Janice Dickinson as GODZILLA

January 14th, 2008 // 113 Comments

Janice Dickinson spent the weekend in Miami relaxing with her boyfriend who I’m guessing is Santa Claus without a beard. I dunno. What I unfortunately do know is that these two have some sort of intercourse. I imagine it’s like a polar bear laying on a bunch of Play-doh and chicken wire. But way, way less erotic. In fact, I’m kind of wondering why I don’t have any pants on. And so are my co-workers. Why is Fred in HR pointing at me with a knife in his teeth?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Jennifer

    WTF is wrong with her ear????? It’s horizontal!

  2. PunkA

    30 years ago she was the hottest thing going, banging whoever she wanted. Now, she lets Barney Rubble in a British driving hat tag her. How she has fallen.

    But, for 50, she looks pretty smoking. Too bad she is a psycho bitch from hell.

  3. lisa

    haha oh dear

  4. wtf?

    #2: Please tell me you are kidding. This thing doesn’t even resemble a human being. As poster #1 pointed out, she’s had so many facelifts, her ear is fucking sideways!!

  5. D. Richards (Slut.)

    My god! Janice is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s as if she’s trying to beat the world at vomit or something. And she is, winning.

    If you look closely, you can kind of see the person that’s trapped inside Dickinson’s corpse. Her old self. The pretty face; she’s always been a cunt.

  6. i think that fat, dorky, pathetic loser of a guy could do WAYYYY better!!

  7. Ewwww!!!!! I’m never getting old!!! I’d rather die. Look at what happens to the skin. She’s gotta be older than fifty, more like 65? Cause she looks GREAT if she’s 65..

  8. granada

    She is starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  9. blahblahblah

    for her age she looks pretty good… sure she’s had surgery … i guess that comes with the territory

  10. El-Coyote

    That pic is where bad dreams come from…

  11. Ididit

    Many years ago (when I was young and good looking), I did it. She was pretty hot back then but like all hot chicks, merely average in bed. Guys, do yourself a favor a find an average looking girl — they know how to fuck.

  12. Clem

    Steven Tyler in a bikini !!!!!!!

  13. BeepSneep

    #4. Last I checked, most people don’t have sex with other people’s ears. That little tidbit will help you get to the real meaning of #2′s comment. If you wrote something about a shriveled up blow-up doll and a New Jersey hot dog salesman that’d be another story entirely.

  14. p0nk

    Jaws IV?

  15. cap'n pickles

    you have to admit, she isn’t that. Those scars around the screwed up ear are gross, but what were the bitches options. I’m against plastic surgery myself, but in Janices’s case, why not. Not like she has any other career options. I highly doubt the bitch can split an atom.

  16. p0nk

    just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

  17. Snarf

    That guy could do so much better!

  18. Racer X

    She’s always calling people fat who are skinny in my terms and it always pisses me off.

    /she should go starve herself to death

  19. wtf?

    #13 Last I checked, most people’s ears are vertical, which means she doesn’t resemble a person, which means she’s had too much plastic surgery, which might help you get the meaning of my post, genious. It was really self explanatory though.

  20. justtheobvious

    Is this the first line of bikini shots on this web site that DIDN’T have a butt shot? What’s this site coming too? What are these paparazzi using in their cameras for memory cards, 16megs? only holds 8 pictures? wtf? I need butt shots!

  21. Ted from LA

    I wonder if she shaves her nuts.

  22. Reno

    Now they will never get the stink out of the fish!

  23. @21 I think she braids the hair and hangs beads off of them.

  24. She’d be pretty if she weren’t so fuckin ugly..

  25. El-Coyote

    14 – How could you tell? Her JAWS have not even emerged from the water in that picture… Once you see that, you need a bigger boat….

  26. Are you sure? I think she really fucking ugly..

  27. fish please stop with her

    i don’t like discussing janice dickinson, let alone look at her. Just stop.

  28. steve

    LMAO #1, #21, #22

  29. Lilaaa

    I, unlike all of you, adore Janice. Not because of her looks (obviously), but because of her kick-ass personality. Although, Janice does have her pretty moments. ^.^

  30. Her ear is falling off from plastic surgery. That’s what happens.

  31. CJ

    Body by any number of surgeons….personality by Beelzebub…and she got the better end of the deal. The only thing missing in all the pics is her lithium drip…needs to go everywhere with her.

  32. Cate

    My mom knew her in high school, and said she was a total bitch, even then. But apparently she had a real fucked up home life, and everyone at school knew about it… kinda sad.

  33. #29, Janice has a kick-ass personality? More like a personality that makes you want to kick her ass. Shes the nastiest person on reality TV. Shes WAY out lived her place on the tube. And as for her pretty moments? They ended 30 years ago.

  34. A. Sanderson

    Shes so fat! OMG! LOOK AT HER! FATTY!


  35. woodhorse

    So who’s set to play Mothra? Britney? By God, I believe she could do it. This would give her those acting chops. Go ahead, Britney, your public supports you (well, you support the paps at any rate) – HURL FIRE AT DICKENSON.

  36. Jake Shaw

    Heck, I’d stick my willy in her. Do her doggie style. Sometimes screwing an old broad is a great way to get my kicks.

  37. 1MILF Hunter

    Jesus Harold Christ! She is brutal!! I though Sly pumped her full of ‘riods as she claimed last week. Looks like they wore off and she’s left with Uncle Fester.

  38. mir

    jennifer love hewitt isn’t fat. tyra banks isn’t fat. janice dickinson’s man friend IS fat.

  39. Wow, she looks much better without make up.

  40. Ally

    She looks pretty good for her age, even if she had surgeries done… lots od people wish to look like her at her age! Good for you Janice.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    She wouldn’t look so bad were it not for her hideous fishlips.

  42. Chov

    What are you people seeing? She looks GREAT!

  43. auzzie

    I am the only one who see’s a squirrel swimming up behind her, thinking he’s gonna get some nuts in pic #5? WTF? Squirrel’s swim in the water off Miami Beach???
    I never knew….

  44. Victoria

    She’s a geriatrics’s wet dream…which normally consists of 2 bottles of Ensure and some table tennis afterward.

  45. b

    seriously people, who is that guy? It looks like Tom Leykis to me…

  46. whendeathsleepsitdreamsofu

    Dude she has some really nice armpits, they look really soft and smooth…yeah

  47. You should see how she looked like when she was a young model before you say ‘shes fucking ugly’.


  48. justifiable

    Where the bloody hell are the two-piece police when you need them?

    She wouldn’t look nearly so saggy if she didn’t have such terrible posture. Well, yeah, OK, she probably would, but why give gravity that little extra boost?

  49. Who Cares

    She has to be the most ugly skanky sleazy looking cheap ass street walking fucking whore the world has ever seen.

  50. Splooge

    47 thanks for the link. I looked at the pictures of her when she was a young model. Now what do I say?
    She’s fucking ugly.

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