Jane Fonda says the C-word on Today Show

February 14th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Jane Fonda said “cunt” this morning on The Today Show. The show was celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues. Jane cracked a joke by saying she’d never seen the show because she was in Georgia performing in “Cunt.” This video is uncensored and forgoes subtlety to make sure you catch the bomb Jane Fonda drops on network television. It would be the most hilariously awesome video I’ve seen today if our sister site I Watch Stuff didn’t just post the new Indiana Jones teaser. I’m now running around the office whipping my belt at everything in sight. Unfortunately, it was also holding up my pants, so a big apology to my co-workers who had to see my exposed “Temple of Doom.” Trust me, it looks bigger in the dark. Also squinting helps.


  1. carolina


  2. willy

    GI Jane is a useless cunt. If this video were of her being beaten to death with a tree branch, i might have actually watched it.

  3. TS

    She totally screwed it up. The monologue she’s performing is actually called “FIRST! cunts”. Get it right, commie.

  4. Jumpin_J

    She meant to say she’s performing in a Country Urban New Theatre. You know, CUNT. Right?

    And Willy, you probably beat up every German for WWII. Get over it.

  5. The Office Whore

    Indiana Jones? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I feel funny..

  6. Auntie Kryst

    Fuck yeah Barbarella! That’s how to curse. I’m now again Fond a Hanoi Jane.

  7. Zim

    If Hillary gets elected president, we’ll be hearing people on TV news shows saying “cunt” every night.

  8. Handbook of PC Rules

    If you ARE one, you’re allowed to say “cunt.”

    It follows the same rule as “n i g g e r.”

  9. havoc


    I thought Hanoi Jane was a born-again Christian.

    That’s golden…..


  10. Me

    She’s a pig.. .she should have an anti-aircraft gun shoved right up her ****. I mean honestly…wtf?

  11. pointandlaugh

    I bet she’s a screamer……..giddy up Janie……..rawr……..

  12. haot

    I saw her wife’s profile with hot & sexy photos on millionairefriends.com, a dating site for celebrities and wealthy singles to mingle. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  13. Onfindan

    What’s she doing in America? We’re at war, aren’t we? Shouldn’t she be over in a terrorist training camp taking pictures with Osama?

  14. DB

    American telivesion is so gay.

  15. KC

    You are what you say.

  16. Samantha

    Wow, you guys need to read more. She went waaaaay over to the dark side, a long time ago, when she married Ted Turner, and in the process made it clear that she never really believed in anything. Except getting attention, promoting herself, and rebelling against her dad.

  17. General Electric Executive

    Yes Mr. Immelt I can hear you lound and clear. Please no need to yell. I too heard that cunt say cunt on national TV. What’s that sir? Yes this is FUBAR. I’ll immediately authorize huge donation to the GOP on behalf of NBC to make sue the FCC doesn’t KOA.

  18. That is pretty funny becasue Jane Fonda is a cunt!

  19. Josh Booty

    That stupid old hag is a classless cunt

  20. Gerald_Tarrant

    A cunt saying the word “cunt” to another cunt.

    That segment was overflowing with cunty goodness.

  21. Rat

    You are all wonderful!

  22. lindsay

    WHO GIVES A SHIT! it wasn’t a big deal in context….jesus christ i can’t stand this bull shit purist attitude the media takes on these things…
    is the world that desperate for news?


  23. whoa

    23, i agree. who cares. this is why the rest of the world thinks we’re retarded. b/c we act like saying “bad” words NEVER HAPPENS HERE…

  24. TS

    #4, again, totally unoriginal.

    I thought I told you to go fuck your mother? Nothing worse than a troll who doesn’t listen.

  25. I can hear Katie Couric now: “Today, the Cuntgate scandal resonated throughout Hollywood” …

  26. Malffy Hernandes

    Here’s a secret to making your love last:Don’t say cunt…cunt.

  27. FCS

    She’s always talking about herself

  28. Ted from LA

    I like Jane. What did she ever do wrong? Speak out again the Vietnam war? Wasn’t she right about that? Anyone who says anything bad about her from this post forward is a cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.

