Corporate Capital of America
    40. The Crossroads of the World
    41. The Cuisine Capital of the World
    42. The Cultural Capital of America
    43. The Cultural Center of the Nation
    44. The Cultural City
    45. The Empire City
    46. The Entertainment Capital of the World
    47. The Fashion Capital of the World
    48. The Fear City
    49. The Financial Capital of the World
    50. The Financial Hub
    51. The First City of the World
    (the most populated city in the United States, approximately 8 million)
    52. The Friendly City
    53. The Frog and Toe
    54. The Front Office of American Business
    55. The Fun City
    56. The Fun City on the Hudson
    57. The Greatest All-Year Round Vacation City
    58. The Greatest Industrial Center in the World
    59. The Headquarters of World Banking
    60. The Hong Kong of the Hudson
    61. The Host of the World
    62. The Hub City of the World
    63. The Hub of Transport
    64. The Information City
    65. The Land of Surprising Contrasts
    66. The Mecca for Young Adults
    67. The Media City
    68. The Melting Pot
    (drama by Israel Zangwill, 1908)
    69. The Metropolis
    70. The Metropolis of a Continent
    71. The Metropolis of America
    72. The Metropolitan City
    73. The Mighty Manhattan
    74. The Modern Gomorrah
    (one of the cities if the plains destroyed by fire and bromstone because of wickedness, mentioned in the Old Testament)
    75. The Money Town
    76. The Most Colorful Exciting City in the World
    77. The Movie-Making City
    78. The Nation’s First City
    79. The Nation’s Greatest City
    80. The Nation’s Largest Communications Center
    81. The Nation’s Largest Port
    82. The Port of Many Ports
    83. The Printing Capital of the World
    84. The Restaurant City
    85. The Science City
    86. The Seat of Empire
    (named in 1784 by George Washington)
    87. The Super City
    88. The University of Telephony
    89. The Vacation City
    90. The Wonder City
    91. The Wonder City of the World
    92. The Wonderful Town
    93. The World Capital of Fashion
    94. The World’s Capital City
    95. The World’s Fair City
    96. The World’s Financial Capital
    97. The World’s Metropolis
    98. The World’s Most Exciting All Year Round Vacation Center

  7. rosa parx

    Once I laid eggs in Doald Trump’s hair.

  8. Why the sweet fuck are people still walking around my workplace? It’s well after quitting time. Don’t they have places to be? Lives to live? Unlike me.

  9. meaghan

    Once I ate eggs from Donald Trump’s hair.

    just a moment – were they yours?

  10. Meaghan

    I see one of my many posers is back. Yes, how does it feel to be a cripple wading in a pool of my all encompassing verbal glory? Keep it coming, I love when people take even 3 seconds out of their daily life to sit here and worship me. People I don’t even know for that matter.

  11. shit pile

    Is this like a national kids-off-school-day? It’s troll central. But #57 did make me lol!

  12. Meaghan

    I see one of my many posers/jockers is back. How does it feel to be wading in a pool of my all encompassing verbal glory? Yes, worship me like the Jesus I am. Instead of a crucifix I’ll just be hanging out on Kim K’s ass just to anger your secret pedophile attraction to 12 year old boys.

  13. PunkA

    I bet that cell phone is carrying around more STD’s than phone numbers. She lost whatever it was she had.

  14. rosa parx

    THIS is the real me. Last weekend I caught my BF getting frisky with another friend of mine at a garage party and he publically said to about 1/4 of the peeps there that my crotch reaked like sooshi. Nice. So I left but didnt leave HIM.

    My mum always said that only nice girls get fingered (/)

  15. meaghan

    I see one of my many posers/jockers is back. How does it feel to be wading in a pool of my all encompassing verbal glory? Yes, worship me like the Tit I am. Instead of a nipple I’ll just be hanging out on Kim K’s ass just to anger your secret pedophile attraction to 12 year old dwarfs.

  16. veggi

    Ah, yes, kids are on spring fucking break..

    See ya fuckers. I’m getting a drink..

  17. hairy-ass-clencher

    Christ. Is THIS going to be the very last post of the day?

  18. Auntie Kryst

    @65 Third time was the charm, verbal glory indeed douchefucker.

