Porn Star James Deen Apparently Has No Problem Making Out With Janice Dickinson In Public

September 4th, 2012 // 34 Comments
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So remember when James Deen immediately denied having sex with Lindsay Lohan even though he’s a porn star with a reputation for doing violent choking videos? Here he is sucking face with 90-year-old Janice Dickinson right in front of the paparazzi without a care in the world. Which means at some point in his life, James Deen has had the following conversations:

“After these come out, you’ll have a stigma as a guy who chokes women.”
“No prob.”

“Make out with me in front of Marmont so everyone knows you’re a prostitute.”

“We want people to think you had sex with Lindsay Lohan.”
“What?! Fuck no!”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. On one hand, I’m disgusted that he would kiss a woman old enough to be his great grandmother.
    On the other hand, it is a definite step up from Lohan.

  2. Gin&Tonic

    I know the current economy’s in a tough place right now, but it just breaks my heart to see a senior citizen no longer able to afford her 31st facelift at a doctors office and instead have to get it from the jonas brothers dads nose.
    ps. there’s gotta be some facial jokes to be made, but I’m typing this at work so I’ll let the other professionals here take care of that

  3. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Is she so drunk that she doesn’t realize he’s basically pushing her nose right off of her face?

  4. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    What a pig.

  5. fuckityfuck

    “well Janice, if you didn’t have herpes before…you do now”
    – James explaining to Janice that Lindsay actually gives back to the community for eveything shes stolen.

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    This must be a part of some judge appointed community service.

  7. El Jefe

    Considering he has probably had to blow and bang and get banged by dudes, this is probably not so bad for him.

  8. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve seen Deen stick his dick in some horrifying places, but even he has his limits.

  9. DeucePickle

    When you get the chance to make out with the lead singer of Aerosmith, you do it. It doesn’t matter how many cameras are around.

  10. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    Someone here should be worried about contracting disease.

    I’m just not sure who.

  11. He’s a porn star, he’ll kiss anyone … and James Deen is a porn star too …

  12. That is no tongue kiss! Succubus, “a demon form hell sent to suck the life out of men” -South Park So True

  13. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    Is this how Janice knows that it’s time for a new face – when the old one starts to come off?

  14. If you listen closely, you can hear the last bits of his soul dying. I’m kidding of course. That happened years ago.

  15. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I simply do not believe that this happened spontaneously. One of these 2 players paid the other for this on camera tonsil tickle fest.
    That Marmont place needs to be burnt right down to the ground.

    • Amen to the fiery solution. One small consideration – warn the staff first and bolt the doors once they’re out safe.

      • Bad idea – if the undead have their own hang, you’ll know enough to avoid it. And since Lindsay loves mimicking events from the lives of famous stars, if it stays open she’ll be OD’ing from a speedball in one of the bungalows.

    • Doesn’t matter. It’s like the house in “Poltergeist”. Anything you build there will just be reinfested with the restless spirits of horny, strung-out celebrities.

  16. anonym

    no surprise. He’s a horndog, and he’s fucked uglier women in porn.
    I’m talking about women with worse plastic surgery botch jobs than janice.

  17. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Pull the mask off the rest of the way. It is really Fred Savage under there, I just know it…

    • Fred Savage

      And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids and that damned dog of yours!

  18. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    It looks like she just died. Weekend at Bernie’s 3?

  19. I wish I was James Deen. He’s fucked some beautiful women. Frequent visitor to his sites right here. If I had fucked all the hot chicks he’s fucked, I would have no problem making out with this monstrosity on camera.

    • El Jefe

      Let me point out to you that all the hot chicks he fucked, fucked him for money, nothing else. If you pay them cash, they will fuck you too. They are porno chicks/strippers/escorts/prostitutes.

      • This may sound very shitty of me, but what’s the difference in him getting paid to fuck a woman who was also paid to fuck him, and you having to spend the money to wine and dine any random girl to get into her pants? None. Money is exchanged either way. Either way you’re paying for it somehow. Sex is sex, whether you pay for it or not.

      • I think it’s that one is indicative of a rather shallow and empty dating experience, which we’ve all endured, while the other is the everyday reality of a man whose entire life revolves around HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY.

        It’s subtle, but it’s there.

      • I’ll take option #2.

      • But will Option #2 take you?

    • But why would having sex with beautiful women make one willing to make out with an unwrapped mummy?

  20. That Bastard Tony

    You have to envy him a little. The man has done things to some of the hottest women in porn most of us never will do to an ordinary woman (without a lengthy prison sentence anyway). Too bad the price you have to pay for two hours of bareback action with Sasha Grey is a lifetime of herpes.

  21. kimmykimkim

    Sticking your dick in countless fatherless whores will obviously make you blind.

  22. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    This is making out? I’ve been doing it wrong.

  23. Copen Hagen

    ” Give MAMA another kiss , a really deep passionate kiss , and Mama has more Franklins stuck in her bosom “

  24. Rachael

    You seem to think that women don’t like to be choked during sex… Odd

  25. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    James Deen…seen here trying to smell WTF is wrong with Janice Dickinson’s face.

  26. Josie

    I wonder if he caught an STD from kissing her?

  27. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    Janice, Janice, Janice… Remember what the doctor said about modeling clay and hot lights?

  28. I need to stop eating my lunch at my desk.

  29. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
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    If you can laugh in the face of death, I want you in my foxhole.

    That sounds dirty.

  30. pikki nikki polka pants

    She has NO cartilage left in her nose! :o

  31. Annie

    This guy is a great performer. Maybe because he gives it all and has no limits. that sounds good until you realize… He has no limits and makes out with Janice Dickinson D:

    Also… I don’t what it is about him, maybe that he looks like Ted Bundy, but he gives me the creeps. Like serial killer creeps. Like if the police raided his house and found a gallery in his basement full of porn starlets heads, their bodies separately posing together as if having sex with each other I would NOT be surprised.

  32. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to make a motivational poster out of this that says: EQUANIMITY.

  33. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    so THAT’S what they’re using Silly Puddy for these days.

  34. Annie

    I liked that this post was like open mic night and everyone said something hilarious, and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer on such a rare funny post BUT I feel obligated to tell you that if you ever feel bad for a celebrity and hold back mean comments and be understanding, do it for Janice Dickinson. Her father was a pedophile and used her as his sex toy since she was very little. He raped her repeatedly, for years, beat her up, tied her up and locked her for hours in the trunk of his car. Now look at her and think who could’ve had a successful modelling career with a background like that. In her position I would be locked up in an institution. And on that VH1 reality show she did Omarosa mocked that. She broke down.

    Actually, it creeps me out that she loves James Deen now. He’s known for tying girls up, slapping them, choking them. His BDSM is pretty hardcore and he can be very mean. I refuse to watch any of that stuff, I like his more vanilla stuff but I did try to watch one video once and it was super rapey. Creepy/sad that he loves him.

  35. Burt

    ““We want people to think you had sex with Lindsay Lohan.”
    “What?! Fuck no!””

    Herpes, or simply the implication that he might have it, could end his career.

  36. Janice Dickinson Pornstar James Deen Making Out
    Commented on this photo:

    That is beyond gross…..

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