  29. I agree with 23 & 24. I mean, fucking hell, she’s promoting The Vagina Monologues. I can’t imagine that a mention of cunts would be verboten.

  30. whatever

    @15 – DB, does that stand for “Douche Bag”? I can’t imagine that wherever you’re from, TV (or “telivesion”, as you call it) is that much more intellectually stimulating.

    Also, I wish everyone would get over being so offended by the word CUNT.


    If you say it enough times it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Get over it.

  31. Gerald_Tarrant

    @31-Thanks, now I am hungry.

  32. sharpeidude

    Hanoi Jane said “cunt” so what? Get over it you bunch of panochas!

  33. @31 – Now I’m hearing that chanted to some sort of Souza March theme. My boyfriend thinks I’m insane, btw.

  34. jEnsmo

    She should be forced to forever resign from her profession and apologize and live the rest of her existence as a hermit. Oh wait, that’s just what is done to right-wingers. People on the left are the ones that are the victims. Nevermind.

  35. D. Richards

    Fuck Jane Fonda.

  36. Now THAT is awesome. Jane Fonda is my new hero

  37. Oh wait…I wonder if her manager is going to announce that she is going to profanity rehab…Isn’t that how celebs do it?

  38. cholo mcspread'em


  39. ENlightened

    Interesting stuff folks: read up: http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp

    That’s why people hate her, still.

  40. Oprah


  41. Meat

    I wanna see Merideth & Jane lick each other’s cunt on the today show and then watch the FCC masturbate to it in disbelief.

  42. Caligula

    Yes, the Vietnam War was a complete fuck-up, so the children of hicks posting here can shut their slack jaws and stop defending the conservative cocksuckers they call “dad”. It was a losing battle and not our place just like the current shitshow in Iraq, so go back to burning ants with a magnifying glass, sons of baby killers.

  43. Greg

    It seems like this is being pushed under the rug cause if it were others saying that, it would be tonight’s headline news. The word isn’t the issue, it’s the double standards how it’s being handled. And people wonder why things doesn’t change.

  44. In Amherst, Massachusetts we have a HIGH SCHOOL that is performing The Vagina Monologues tomorrow night. And school officials do not plan to issue an apology after a teen-ager uses the C-word. Only in Amherst!

  45. Justine

    I watched it live and LOLd when she said it. Odd though, because it’s slang and only offensive when used as description of a woman.

    Would they have apologized if ia man had said, “I was in a play called ‘Dick’?”

  46. Dick Cheney

    The only cunt I know is George Bush. I’ve done all his work for him for 7 years, and I still can’t get the little monkey cunt to do a 10-minute press conference correctly. Ever notice how the TV news has sound bites for everybody else, but just shows Monkey Cunt yapping away in the background while the reporter or anchor describes what he was trying to say? Can’t say 5 words without mispronouncing one of them, yet he’s a smug little monkey cunt. The day we’re leaving office I swear I’m gonna pull out my stent and shank him.

  47. Mike

    That was great, and funny. So nice to see that not everyone is afraid of using the right words in the right context.

  48. Fox News Watcher

    I’m not surprised this commie liberal used vulgar language on live national TV. I’m quite sure it was her attempt to expose children to her immoral way of thinking and speaking. There should be strict rules for what women can and can’t say. And all this dressing like prostitutes has to stop. There should be some type of dress code requiring modesty – maybe a head-to-toe garment of some type, with no flashy colors. This is AMERICA after all!

  49. Grunion

    #43 wow thanks for the history lesson. Which one of your two dads gave you that “son’s of baby killers” comment ? Go back to sucking Noam Chomsky’s dick moron. In case you haven’t been told the NVA troops old Jane was hanging out with were pretty fucking bloodthirsty themselves, much like the assholes being fought in Iraq. Go look up the battle of Hue soemtime. As someone who has been to Vietnam recently I can tell you Jane’s buddies are still ptetty fucking brutal in thier methods. Fuck she even regrets doing what she did when she was young and niave, so why stick up for her unless your a ignorant fucking liberal?

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