Janice Dickinson escapes her tomb, gets manicure

March 27th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Janice Dickinson risked life and emaciated limb yesterday by venturing out into the daylight (Nosferatu’s natural enemy) to get a a manicure at a Bevery Hills nail spa. For those of you wondering what’s in Janice’s cleavage, it’s her cell phone. Where does the sexy end and the woman begin? Am I right? Back me up, fellas.

Photos: Splash News

  1. alright!


  2. Ted

    Jimbo would do her.

  3. Obligatory female commenter

    I think she looks great for her age! I wish I had legs like that and I’m 85 years younger than she is!

  4. Edward

    I wonder if she’s still a virgin?

  5. Beth

    Time to donate that chair to the CDC.

  6. I envy the amount of hard drugs she’s done.

  7. momo

    I’d tap that.
    come on, why not?

  8. It’s times like this that I appreciate my stash of child porn.

  9. holby

    Janice Dickinson….Janice Dickinson…

    the name sounds familiar somehow….

  10. veggi

    My first thought was, I’d love to dive right between those legs.

    Time to call my therapist. He said 10 years wouldn’t be enough.

  11. mike

    What is this troll page?

    The bitch is ugly and the only way I could do her is with Ted’s little wenis..

  12. rosa parx

    I like her legs – the shape not texture. But she has had 2 much PS. And I dont mean playstation!

    Does god know when you masterbate?

  13. wundersmack

    So many of your posts make me weep… just SOB, you know? the awful, bitter tears of the realization that life will never be what we dreamed, that beauty is an illusion, that zombies roam the earth seeking the eyeballs and flesh of the innocent. Gawd. It is sometimes too much to bear. Like right now. When I consider the devastating truth that Dickinson was was a … a… my god… a supermodel.

  14. jrz

    The next customer in that chair will go home very itchy.

  15. D. Richards (Disgusted.)

    Somebody fucks Janice. That is, without a doubt, the most horrible thing Christ has ever done to the human spirit.

    Thankfully, I worship Satan.

  16. Geh!!! She scares me!!

    And yes this must be the troll page, get a life you sons of cockholes!!

  17. deacon jones

    Haha! Good one Jimbo!

    This brood looks like one of those forensic dummys they mold on Mythbusters

  18. rosa parx

    i love the shade of her lipstick; Cherry

    Last nite I left the chocolate bunny ear too near the basebord heater and guess what happened?! It looks like a cat had diharreha there. Not my cat. I have a dog. A weenie dog with good smell. he likes my fish, it seems. But my BF is okay with that – says a dog cant ever be true competition for his weenie! Ha ha ha ha!

  19. bakinmycake

    the crypt keeper returns…….

  20. Manicurist

    And whoorr time she sit, she faht! Smerr so bad! Ugh! Make me so mad!

  21. #18, it wasn’t funny the first time douchefucker..

  22. Lee

    Her neck looks like it probably flaps in the wind.

  23. rosa parx

    Has anyone else experienced discrimination for being overweight? I get it all the time.
    Things have got so bad now that if I were to get pregnant there is a strong possibility that I will die. I have to take thyroxine tablets every day otherwise I might die.

  24. rosa parx

    Walking home from babysitting last Tuesday a car of holliguns ripped by me and one yelled “spread em bitch!” I told my friends (not my mother) and they said to report the car only I did not catch the licenc plate becuz i was so shocked.. but if I ever see it again (i remember it well) then I will make short work of it and it’s fucking occupantz. So help me god……

  25. Meaghan

    How did Janice Dickinson ever become a model to begin with? As far as I know, she’s always been a troll. Like that show she had not too long ago, where she was telling chick they needed to get this and that done to become models. It’s like Janice, what do you mean? You became a model and your face is almost cartoonish. Janice must have sucked a few dicks back in her day to make it to the “top” or whatever. Yeah, the world’s first supermodel…the world’s first major super model mistake.

  26. rosa parx

    HEY! That is not me!!! I did not post two times and I did not rite the fat pregnant post!!!!!!! Stiop impostering me dammit Damita Joe in da house Waddup suckas???

    Ha haaaaaaaaa Ho.

  27. Superficial Lover

    Wow, that bitch must have to run around in the shower to get wet!

    Her face looks an eternally sad puppy dog. Great use of money there hot stuff.

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @6 Frist, I was going to say the exact same thing. For her even to be breathing anymore is testament to her superior partying stamina. Tara Reid bow to your Sensei!

  29. Superficial Bitch

    Wow, that bitch must have to run around in the shower to get wet!

    Her face looks an eternally sad puppy dog. Great use of money there hot stuff.

  30. BunnyButt

    25, Trollsa, when you stop being able to come up with new material and have to recycle the same old crap, it’s time to invent a new character or stop posting.

