Janice Dickinson continues to assault my eyes

April 1st, 2008 // 84 Comments

JESUS! That ain’t right. Janice Dickinson really needs to knock this shit off. Yeah, when you’re old you should be able to do whatever the hell you want because, let’s face it, death is stealing your pills. (Or in Janice’s case, crying in a sandy Port-a-John.) But this is getting out of hand. Sure, she looks somewhat better than yesterday’s pics; I’ll attribute that to the lower resolution and the presence of shorts. Also these photos look to have been shot from a safe distance – like space. Why would NASA aim satellites at Janice Dickinson? Unless she really did see who shot JFK from her nursing home window. I bet it was Kevin Costner. Looking all shifty-eyed in that movie. I’m onto you!


  1. To: all
    Subject: How I Became A bottom (pt.2)

    I walked into the living room and Joel offered me a beer.
    Being nervous I quickly downed it. Needless to say I became buzzed.
    Joel apologized for what happened in the shower. He said that he
    was gay and that the sight of my naked body made him lose control.
    I accepted his explanation and confessed that I too was gay and that
    although his advances scared me it had also excited me. He smiled
    and said that he had a hunch that I was gay. That’s why he was willing
    to take me home every night even though I lived out of the way.
    We started talking about sex and I explained to him that I was avirgin
    in every sense of the word. When he heard this, he grabbed my hand
    and explained that his first few experiences were not the most satisfying
    or pleasurable and that only by trial and error did he discover the
    pleasures of man-to man sex. He didn’t want me to go through the
    same road so he said that if I was attracted to him he would prperly
    teach and show me the ropes(literally and figuratvely, SMILE).
    I was attracted to him, horny, and anxious to have sex so
    I said yes.
    Joel went on to say that I had to be open-minded as there
    would be things that we did which would hurt at first but would turn
    out to be pleasurable or things that wouldn’t seem pleasant but actually
    are. To make sure that I this is what I really wanted, he tokd me
    that if in a week I still felt the same we would begin.
    That was one long week. The following Saturday, I arrived
    at Joels apt. Joel was only wearing a robe when he answered the door.
    I quickly walked in and the first thing he said was to take off my
    clothes. I did. My journey was about to begin…

  2. To: All
    Subject: How I Became A Bottom (pt. 3)

    As I removed my clothes, I could feel Joel’s eyes watching
    me. When I was about to strip off my briefs, he told me to stop.
    He walked over to me and began rubbing my cock thru my briefs. I
    was instantly hard. Joel proceeded to remove my briefs and as he
    did so he gave my cock a quick lick with his tongue. Joel then removed
    his attire. There we were, a man and a boy, both naked, and both
    horny as hell, with the boy about to be initiated into the world
    of man to man pleasures.
    Instead of jumping all over me, Joel grabbed my hand and
    led me to his bedroom and positioned me in front of a full length
    mirror. “look”, he said. “Look at how sexy your body is. It was made
    to turnurn men on and it should be used to give men pleasure.” For
    some reason, hearing those words and looking at myself in the mirror
    made me want to please Joel all the more. As I stood there, I realized
    there was no turning back.
    As I stood there Joel instructed me to use my hands to examine
    myself. I didn’t feel comfortable doing this but Joel said that’s
    why he wanted me to do this. By knowing the parts of my body that
    feel pleasurable, I would understand how to please other men. I played
    with my whole body until Joel told me to stop. He asked if I had
    fully explored all my erogenous zones and I said yes. To my surprise
    he said I was wrong. He proceeded to squeeze my nipples which hurt
    but was also pleasurable. He lightly tickled my balls, and put pressure
    near my scrotum. These sensations all felt great and I was surprised
    that I had not done those things. This was Joel’s way of showing
    me how much I didn’t know and how he was going to teach me things
    that I could never have imagined. He was right. As I look back, the
    things he taught me had never crossed my mind.
    I was then led into the bathroom where Joel confessed his
    love for smooth men. Because of my ethnic background, I was already
    very smooth, but he wanted me to be completely smooth below the neck.
    At first I was a little reluctant but he said that it was the least
    I could do since he was going to take the time to teach me about
    sex. I agreed and he proceeded to shave my body. When completed he
    led me back to the mirror and I was surprised by the difference.
    the smoothness also felt great and when Joel told me that he wanted
    to keep me shaved I happily agreed.
    Joel then led me onto his bed and instructed me to explore
    his body with my hands so I could get comfortable touching another
    man. While doing this Joel would emphasize certain areas that he
    particularly enjoyed. As I was playing with his tits, Joel grabbed
    me and pulled my face to his. He gave me a few light kisses to make
    me feel comfortable. When I started to respond to his kisses he began
    to french kiss me. He was a great kisser. Feeling his tongue in men
    made me feel light headed and kind of lost in the moment. What seemed
    like a long time passed before we separated. Joel looked at me and
    gave me a smile and a wink and said, This is only the begining.
    Joel then turned the Tv on and started playing a tape in
    his vcr. It was a straight porno tape. We watched it for a few minutes
    and it didn’t turn either of us on. I said it was boring. Joel said
    that gay sex was definitely more exciting. Then he put in a gay tape.
    It was the W. Higgins film, “Best Little Warehouse in LA”. (Bet you
    haven’t heard that name in a while). Just seeing guys in action for
    the first time kissing, sucking, fucking, rimming, j/o left a lasting
    impression. Watching the movie got us both hard so Joel suggested
    that we j/o. He told me to go first so he could watch. It only took
    a few minutes for me to shoot a big load. It felt great. But by the
    look on Joels face I could tell that I did something wrong. He proceeded
    to play with himself, stroking and touching his body. Occassionally
    he would stop and then start again. He played with himself for a
    good twenty minutes. When he finally came, it was a huge load. Jor\el
    then proceeded to explain the importance of letting the orgasm build
    before you release it and that before he taught me anything else
    I would have to learn how to properly masturbate myself and then
    learn to masturbate him. Until I met his requirements we would not
    move on. Having said that, Joel said that my lesson for the evening
    was complete and that my next lesson would take place in three days.
    I was told to practice the things I learned tonight short of coming.
    From now on I could only come in his presence. Stay tuned!!

