Janice Dickinson drunk off her ass

May 14th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Janice Dickinson got drunk off her ass at Nobu Wednesday night and decided to give the paparazzi a little show. This, of course, would’ve been awesome if she didn’t look like Steven Tyler and Madonna had a love child – then raised it under power lines.

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  1. Axel

    First Maybe. She’s gone as

  2. first


  3. whomever

    i hate this bitch so much.

  4. dicklint

    I think I’d still do her.

  5. Obi Wan


  6. What do you exactly mean by “DATED”, folks?

  7. LPB

    How can she be drunk off her ass when she is an ass?

  8. Joel Morgan

    Rachael Bilson when she’s older …

  9. Melly

    I don’t know, i still love this bitch!

  10. justifiable

    Alcohol’s a preservative, right?

  11. Cartman

    What the hell, she looks like she needs a good assfuck.

  12. Fati

    Drunk women are disgusting. A drunk Janice Dickinson is even more disgusting.

  13. Dice

    Her body is really quite good considering her age. What is she, like eighty, right?

  14. Randall

    She looks beautiful and is enjoying life. She has a great fashion sense and her hard work as an entrepreneur in the modeling world and has earned her the right to enjoy a night out. We all should learn from her positive energy and zest for life!


  15. Fati

    ??????, ? ????? ????.

  16. friendlyfires

    I hate all drunks – disgusting, out of control, ruins others lives, – very few enjoy alcohol, most ABUSE ALCOHOL – there is a difference – god that women probably smells of stale booze, nicotine and vomit – no class – just a total hee-haw ass.

  17. pure.ticking

    what the f***

  18. Michelle

    How much crack did you smoke b4 you wrote that Randall

  19. Michelle

    How much crack did you smoke b4 you wrote that Randall

  20. Michelle

    How much crack did you smoke b4 you wrote that Randall

  21. Darth

    Old post.

  22. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Stand outside Nobu every night with a camera. Snap pics of drunken celebs. Sell pics to Tabloids. Laugh all the way to bank.

  23. Unub

    Can we euthanize this aged cow?

  24. Unub

    Looks like someone sliced a grapefruit in half & glued the pieces to her chest. Just plain fucking sad.

  25. Justme

    Haven’t we ALL done something off the wall crazy in our life’s? We don’t know her life nor do we walk in her shoes. She is just giving some people something to talk about.

    Keeping it real.

  26. Matrim

    I’m fairly certain that Dickinson is a complete waste of flesh (and silicone). My opinion has nothing to do with her being drunk, it has to do with the fact that every time I’ve seen her she’s generally being a total fucking scumbag.

  27. Move along folks nothing to see here! I’m still scanning the news for duel suicide by her offspring and believe me, the world will sympathize!

  28. mikeock

    Stay classy, Janice.

    Oh, and just so it’s said: I’d still let her gargle my balls.

  29. lala

    she’s hot even drunk

  30. she is gross, but I would still bang her doggy if i was as drunk as she is here.

  31. devilsrain


  32. Just imagine that face panting over yours…


  33. Deacon Jones

    I was fine until the implant ripples in last pic.

  34. FACE

    If this bitch wasnt a D list celeb, she would just be called a fucking lush

  35. steven


    She makes me puke.


  36. havoc

    No thanks….


  37. #1h8ter

    I get tired of reading that headline……

  38. kelly

    Love the dress and shoes.

  39. lynn

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
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  40. Lucia

    Godzilla..!!!………. I mean…. JANICE ????/

  41. gigi

    ah Janice, the model in you will never be put down — even drunk off her a** she’s still fieeeeeeeerce [w/ index finger shake]

  42. Verez

    I don’t know… I’d still pound her ass if she offered it to me.

  43. F

    “Janice Dickinson Drunk Off Her Ass”- Isn’t that redundant???

  44. Which brings us to our lesson today kids: Don’t smoke crack.

    Btw #14, you give good Randal, but you gave yourself away and misspelled his name. It’s not “Randall”, It’s “Randal”

    (because I beat the “L” out of him once)

  45. Zanna

    @33- that’s what doggy-style is for!

  46. Sport

    my eyes MY EYES. Get the bleach ahhhhhhh.

  47. Britney's weave

    I love how newcomers reply to Randall.

  48. blech…. yup… that pretty much encapsulates my feelings about her.
    Maybe add some capital letters and some exclamation points to get my point across.

  49. Amy

    Breast Implant Ripples. Dear Lord.

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