Janice Dickinson defends Jennifer Love Hewitt

December 10th, 2007 // 114 Comments
Dickinson: 'Hewitt is a healthy girl'

The creepy corpse known as Janice Dickinson appeared on The Today Show (pic above links to video) yesterday and defended Jennifer Love Hewitt. Janice flapped her collagen lips while describing Jennifer as “healthy” and claiming she was photographed in her bikini at “unflattering angles.” Then Janice dropped the bomb on who she really thinks is fat:

“You want to see someone who’s fat, I’m sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat.”

Somewhere Tyra Banks put down a turkey leg and went, “Oh, no, she di’int!” Meanwhile, across the country, Jennifer Love Hewitt awoke from her nap. Someone dropped a turkey leg. Where are her keys?!


  1. jen

    J D is just a bag of plastic surgery.A sad miserable cow.

  2. JLHisAnObeseCow

    They are both fat but at least Tyra’s body is well proportioned and she is taller, and has a pretty face. JLH is ugly all over.

  3. Stuey

    AHHHH CRIPES!!!! hahahaha I just spit out my soup here at work. OH NO SHE DI’UNT!!


  4. Michael Vick must Die

    JLH or JD? Let’s see bag of ugly cosmetic brittle bones or a slightly rounded “girl next door”?? Jeez that a tough one. STFU JD – you are ugly and despised.

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  6. liar


  7. Emily

    Tyra is NOT fat.

  8. Narcissist

    I can’t remember hearing of Janice before this site. JLH is on the fast track to Tyra Banks caboose, and to Tyras goal to be a whale in 20 years.
    This must have been filler on the show

    @11 Actually her head does look like some kind of puppet face on a stick you might see at Mardi Gras.

  9. sdf

    Tyra was getting chubby. she was only really considered chubby because of the way she used to be though and her career
    then she lost it all, i dunno she never seems fat to me.

  10. she is a big mouth…who cares her opinion, the two have their own life, OK?
    http://pinkmingle.com Stands for the couple..gogoog,, HAHAALOL

  11. honest

    what a freakin hypocrite!! all she did was blast robyn from america’s next top model calling her fat and blasted some other skinny girl who had hips calling her fat, what a big fat hypocrite, and this old lady is def. not cute

  12. Spartanella

    For the record: Marilyn Monroe was a womans size 12, which today would convert between a 6 and an 8. And she was hot and sexxxy. AND her breasts were real. Nothing plastic about her at all-what a woman should look like.
    Most real women (non hollywood ladies-you know-us regular women) wear a size 8-10 (it’s been studied…).
    I am so over these messed up, drunk and drugged, so called “role model” women running around looking like insects. There is nothing sexy about seeing bones through the skin. Being able to count someone’s ribs… that’s nasty. I don’t care how great thier implants look.
    It makes me worry about the young girls and the young women getting the wrong impression of what women are supposed to look like and what healthy is.
    Another point you all have seemed to have forgotten: the art of airbrushing. The photos you find in mags are touched up more than you know. We would all look hot with make up artists spending 4 hours on us, expensive tailored clothing and the right gear to airbrush out flaws out of the film.
    It’s simple… eat healthy and get some exercise. Have fun and enjoy being alive. I will be glad when the trend to look like a praying mantis, or some other bug-eyed insect will fade and real, healthy women will start kicking ass again. I blame it on the media. The world doesn’t need another Nicole Richie… thank goodness she has a bun in the oven. She was looking either cracked out or like she had been in a war camp. And that is glamour?

    In the end, who really gives a crap. It’s not like JLH, Tyra, or JDevil are sitting around blogging about YOUR looks.

    Killing time at work has never been so stupidly entertaining.

  13. gracie law

    Janice Dickinson is so funny.

  14. HuckyDucky

    I’m still laughing two months later from the “creepy corpse” comment.

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