Janet Jackson hospitalized – and I know why!

Janet Jackson was rushed to the hospital last night when she “got suddenly ill” before her concert in Montreal, according to the AP. No information was given on her condition, but Janet’s already rescheduling the show so it can’t be too serious. Of course, I already knew that having read this item from Page Six which will drop a hint right in your lap:

The other night, Dupri and his squeeze, Janet Jackson, went to Tenjune, where, spies say, they shared bottles of Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne and Patrón tequila with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Ice-T – until Dupri “vomited in Janet’s lap. Ms. Jackson bolted out of the scene and sped off in her chauffeured Maybach.” A rep for Jackson and Dupri didn’t return calls.

I’m pretty sure getting puked on my Jermaine Dupri isn’t exactly good for your health, but I’ve been wrong before. Like that time I thought I thought Brooke Hogan was a girl. Ha! I was way off.

Thanks to James who can not only hold his liquor but several assorted meats and cheeses as well. True story.

Photo: WENN