  19. Meaghan

    That person posing as me isn’t some 12 year old out of school for spring break, it’s actually a 45 year old man that thinks I’m some young underage girl with some kind of prepubescent body that he wants to cover with hot sexy Flax seed and lick it up just like he licks up his diabeetus medication. Wilfred Brimley over there, why don’t you quit being a pussy and if you want to fight me because your blood sugar readings were way too high this morning, that’s fine and all but don’t be a total pussy about it, i.e. trying to pose as me. Alright then Oldie Hawn?

  20. Does anyone know anything about her sunglasses?

  21. adeliza

    #26 Meghan….

    she actually was a knock out….
    check out pic #2 french vogue….

    She is absolutely heinous now, but she has not always been. When you see how she looked back in the day, it is easy to understand why she is trying to cling to her youth so desperatly, albiet, not doing a good job of it.

  22. adeliza

    #26 Meghan….

    she actually was a knock out….
    check out pic #2 french vogue….

    She is absolutely heinous now, but she has not always been. When you see how she looked back in the day, it is easy to understand why she is trying to cling to her youth so desperatly, albiet, not doing a good job of it.

  23. adeliza

    sorry for the double post…………..

  24. rosa parx

    THIS is the real me. Last weekend I caught my BF getting frisky with my father at a garage party and he publically said to about 1/4 of the peeps there that my crotch reaked like sooshi. Nice. So I left but didnt leave HIM.

    My mum always said she likes to finger me while i sleep :)

  25. Meaghan

    Aunti Kryst, you remind me of Jason, Michael Myers or any other cheesy hollywood “boogie man” in the sense that no matter how many times I fart on you with my verbal arsenal, you just pop back up like a fucking shooting target and try to insert some wanna be witty/cliche/generic comment. You think you’re really going to be able to fucking touch my originality with that vomit you call wit? As other person said, you totally wreak of 500 pound housewife. Either way, as you can see, that wasn’t really me that posted that 3rd thing, that was the poser.

  26. Auntie Kryst


  27. Hey! That’s how I’m sitting in my chair at work a lot of the time. Only it’s not an asian girl in front of me, it’s my boss.

  28. Meaghan

    Other person said “wreak” and I liked it so I used it when quoting them, minus quotation marks. Not my problem. Either way, whether it be reek or wreak, the jist of it was just fine. Since when did any brit/english person become the authority on anything pertaining to the English language? You people don’t know how to speak English, even though you ARE English. You speak English in the same way Mexicans try to speak English. It all sounds butchered as fuck and annoying. Now, go smoke a fag and talk about how your ballix itch..haha. I will say though, Ballix is some funny ass shit.

  29. Wim

    When Janice got up, there was a carefully sculpted, very low-calorie dookie on the chair.

  30. rob

    damn, she WAS hot back in the day!

  31. Auntie Kryst

    Grrr get angry! Keep farting your verbal assault, because you do talk out of your ass. Just keep cramming up these posts with all your long winded comments that everyone here has given you shit for. Just keep posting until you actually grow a pair of ballix.

    PS, isn’t it around 10PM in the UK? Go out and have a pint, talk to a real person, be something other than a sad little english troll.

  32. mrs.t

    What the fuck is with the low-rent nail place? That plastic-bag-lined bucket is a wonderful touch. I guess she really did spend all her money on blow….or whatever they called it back in the twenties.

  33. She is still beautiful. Janice is an intriguing TV personality for sure.

    This is a new blog but it already has a lot of features and contents.

    If you visit


    You are most likely going to find something interesting, either in the main blog itself or the extensive side bar.

    Bye for now.

  34. roastbeef

    I despise douche bag celebs who wear their sunglasses indoors.

  35. mrs.t

    #83-A lot of features and contents, you say? Why, that sounds like just the place for me! I love nothing more than to sit here at my computer and peruse various features and contents, in either a main blog, or (if I’m feeling kinky) the extensive sidebar.

  36. Meaghan

    Yet reading comprehension fails to be used again. You know what, unless you know how to understand what it is you’re reading, don’t even bother responding to me, you fucking cunning linguist Auntie Kryst. Tell me, genius, why the fuck would I make fun of England, Britian, or the entire UK if I was one of them? Lmmfao. Mongoloid, I live in Southern California, which would be America..hence the “English people don’t know how to speak English comment”. So much for being long winded. Tell me, how did you come to the conclusion that I was long winded without even understanding 99% of all things I say there, Auntie Kryst? Owned.

