Jamie-Lynn Spears fights off a crazy person

October 8th, 2007 // 227 Comments

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie-Lynn went to get sushi in Beverly Glen yesterday, and as they were walking, a crazy woman approached them and started screaming, “Nobody wants you in this neighborhood! You’re making the neighborhood unsafe!” The paparazzi defended Britney by yelling at the woman, and then Jamie-Lynn stepped in and shouted in her face, “Then move the fuck out of the neighborhood!”

Normally I’d side with the crazy person that’s verbally assaulting the Spears family, but this woman actually puts her hands on Jamie-Lynn. That’s just uncalled for. Most people learn to use words by the time they’ve completed, what, elementary school? I’m guessing this woman wandered in from the forest. Somebody should’ve thrown a net over her and then trained her to function in society. You know, like one of those helper monkeys.


  1. freakwad

    FRIST, i think. jamie is cute.

  2. christopher steven

    i know all the posts on the site are all in fun and jest, but thanks for actually standing up for britney. honestly there is no way to defend that fucking crazy bitch who yelled at her. and who knew jamie lynn would turn out to be so fierce?

  3. Auntie Kryst

    Poor woman probably couldn’t find a parking space with all those asshole paps running around. I’d be pissed too and blame the reason they are there in the first place.

    PS, nice mouth on the younger hillbilly. So much for someone in the family with some class.

  4. Jenny

    I was sooo hoping jamie would cold cock the bitch. Oh well

  5. maddog glory

    I just want to be a the top of one of these comment threads. makes me feel important. I’m tired of being #76.

  6. amy

    Gotta give it to Jamie-Lynn for that one.

  7. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    I agree that the woman had no right to put her hands on the little girl or whatever, but what she’s saying is true. Britney Spears is an attention-whore who does need to get the fuck out! She’s just as psychotic as the woman yelling at her!

  8. Habitual Line Stepper

    That’s where you’re wrong #2. I didn’t actually watch the video, but I completely side with the crazy person. Next time, I hope the crazy person has a gun.


    dude. when the hell did jamie-lynn get so damn hot!?

  10. joeypants

    I would wreck Jamie-Lynn.

    On a side note… what a bunch of bitches the paparazzi are. They were those little bitches in high school who would bury their noses in the popular kids’ asscracks even though the popular kids shit on them. Have some self-respect you fucking clones…

  11. jayne

    Wow. Jamie-Lynn is kind of awesome! Who knew??

  12. maddog glory

    so I’m gonna do it again. wwheeeee!! Look at me! I made it to the top mom!!

  13. Dan

    I love Jamie Lynn Spears. Good on you, girl!!!

  14. freakwad

    that really surprised me that jamie lynn actually used the word, “fuck.” she’s a star on nickelodeon..

    ps.. i still think jamie lynn is cute. britney’s face looked HORRIBLE. zits. ugh.

  15. maddog glory

    one more before it gets to 20. yayyayayayayay!!!
    I’m drunk with excitement.

  16. Lexoka

    The paparazzi’s reaction is really strange. It almost seems like they like B. Spears.

  17. Yeah, well give her a couple of years

  18. brit sweats lard

    if only we could convince brit that her kids are as important as that same white versace handbag that SHE HAS IN EVERY PHOTO, then those kids might stand a chance of getting some of mommy’s love.

    the bitch needs to stop drinking that starbucks shit. it’s like 5000 calories a drink and she’s obviously still eating everything else her piglet heart desires. fat ass!!!

  19. freakwad

    @ 17

    that kind of makes me sad, because she’s a cutie and she seems like she may have her head on straight. i guess i’ll always see her as cute little zoey. hahah.


    What the hell is that circle wound on Brit’s right inside wrist?

  21. hegadeth

    Bono called. He wants his stupidly large glasses back.

  22. Sabalon

    I don’t care who you are. No one should be subject to that amount of crap just because you want to go from your car to a restaurant.

  23. sporking beats spooning every time

    just wait until jamie-lynn gets herself some no-good cock. she’ll be off the chain too. come on. any girl with a name like that is destined to do porn or live as a battered barefoot wife of a no-account felon.

  24. Puhlease

    She asks for it, and she deserves it!

  25. spam lips

    the constant paparazzi just confirm the obvious:

    flies still hover around pieces of shit every chance they get

  26. theShizaan

    Dayum…bitch is lucky she didn’t get a face full of hot Starbucks. In Pic #1, kinda looks like she was movin in for a little boobie-grab…a little jigga-jigga.

    Way to go Jamie-Lynn. Is she legal yet?

  27. veggi

    I would kidney kick those fucks.

    And I would move if I were britney. Not just do some pilates, but move. to guam.

  28. Habitual Line Stepper

    #20 I think a crazed red assed baboon jumped up and bit her wrist (and yes that is my answer to all celebrity injury questions, because I believe there is a celebrity stalking red assed baboon that goes around biting famous people). either that, or it’s a tattoo of red lips.