  3. Ript1&0

    Is it wrong that this is turning me the fuck on?

    I may just have to slather myself in bacon. Make that GAY bacon.

  4. KEVIN

    Mmmm…..These pics are actually good, what happened to her Cellulite? she looks even sexy !!!
    What’s the trick airbrushing or a miracle anti-Cellulite cream?????

  5. Ok, stop it Superficial.com guy! Just stop right now! If I have to turn this car around I will!!!

  6. bill brown

    id hit it at the drop of a hat.

  7. BigBeauty

    I remember I saw her ads and sexy photos @@@ wealthy&beauty dating club
    PlusMeet….c o m , Is she stil single now? so curious!

  8. As Sam Kenison so adequately said, “AAAAGGGGGHHHHH”. I don’t generally use famous quotes, but this really seem to fit.

  9. Me One

    I think she farting at the camara

  10. My three year old pulls that pose when he wants me to wipe his arse. It’s cute on him.

  11. Fag Hags make me sick

    Ript you are disgusting

  12. riley

    62. Amber Dextrose

    then i’d fuck your 3 year old.

  13. Dan

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  14. Andrew

    Looks like another sad case of Public Diaper fetishism

    Public Diaper fetishism : is known as a strong desire by an old fart to wear and show off used diapers in front of the camera..

    Many diaper lovers choose to wear in both public and private, using their diapers as intended and never visiting the toilet.

    Bon Apetit!

  15. Marky

    Who gave grandma a boob job and let her wander around in her adult diaper? I can’t write any more since the temporary bindness hawnf dnhreio fkop inn sutff…@

  16. Tru

    this is much better than the new pics of Gisele in assless denim shorts, so ty

  17. ass clown

    it’s hilarious that a gossip site has the nerve to censor posts.

  18. hilarious #67

    HAHA the vain beetch obviously saw the other pics of herself. That’s right skank cover up the dimple thighs and pancake ass.

    AGAIN, The reason people insult this woman is because she’s a classless attention whore and not even the hottest woman on earth can pull off this kind of behaviour. Were she elegant and classy you’d be like “Wow she looks great”. Also the dumdass should have worked out instead of just starving, her body would have been tighter at this age.

    Poor pittiful youth obsessed ho. Growing old is so hard eh pea brain. Why don’t you go down to the local children’s hospital in your classiest getup (a thong and a tube top) and tell those terminally ill kids how lucky they are that they won’t have to grow old and deal with the horrors of aging. Wrinkles and sagging oh my, life is so hard aint it botox filled hollywood whores and wannabees. GET A FUCKING LIFE and age naturally ya classles retards. There are better things to spend your money on. I hope that botox and all that shit has some horrible side effects that show up in 20 years and all of Hollywood and those who immitate them look as hideous on the outside as they are on the inside.

    Janice you’re already there.
    Folks, Someday your wrinkles will have wrinkles, so accept it and wear age appopriate clothes and oh I don’t know maybe do something with your life instead of pining for your pathetic youth.

  19. RandalEatsPoo

    It is over….
    It has been over for quite some time….
    Get some long pants and a gradma hat with flowers…
    That is all….

  20. stink

    #67 LOL, LOL ,LOL, LOL. That was fucking awesome.

  21. Mal Gusto

    Thanks Superfish. Four posts this morning that make my penis weep. I might as well do some actual work today since you have ruined my interest in surfing.

  22. farcry

    She still looks amazing! I’d tap that any day of the week!

  23. ch474

    I’d venture that she’s made a lot of money with that position over the years. She looks like she was born to use that position on a regular basis.

  24. justtheobvious

    Holy Crap! She makes me want to do a fat chick instead. That is repulsive… which I am not sure, the fat chick or her.. it’s really a toss up.

  25. I love cereal

    I don’t understand why she has positioned herself like that for the photos, she looks insane. I think it is weird to see her without clothes too because with big sunglasses, at a glance her face looks a lot younger than her body??? did she have a head transplant?

  26. She is super sexy and large sexy.She has my whole-hearted support.I saw her always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.I am wondering what kind of relation she want in this site?Dose she really has a new baby?

  27. cat

    she’s not 20 anymore, and she looks good. stop hating on the older ladies…we all get old sometime. p.s. at least chicks (usually) don’t go bald and get back hair, GUYS.

  28. j.l.

    what up chicken legs!!!

  29. j.l.

    what up chicken legs!!!

  30. j.l.

    what up chicken legs!!!

  31. b.j

    wud up chicken legs!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Geez, remind me never to fuck an old lady around you stuck-up bastards.

  33. Chrissy

    People stop hating, even though the woman is a bitch she still looks good for her age.

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