Janice Dickinson continues to assault my eyes

April 1st, 2008 // 84 Comments

JESUS! That ain’t right. Janice Dickinson really needs to knock this shit off. Yeah, when you’re old you should be able to do whatever the hell you want because, let’s face it, death is stealing your pills. (Or in Janice’s case, crying in a sandy Port-a-John.) But this is getting out of hand. Sure, she looks somewhat better than yesterday’s pics; I’ll attribute that to the lower resolution and the presence of shorts. Also these photos look to have been shot from a safe distance – like space. Why would NASA aim satellites at Janice Dickinson? Unless she really did see who shot JFK from her nursing home window. I bet it was Kevin Costner. Looking all shifty-eyed in that movie. I’m onto you!


  1. jim


  2. Sarah


  3. jojo


  4. Nexxy

    At least her legs look better here than the other pics. Can distance be a virtue?

  5. Randal

    For an older woman, I must say she’s taken good care of herself, much like that of Madonna from the previous two reports earlier today. She does have a nice smile and still holds beauty in her face. Nothing to complain about on my end.


  6. Randal, pack your shit, because your motherfucking fired..

  7. antoine

    I’d knock the dust off that pussy!

  8. Die RANDAL. You are fucking retarded.. If you think Janice looks good, your eye balls must be inside out..

  9. Ted from LA

    Main Photo: Why is she wearing sunglasses on her ass?

  10. @6 I like your link FRIST. You must be in a good mood today..

  11. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Dude, WTF!!! You need to warn us first before posting that. I’m sending you a bill for a) my eye surgery since my retinas just exploded in an attempt to save my life and b) a new computer monitor since some guy ran into my office and smashed it yelling “demon be gone the power of Christ compels you!”

    Fuck, my eyes hurt. I’m going to smash my testicles with a hammer to take my mind off of the pain.

  12. Veroonica

    I hate to say this, but I actually “kind of” agree with Randal (gasp!) Isn’t she like 54? She looks pretty good for that age. Granted, she’s been sucked and plucked and stretched within an inch of her life, but that shit only goes so far. Let’s compare her with the “normal” American girl. Does she look good for forty? Hell no! For early fifties? As much as it pains me to say this: “Yes.”

  13. Groucho

    She looks good for someone her brains.

  14. mrs.t

    She looks like she thinks she looks good.

  15. @12 Veroonica She was born in 1955. That maker her 53 and yes she does not look bad for a 53 years old, with a ton of plastic surgery and a boob job. Do you want to see your grand mother in a bikini?

    Some things are better left covered up..

  16. Veroonica

    Yeah. I geuss you’re right. She’s a little (O.K., a lot) over for a two piece.

  17. Auntie Kryst

    Honestly she looks pretty good for herself. I’d still like to see how fast she straightened up after bending like that. I kind of picture a Jack Haley “Oil can oil can!!” moment there.

  18. I am a little over-amped today. I cut down on my drinking.

    #11 that made me snicker :)

  19. Stephanie

    ….is that a HAPPY TRAIL..
    gross. just gross.

  20. beano

    she’s laffing at us…..all the way to the beach.
    she don’t even care.

    Fact is I’d still do her.

  21. Wow, her dad made her get into that position too?

  22. Denise

    I have no idea who this lady is but I bet she loves all the attention she is getting.

  23. DJ

    My dad use to make me assume the same position before he would whip the hell out of me.

  24. Hey Frist, you should sue her for copyright violation – that’s your patented first-date greeting (except there’s no sweat trail on the backseam of the shorts).

  25. Sara

    What the fuck is wrong with this woman?


    What’s the difference between a ton of coal and a thousand Jews?

    Jews burn longer.

  27. UCrawford

    This will be Heidi Montag in another 30 years.

  28. lol

    LOLL that’s funny

  29. Erik

    WTF has happened to this site? Seriously. Where is all the good content you used to put on here? Janice Dickinson? Madonna? That is not what this site is (or used to be) about. More young (sometimes naked) starlets please. Hell, I’d LOVE repeats of Kim Kardashian over nasty shots of Amy Winehouse. If you’re put in the situation of putting up Janice Dickinson or nothing, how about repeats of glorious posts of old? Fuck this nasty shit. This site is starting to smell like your grandma.

    And why is NASTY J.D. #1 on the “So Fucking Hot” meter, over a semi-known nip-slip?

  30. #24 hey mike? Why are you using my url? You trolling me again??

  31. Trover

    WHoever the pap is talking Janice, they have the worst job ever. Of course, I am sure it is JD herself paying the slagger off to help promote her show. It is the new American Way. Paps are cheaper to pay for publicity than network ad time.

  32. doesn't_matter

    I’m really not interested in defending this vapid chick, but no amount of plastic surgery will make you that limber. And I honestly doubt that most of us will be able to bend like that at 53+ years old. Respect…

  33. you are so annoying, like any of you (writer and comment boys) could never hope to score someone as fit as janice. lay off on the old jokes. wtf you’re pathetic and i’m sure you’ll have died of a heart attack by the time you’re her age. freak!!!

  34. 3rd planet

    Her face doesn’t look too bad….but those LEGS!!!! Her face may be 53, but those legs r @ least 80!! As far as how she’s bending over, hell I’m 65 & 200+# & I CAN do it!! How many of u skinny-minnys’ can do it????

  35. SK

    Come check out my new blog full of advice for twentysomethings…. :)

  36. SK

    Come check out my new blog full of advice for twentysomethings…. :)


  37. Ript1&0

    Is it just me, or has Randal made the most original and awesome comments of anyone here ever?

    This guy is insightful. I look forward to more observations per Randal.

  38. Taylor

    Ugly hag

  39. up my butt

    Is she trying to shoot potatos outta that thing?

  40. Joe C

    Honestly, she looks damn good for 53, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to see that shit. Keep it under cover grandma.

  41. Bambella

    Here is a clue, stop taking pictures of it…

  42. Brooke

    OH HELL NO!!!!!! Go inside you stupid bytch!

  43. Randal –

    You’re still a bleeding cockhole.

  44. …and #34.

    Put some teeth in that hole. Seriously, why would I want to score with your grandma when I can join the counless legions of men who have experienced you (and lived to gnaw off their own penis in disgust.)

  45. What sick fsck is constantly taking pictures of this shriveled up old raisin?!?!?! Now my damned eyes hurt!

  46. LAid by Ted

    She looks great for her age. The guys here are all pissed off because when mom brought them dinner they looked at her and got a hardon. They had no choice but to finish it off, but they really HATE that particular fantasy, and normally use it only when the 13-year-old across the street remembers to close her curtains.

  47. sck

    if you look at her abdomen you can see a vertical scar below her belly button. that is one of the scars from a tummy tuck. (its where the belly button used to be.)

  48. cofused but not really

    Ever wonder what an older womans pussy smells like………………………………………….DEPENDS…………………………I would love to get my Juicy man Rod Inside that old Whore, who is she and whats her social security number.

  49. obliginganonymous

    why is this shrivelled, mishapen hag number one on the so freaking hot panel while sophie monk’s gorgeous legs are neglected on page two?

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