Janice Dickinson defends Jennifer Love Hewitt

December 10th, 2007 // 114 Comments
Dickinson: 'Hewitt is a healthy girl'

The creepy corpse known as Janice Dickinson appeared on The Today Show (pic above links to video) yesterday and defended Jennifer Love Hewitt. Janice flapped her collagen lips while describing Jennifer as “healthy” and claiming she was photographed in her bikini at “unflattering angles.” Then Janice dropped the bomb on who she really thinks is fat:

“You want to see someone who’s fat, I’m sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat.”

Somewhere Tyra Banks put down a turkey leg and went, “Oh, no, she di’int!” Meanwhile, across the country, Jennifer Love Hewitt awoke from her nap. Someone dropped a turkey leg. Where are her keys?!


  1. MarkB

    JD is FUGLY

  2. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hahaha, J.Love was shot from bad angles?? Looks like she just had a fat ass to me.

  3. soap box manager

    and considering janice wrestled down tyra and refused to stop kissing her on ANTM, we can safely say that janice loves fat chicks so she should STFU. this bitch is mad cause tyra canceled her ass as a judge and nobody gives a fuck about her modeling agency. sucks to be a bitter old hag.

  4. jenni

    Fish man…

    YOU have a FAT HEAD and you are an idiot!

  5. lulu

    Tyra fatter then Jennifer? I don’t think so!

  6. lulu

    BTW Jennifer is completely made out of cottage cheese….just wanted to let everybody know that….

  7. Mark

    Oh. She is so beautiful and gorgeous! I saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site millionairefriends.com.

  8. stuff my muff

    JLH is an ass and has a huge one to match. it doesn’t matter from what angle you shoot a hippo, it’s still gonna look fat. the bitch is fat and needs to come to grips with it rather than stuffing her fat face and blaming it on “bad angles”

  9. stuff my muff

    JLH is an ass and has a huge one to match. it doesn’t matter from what angle you shoot a hippo, it’s still gonna look fat. the bitch is fat and needs to come to grips with it rather than stuffing her fat face and blaming it on “bad angles”

  10. Powergirl

    She probably shouldn’t have said it, but SHE IS RIGHT!!!!!
    Tyra BAnks and her huge forehead, huge everything…… But you know…. she needs to get as big as Oprah to be able to relate to the rest of the women in this country …..
    And it is good because maybe now she won’t have to put on a ridiculous fat suit, she can just walk outside freely – with a sign FREE TYRA!!!
    And went she meets guys on dates (like on the show) and they say: “Sorry,babe, you are a little too big for my taste.” She will say:” Well loser, I am Tyra!” and the guy will say:” I know!”

    Hahauhauhauhauhahuahuahuha Glorious huahuahuahuha

  11. D. Richards (Hands.)

    Poor Janice Dickinson. At one point in time she was the most recognized supermodel on the face of the planet. Now she’s just this living box. Vacated long since and holding nothing but a receipt for a life that died about a hundred face-lifts ago.

    Janni should be defending her right to not be stormed like Frankenstein’s monster and ripped limb-from limb. I got dibs on the face. It’ll look nice punted on a pike and positioned so that all of Beverly Hills can see what happens to has-been mutant scum.

  12. Nefarious Crotch Kicker


    What the fuck is up with your site? Every time you change the look, this site seems to function worse.

  13. G Man

    F-R-E-A-K… Big Time….. Twist that knob on the back of your head a few more cranks to tighten up your face, it almost looks like the Riddler…

  14. lentista

    hey fuckers whats wrong with tyra and jenn thats a good size… ill take that any day…. then fucking skinny bitchs…..skinny is fugly…and jd can u sratch ur face my ass is itchy…..lol

  15. G Man

    F-R-E-A-K… Big Time….. Twist that knob on the back of your head a few more cranks to tighten up your face, it almost looks like the Riddler…

  16. STFU

    you want to know who is old and undesirable? janice is old and undesirable. she couldn’t give away her pussy. and she should stop calling herself the first supermodel. nobody even uses that term any more, it’s so ancient.

  17. Yesssss


    Janice sucks, Hewitt has a Fat ass, but TYRA IS FAT AND ANNOYING!

    The worst part is that Tyra thinks she is normal, YUCK! I hate all her ‘proud to be fat’ bullshit.


  18. Hortencia


  19. Gerald_Tarrant

    LOL@ 10 and 11

    Nothing like laughing like mad at work.

  20. Ashness

    Loving the fat comments, considering the people who are probably calling Jennifer and Tyra fat on here are severely obese people themselves. WTG morons.

  21. pointandlaugh

    what MarkB said. Dickinson is the crypt keeper. and her personality is 100 times more ugly than her face.

  22. veggi

    I’m not fat.. I might be an alcoholic…but I’m not fat.. so take THAT number 20!..

  23. George Best

    Tyra and Jlove are not fat. The only difference is Tyra accepts her size while Jlove pretends she is thinner then she really is. Both of them are totally fuckable and that is all that matters.

  24. Hortencia

    I’m a bit obese, it’s true. And a very slow typer as well.

  25. pluslotion

    neither one is 100% fat. They are both 50% fat though. Half of each is fat.
    From what I have seen, JLH’s cottage cheese is more abundant, but Tyra’s bottom and thighs are maybe larger in width… but tyra is about 7 inches taller than JLH.
    If you have a big butt you should go to the gym, like jessica biel has done, and it will be tight.( if you want to have a good ass ).

  26. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Hell yes Veggie, I’m with you! Hey #20 you could use a drink, lighten the fuck up.

  27. J

    She’s only saying this because she’s pissed Tyra broke up with her recently. They were in a lesbian relationship for some time. Believe me I know….I live in LA and know people in the industry.