  31. Well that’s all fine and good, Auntie, but that wasn’t me. I do however share the sentiment..

  32. rosa parx

    I wunder if Janice Dickerson wears glasses. I do and a friend of mine today grabbed my lenses cleaner thinking it wuz perfume spray and sprayed it on her neck and started burning. Did I feel guilty?! Hell no. Girlfriend shoulda known.

    Do you think its acceptible practice to finger your pregnant dogs lactating nipples?

  33. HuckyDucky

    Her ears are still sideways.

    When she walked in the door, did she say:


  34. holby

    has anyone googled her in images? she was beautiful.

  35. rosa parx

    What is a wigga?

    Oh.. and also a mufin top?… I saw that on an ad on this page.

  36. Bombo


  37. Auntie Kryst

    Did I forget to mention to all of you that I’m really a transvestite breast cancer survivor? I like to come to websites like this and talk about my opinions as if anyone really gives a shit. I mean, my handle is Auntie Kryst for fucks sake. I try to not make myself wreak of 500 pound bored housewife sitting here all day admiring people like Janice Dickinson because I’m so inbred looking I make her look like the super model she claims to be. Oh snap, better get back to eating Ferrero Rochers and sweating to the oldies 86 style. Word to your mother!

  38. Killer


  39. hairy-ass-clencher

    This site is going to hell in a handbasket.

    I rather like it.

  40. mike

    @39 FIRST BITCH!!!

  41. fABIO

    I would only approach this lady if I had:

    a. surgical gloves
    b. surgical mask (for her as well)
    c. dental dam
    d. double-strength x-lg. ribbed condom(s) and;
    e. paper bag

  42. Racer X


  43. Auntie Kryst

    Need prayer – Didn’t know where else to post

    I don’t know if i fit in this plus-size or not but i really need prayer and the weight loss/exercise thread doesn’t really seem the place to put this as i’d like it to be an on-going thing.

    I’m a british size 14 possibly 16 depending on where you shop. I currently weigh 156pounds (71K). Now i know that that isn’t a huge amount to weigh but i also know it’s not healthy for me – i am only 155cm tall.

    I know that i can weigh less as i have done in the past but i have an ongoing battle with my will power.

    I would really really really appriciate it if you would be able to pray for me as i know that God is the only one who can give me the will power.

    I don’t want to loose loads of weight – i would just like to be a healthy weight for my height.

    does it bother anyone else that plus-sized catalogs

    use skinny models? I mean some are good about it, but I just got a copy of Silloutte (sp?) and although I do see some women in there that could be a size 12-14 there are a lot of models in there that are wearing a size 8. Now I KNOW that size 8 is considered plus-sized in the modeling issue, but COME ON PEOPLE… It looks ridiculous seeing some of these baggy oversized outfits on thinner models. Am I alone in this?

    There was a letter to the editor about that, in the most recent issue of Figure (magazine/catalog available at Lane Bryant stories, and probably also at Catherines).

    So frustrating. I’ve put 4 pounds on. I was away over the weekend and it was my birthday yesterday and i had a big meal so hopefully it’s not proper weight and i’ll loose it pretty quickly

  44. fergernauster

    I did just google Ms. Janice and whichever poster above advised said that she was beautiful once… I completely agree.

    So why can’t she just mentally re-live her glory days, get wasted each and every night, pop a small handful of happy pills and pore over her tear-stained 1979 Vogues? That’s what I would do. Nix the plastic surgery and just accept me for myself.

    Yeah… Fuckin’ right.

  45. deacon jones

    We’re slowly going insane together

  46. holby

    @ fergernauster

    she really *was* beautiful, wasn’t she? theres a lot of women who age gracefully, and are more beautiful because of it.

  47. Randal

    I have nothing nice to add about this one.

  48. Auntie Kryst

    My body image is very bad. Yes, I wish I were much thinner. I’m self conscious about every movement that I make. I’d probably go as far as to say that it sickens me. That said, I do believe that I’m worthy of love as I am now, BUT I sincerely doubt that I’ll find it and have all but resigned myself to the fact that I never will.

    With doing the exercising I am doing and trying to eat right I feel good about my body. I think I am worthy of love but not the attention from others.
    I do wish I was smaller. I am not sure how I feel about my body to be honest. I know it took me a while to go to the beach last summer, and I can walk around my house in my under garments without a problem(even past a mirror) I don’t stare at mysel..lol. So I don’t know if that is under the tpic of body image. If I was marrried I don’t know how I would feel.

    I wish I could work retail, but I can’t stand on my feet for long periods of time without my legs going numb. I guess i am explaing that cause, I don’t want you all to think i am not trying to get a job.

  49. mike

    She looks like she is sitting on the pot taking a dump.

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