Jamie-Lynn Spears fights off a crazy person

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie-Lynn went to get sushi in Beverly Glen yesterday, and as they were walking, a crazy woman approached them and started screaming, “Nobody wants you in this neighborhood! You’re making the neighborhood unsafe!” The paparazzi defended Britney by yelling at the woman, and then Jamie-Lynn stepped in and shouted in her face, “Then move the fuck out of the neighborhood!”

Normally I’d side with the crazy person that’s verbally assaulting the Spears family, but this woman actually puts her hands on Jamie-Lynn. That’s just uncalled for. Most people learn to use words by the time they’ve completed, what, elementary school? I’m guessing this woman wandered in from the forest. Somebody should’ve thrown a net over her and then trained her to function in society. You know, like one of those helper monkeys.