  28. power ions

    tyra can be really hot, esp. a long time ago in SI, but her calves are shaped like upsidedown cones.
    i’ve always hated jlh’s skinny pinched ferret face, but loved her body. until now.

  29. Yesssss


    I’m lean and mean so I’ll call all out those fat cows all I want! You on the other hand sound offended, so I’m assuming your sitting there with your box of oreos watching your Tivo’d Tyra Banks show shaking your six rolls of neck fat in disgust at our comments.

  30. *Yawn*

    So what? Jennifer and Tyra MAY be fat (I don’t personally think they are), but they can always lose weight. That fuckin’ road kill that Janice Dick-in-me calls a face is there forever. Nothing can be done about that except for maybe telling Vick she’s a pittbull and let nature take its course.

  31. Powergirl

    #20 – no….. I am not fat…. and I have no problems with people who has some pudgy – I love pudgy men….
    But have you seen the episode where she does that (fat suit)???
    It is disgraceful! She goes around in the suit and then when she “can’t take it anymore” she just tells people: you know, I don’t look like this, I am Tyra Banks.”
    Oooohhh, Ahhhhh. So what? And then she brings obese people in and make them cry! She hates Fat people!! She is always finding a way to make them feel bad!!! Or she is just plain stupid and doesn’t realize it!
    Oh, maybe is the producers’ fault….
    No, but even better, she brought in the guys who did not want to go out with her when she was wearing the fat suit, and they were such retards because they kept on patronizing her and she was flirting with them the entire show, while they continued to bash larger women. Moral of the show: If you are felt, you should feel miserable, and look: I am Tyra and these men (dusche bags) Love me!!!
    Oh, please…..

  32. suzy

    1. Tyra is a lot larger than she used to be. She’s not fat per se, but she doesn’t have the same body that she did when she was on Sports Illustrated.

    2. Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t fat. She just has an pear shaped body. She has a booty… who cares?

  33. Dude

    breakfast burritos ..thats my problem.

  34. Mick

    She is an old hag and looks weird. Ugly Duck Face Bitch!

  35. I’m sorry but it’s simply impossible to every listen to a woman who looks like that. You could easily wrap whatever elastic is going on there around her face and form an entire new face. There’s zero question in my mind that 90% of horror movies that begin with a design for what the scary monster looks like begin with a putty model of Dickinson’s face. That said, I’d still fuck her.

  36. judithjetson

    Ironic considering that 1) Janice was always the one saying the “plus sized” models on ANTM were NEVER going to make it in the industry calling them porkers and 2) when the dying anorexic models scandal hit the airwaves, she made a (ridiculous) statement saying she wished her models were “anorexic” and called them heifers.

    Nice woman…..

  37. Fatties Rule

    All of them are fat, including her.

  38. Who Are You Calling Fat?


    I’m 32B-24-33, which is size negative 6 if we use JLH’s standards.

    And no, I’m not againsts JLH because of her ass: I don’t value people based on their looks. I’m against her because she’s a liar for not admitting her true size and for idiotically defending her dimply ass with “bad angles” but saying it was for the body image of other girls.

  39. LayDeeBug

    Hagsville, but I like her style. Fucking awesome Tyra snap. Bhahahahahah

  40. Shallo Val

    36 and anyone else who isn’t catching on…..

    Dickinson is trying to get Tyra to snap. That’s why she said that. She thinks and KNOWS that JLH is fat, but she’d rather defend JLH than let Tyra “It’s all about me” Banks get away with what she does.

    I fucking love Janice now.

  41. Unlaid Avenger

    Janice D, the world’s most successful neurosuction patient speaks!!

    To defend the notion put forth by the yummy Miss H. that women should not be held to a standard of anorexic non-curvedness (a standard established by closeted gay guys from France), this decidedly creepy formerly carbon-based post-op entity calls Tyra Banks fat. Very logical, Janice. Now die.

    Santa, if you are listening, big guy, I wish that all the guys in the world would be dumb enough to believe that Tyra and Jennifer are fat and undesirable so that the two of them will have no choice but to move in with me. And kill Janice Dickinson. Thank you.

  42. Ted from LA

    My mirror has unflattering angles too. Let’s be honest, who gives a shit about any of these people or who is fat and who is not? As Bogart said in Casablanca, I’m the only cause I care about…

    We need more funny comments and less, “I think she looks great.” “I don’t like her tattoos.” “Tyra is not fat.” “JLH is beatiful.” “You’re just jealous.” “I’ll bet all you haters are fat.” If you can’t be funny, go stick a vibrating dildo up your ass, turn it on high, and try typing again.


    JEEEEE-Zus Christ you people are so easy. Janice Dix is a douche but she knows how to ruffle feathers. She doesn’t mean it, she’s just being mean. She’s fucking funny man……..Oh YEAH!!!!! What happened to all the clever Fishes that used to populate this site.

    FRIST, VEGGI, where are you’se?

  44. Shallo Val

    Ted, I love you. Finally the voice of reason. Will you marry me or if not, at least fornicate???

  45. I Love You Ted So I'll Let You Slide


    Please add your own comment to that list.

  46. Ted from LA

    I prefer fornication to marriage. While I believe marriage is a wonderful institution, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in an institution.

  47. MindRiot

    Yikes. Creepy.

  48. hendero

    Women’s rights get set back another six months. This would be like David Hasselhoff saying Matthew Perry isn’t fat but Tracy Morgan is. And how ridiculous would that be?

  49. Sauron

    When you see the face of Janice dickinson then you know there’s something obviously wrong.This surgeryhead could be the true bride of Frankenstein.

  50. You know who likes Tyra? NOFUCKINGBODY!! No, wait, I’m wrong….

    You know who likes Tyra? Other fatties that have never seen their own vaginas….

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