  37. lol

    Looks like she can’t afford a good salon. She’s just a woman in her 30′s face on a 70 year old body who’s acting as if she’s still the shit. She’s just a shit now.

  38. Auntie Kryst

    @86 The conclusion that you’re long winded is that the screeds you write take about 10 minutes to scroll past. I’ll admit I didn’t read that closely, but should have. But you’re the dumbfuck calling the kettle black. How the could you confuse me for a brit? Now ask your parents nicely if you can go outside and play. You’re a soft troll.

  39. Blah Blah Blah

    Meaghan, you are the very scum of the earth you criticize on a daily basis. It’s very obvious how unhappy you are, not to mention, well, “chubby/pudgy” or, in other words, fat. Laugh all you want that we all call you fat over the internet. At the end of the day, YOU are the one crying in fron of the mirror wishing you were as sexy as the women with tiny waists which you call “12 year old boy bodies”. Go get a damn life.

  40. alright!

    I’ll say it again…Leathery. This is what happens to sun-raped skin.

    Enjoy those tanning beds, ass lickers.

  41. FRIST!!!

    If only she would take a crap on my chest.

  42. Meaghan

    Auntie Kryst, I came to the conclusion that you were in fact British from your own previous post, you know, the one where you were crying about how you felt fat because you ate a big meal? That was probably someone posing as you, but either way it made sense to me because you being British explains why you’re annoying as fuck, and why you annoy the fuck out of me. So Auntie Kryst, if you don’t bother reading anything very closely (and I’d like to add that you said that as if reading anything on here was actually hard) maybe you should start reading things more “closely” because you go and respond to posts without even fucking reading them all the way, and then you come across as a total moron because of it. I read all of your stupid ramblings in like 3 seconds, which is why I’m able to have a “long winded” response to every stupid statement you make. How stupid, because generally all writing is long winded. That’s normally what good writers do, because they enjoy writing. Long winded is only annoying when it’s applied to actual speaking, not typing. Blah Blah Blah, do you spend your day tracking down every post I make on this website or something? You’re talking all of this shit about me, yet fail to see how you look like a total hypocrite moron. If that was the case, you would have shut up 10 days ago instead of going out of your way to find me and try to “knock me down a few pegs”. None of you will ever knock me down in any sense, because you’re inferior. I’ve rendered ALL who tried to pose any kind of argument with me obsolete, and I did it on my own. 20 of you, against me, yet even with 20 of you, you can only come up with one collective insult? And that is, “YOU’RE FAT”. Check my “how to insult someone over the internet 101″ post and learn how to apply the right insult to the right situation. Haha, this time I owned two birds with one stone.

  43. Sven Oljaski

    My god… somebody shoot her and make a purse. She looks like she was bitten by a shark in the legs. This Joan Rivers idol shit needs to end.

    I hope some PETA/GREENPEACE psycho runs her over with a bulldozer.

  44. NY Ted

    What’s her nickname…”Tooth-pick Legs”….???

  45. Auntie Kryst


    It would take you at least 1 month to realize the rubik’s cube you were trying to solve was yellow on all 6 sides.

    And, so it is with your life. do you think that coming here and writing long-winded (YES

    you melodramatic sour faced cow.

    What do you want to know?

    so i guess the thing is to ask questions? so back to question asking. unless it is intensely awkward.. i will most likely answer any question you ask..

    I help people to achieve their life dreams through the love of God. Want money, health, a relationship, a business or career of your dreams, it is not hard to do… It only requires that you learn to live your life through the love of God and Jesus Christ.

    So, let me ask you, are you living your dream life?

    I doubt it.

  46. Janice Dickerson,
    Chucky’s unfavored daughter.
    Why must we lick her?

  47. Auntie Kryst

    @95 That’s not me either, and I’m done feeding you. Time for a new character Mr. Hemmingway.

  48. HuckyDucky


    The “to mouth” comment was fucking hilarious!

  49. The Laughing God

    I too have a work environment like this. The Asian girl’s face is a little closer to my crotch though.

  50. kevin

    HOLLY SHIT who is this zombie !!! I’m out of here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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