  29. Josh Lavarn

    Love how all those intrusive & disrespectful Papanazis get all pissed off at the woman, as if Brittney and her sister are their best friends worth defending.

    Friggin I pray that Shittney, her dork sister and all those photographers die of inoperatable brain tumors.

  30. mrs.t

    Wow, those Spears gals keep it classy. Jamie Lynn borrowed that line from her Ma-Maw. When Jamie Lynn was little, she would often complain to Ma-maw that all the male “friends” in the house scared her, to which Ma-maw ould reply “Well, then move the fuck OUT!” while she stroked her beard and smoked her corncob pipe.

  31. splish splash



  32. no1justminda

    I’m not one to feel sorry for celebs, but damn…the pap would be so annoying!!! Look at all of them! Get a real job.

  33. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    #25–Best thing I read here in awhile.

  34. adeliza

    Well, well, well, I guess the spiraling down of little ‘ole Jamie Lynn has just begun. Heh, heh.

  35. adeliza

    Oh, and I just noticed. Britney has on those god awful boots again. Ughh

  36. lux

    I can relate to that womans anger. I live in Malibu. There are plenty of famous people that live here because is is out of the city and they can keep a low profile. Ever since that bitch moved here, the paparazzi are always clogging up the shopping centers. They have no regard for anyone, and I don’t appriciate getting nearly hit so they can get their shot. She should move out of Malibu. No one likes her here!

  37. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Check out the size of that chocolate bar BRit-tit’s buying. She could feed a small nation with that. No wonder she has acne and a fat ass. And I fucking hate those alme-ass boots.

    Jamie-Lynn could have behaved like a lady, but apparently no one ever taught these girls anything about public decorum. Now she just looks as tacky as the woman who yelled at her. Not quite as tacky as her sister yet, but with that pink bra under a white tee, she’s working on it.

  38. Debagger

    #36, yeah man living on the beach what a tough life you have

  39. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    #36, I can’t even imagine. Not to mention it costs a small fortune to live there–I’m sure you’d like the ability to just get around and take care of your errands without all this hoo-haa all the time. You should be able to at least enjoy it! What a pain in the ass.

    Oh, and that was ‘lame-ass’ boots.

  40. laffo

    All I see are a bunch of fat illegals

  41. Sid

    I would have more respect for the crazy woman if she had placed her hands about 8 inches lower. And I would have more respect for Jamie-Lynn if she had said nothing, grabbed the hands, pulled the crazy lady toward her and head-butted her into unconsciousness. Then continued walking along as if nothing had happened.

  42. Mike

    Being a paparazzi must suck. What a loser job. Makes me think that maybe I should stop visiting sites like these, so the paparazzi would have to do something useful, like reading to small children or curing cancer.

  43. lux

    I never said I had it tough. I am just saying I don’t want trash in my neighborhood.

  44. it's not you it's me

    What a bunch of stupid assholes, the paps and the Spears’. Paps are the lowest form of life on earth, lower than worms, slugs, dung beetles, and maggots. They stand there taking pictures of the likes of Shitney, who by now has descended to the level of c-lister (no matter how much money she makes every month, when you get banned from hotels from smearing food on your face and you get a disproportionate amount of attention for flashing your cooter on camera instead of your music, you’re a c-lister) and then defend the stupid bitch when someone tells the truth about their cash cow. I’d imagine she does make the neighborhood unsafe, with all those fat fucks following (like my alliteration?) her everywhere, snapping her picture and causing a traffic hazard.
    I see Shitney’s hanger-on sister has to defend her in the only way she knows how, by acting like a gutter slut. I get the feeling the roots of their family tree go
    all the way down to the cesspool.

  45. James

    “Not quite as tacky as her sister yet, but with that pink bra under a white tee, she’s working on it” queefed InstantAsshat-AddFame. So, there are no heteros left on this site, huh? Jamie-Lynn looks like red hot jailbait here. Time to buy a pair of functioning testicles if you don’t think so.

  46. hegadeth

    @41 – Right on!

  47. DottieDot

    (1) I really like the little one. Way to defend your sister. I would have done the same thing.
    (2) Those camera freaks would drive me crazy – I would drop kick all of those cameras that were in my face.
    (3) Enough with the “hillbilly”, “redneck”, “Soutern” slurs – it is obvious that celebrities from all walks of life are freaks!

  48. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Who said I was a guy, dumbass? Sheesh.

    Jamie-Lynn dresses like any other attention-whore little high-schooler, and Brit-shit is wearing my grandmother’s bathroom curtains for a blouse. They both suck.

  49. James

    no wonder brit is crazy, just look at all them pap

  50. Lewis

    Jamie-Lynn just scored 1,000 points with me. I thought she was lame; I was completely wrong… that was bad ass… If I were wearing a hat, I would tip it to her.

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