Jane Seymour Looks Like This In A Bikini, Is 62

January 3rd, 2014 // 34 Comments

Yesterday, we posted pics of 51-year-old Demi Moore in a bikini except her stomach looked like the goddamn Sarlacc monster. So to make up for that, here’s Jane Seymour who’s 11 years older yet somehow looks way more fucking fantastic. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to imagine Dr. Quinn and Christie Brinkley having saucy encounters while hunting unicorn blood together which clearly happens in real life. Mmm, that’s right, let Voldemort watch. Aw, yeah, get up on that flying car. Ron Weasley’s dad isn’t here…

Photos: FlightRisk/AKM-GSI


  1. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    OMG that’s reverse aging. Can’t lie watched, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” simply because of her.

  2. Pound Sand

    The only difference between her and Demi Moore is that Jane Seymour wasn’t stupid enough to bend over while the cameras were trained on her.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    Despite the fact that she looks great for her age Photo Boy made me look at a 62 year old woman’s butt. THIS I will not forget or forgive.

  4. Jimmy

    Banging her must be like banging the inside of a used leather handbag found in a Goodwill bin.

  5. plastic surgery, hun

    • Rico Jones

      So what? I could point to a thousand fat pigs in this country that couldn’t be helped with a million dollars worth of plastic surgery. Fact is Jane Seymour kept the weight off and appears to have lived a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she still looks great.

  6. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    “Yep, totally gonna eat this baby! Stay young forever. You didn’t think all my “Open Heart” bullshit was really about jewelry, did you??”

  7. im bailing before the joan rivers in a bikini pics hit.

  8. crb

    Pretty awesome for 62.

    Now just think how much better she’d be if’n she hit the squat rack.

  9. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    62 and still so fuckable? I’d plow that field with no shame.

  10. Freebie

    Women of a certain age should wear one piece bathing suits. She looks okay but not hot.

  11. Clearly a vampire and the blood of that baby is going to keep her looking youthful for another 5 years.

  12. Had a major think for her during the Dr Quinn days. Not SO sure now, but she ain’t bad at all.

  13. Fabrice

    She’s pretty and even looks good without any makeup.

  14. mx3

    wow!!! gives me hope for the future im def stayin fit.

  15. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    Is that… HER baby? The slight protrusion of her stomach looks like a fit person who semi-recently had a baby. Is she that super-human that she had a kid at 61??

  16. Jenn

    All those open heart pendents are Horcruxes ..this bitch is never gonna die!

  17. Owen Wilson

    Kitty cat.

  18. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    Great! Now, I wanna bang a 62-year-old. Thanks a lot, Jane Seymour!

  19. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    She looks better than Miley Cyrus

  20. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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  21. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    Yup, angles…

  22. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    “YESSSS!!! Swimming! I finally have an excuse to take off that dumb-ass Open Heart pendant!”

  23. anonym

    I knew that cover photo of her on Closer magazine was photoshopped to shit

  24. Motorboat Captain

    She has found the fabled fountain of middle age.

  25. Jane Seymour Bikini Photos
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    Nothing better than a smoking hit red head that I would love to sink into

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