Jane Fonda says the C-word on Today Show

February 14th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Jane Fonda said “cunt” this morning on The Today Show. The show was celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues. Jane cracked a joke by saying she’d never seen the show because she was in Georgia performing in “Cunt.” This video is uncensored and forgoes subtlety to make sure you catch the bomb Jane Fonda drops on network television. It would be the most hilariously awesome video I’ve seen today if our sister site I Watch Stuff didn’t just post the new Indiana Jones teaser. I’m now running around the office whipping my belt at everything in sight. Unfortunately, it was also holding up my pants, so a big apology to my co-workers who had to see my exposed “Temple of Doom.” Trust me, it looks bigger in the dark. Also squinting helps.


  1. You can say Vagina but not Cunt

    Who gives a fuck

  2. TS

    #50 buy a calendar.

  3. Snides

    I am having difficulty determining who the Cunt really is. Jane or Meredith.

  4. Snides

    I am having difficulty determining who the Cunt really is. Jane or Meredith.

  5. sara

    considering that one of the major themes of the VM’s was to “take back the word cunt,” this hardly seems 1) vulgar or 2) newsworthy.

    dont interview someone about something called the VAGINA MONOLOGUES and then get upset when she says cunt.

  6. Matt Lauer

    The only real cunt to appear on the Today Show was Tom Cruise.

  7. Caligula

    “#50 buy a calendar.”

    And some tinfoil for your crazy cat-food eating ex-POW daddy’s head.

  8. Rutty

    The whole point of the play “cunt” is to take back the word and no longer make it offensive…

    When performed the whole place will be yelling “cunt”

    Jane shouldn’t apologize…. or she should not do the monologues.

    Fucking American cunts and your censorship BS.

  9. Meredith Vieira

    @58 – YOU ARE A FUCKING CUNT. Now where did my martini go?

  10. BunnyButt

    58, they’ll be yelling “cunt” because this play is a piece of crap.

  11. janefondaisacunt

    It has probably already been said but that stupid bitch is a cunt. I hope she dies.
    I know, not a lot of originality but I’m tired so stop being a cunt and move on……cunt.

  12. Eric

    Big deal. I swear the FCC is so anal these days.

  13. spinal


  14. This is stupid

    I don’t get it..she was referencing the play, it wasn’t like she was calling someone a “cunt” or using it in a derogatory sense. She wasn;’t even talking about it in a loaded way either, I don’t get why everyone is freaking out about this. Also, how does this have ANYTHING to do with the vietnam war: her “slip” here has nothing to do with her actions at that time.

  15. Ashley

    HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Keep up the MUCH better writing! I thought I was gonna have to switch to Perez indefinitely!

  16. Jockey

    Fuck your mother’s ass #43. The crap coming from your head is worse than shit from your ass. You fucking old hippie cunt sonsabitches die off already

  17. Jimbo

    I don’t know when it happened, but it’s painfully obvious that the new blogger in chief here is not 1/10th as funny as the old blogger in chief.

    This site’s current blogger does a REALLY bad and weak impression of the original.

    As for the “Gi Jane” comments. Fucking right-wing retards, they should all die!

    Cunts all.

  18. JenBen

    LMFAO!!!!! You’re writing just cracks me up – so tastefully put and yet sharp tounged! YOW! These celebutards don’t have a chance up against you!

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