Jamie Spears will conservatate your ass off

November 24th, 2008 // 42 Comments

Jamie Spears has apparently had enough of Britney’s yapping and dished out “The Muzzle” this afternoon while plowing through a crowd at LAX. Am I the only one who stood up and clapped? Anyone?

BRITNEY: But, dad, if I say there’s a bomb in my hat they’ll move.
JAMIE: Jesus Christ! *THE MUZZLE*
BRITNEY: Hrmrmmnffmrn.
JAMIE: This is exactly why I don’t want you seeing that Adnan fellow.
BRITNEY: Buff he’fe Bwiffish!
JAMIE: Will someone get her a cookie.


  1. riz

    this is kind of sad, actually. she’s not an animal.

  2. Smart&Cute2Boot

    KOOFIE!! Hahahahaha!

  3. Smart&Cute2Boot

    KOOFIE!! Hahahahaha!

  4. The F'n Jem'Hadar

    He could make a killing off this. I know more than a few people who need to get The Muzzle. The prices he could charge could even be high, but fair.

  5. WHO

    Ha…. is that a joke??
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  6. Ron

    I got something to put in her mouth that will keep her quiet

  7. dk

    Holding his hand over her mouth is fine, as long as he remembers to pinch her nostrils shut too for a good couple minutes

  8. Bobo

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Adnans camel penis

  9. Bobo

    I love sucking Adnan’s penis.

  10. Nick

    What the hell does “conservatate” mean?

  11. ew

    I never noticed this before, but she has TERRIBLE skin. Thank god for airbrushing!

  12. veggi

    Look how she expertly grabs right below the bulging part of his hand, as it moves toward her mouth. Too bad there’s no video or we could have seen her pumping motion. Must be an automatic habit for her now, at least with her dad. Excellent training. Say what you will, be there’s no substitute for starting very, very young.

  13. Ted from LA

    This is one of the most degrading things I’ve ever seen one person do to another human being. Sticking his hand over her mouth? He could have just stuffed her mouth full of Cheetos and avoided this whole embarrassing incident.

  14. surah

    jesus christ, thats terrible

    if he controls her like this she’s only gonna get worse than she was

    poor girl

  15. Richard McBeef

    His hand is a foot away from her face. Dumfucks. Not that it would hurt anything if he was actually muzzling that bitch.

  16. humpin frog

    She’s perfect for the part in Taratino’s new movie “Pulp Fiction II, The Gimp”. Movie magic, my friends!

  17. Dozer

    Nick – “conservatate” is Goirge Bush’s term for protection our great national resources and saving money

  18. Ryan

    The first pic, the guy looks like Paul McCartney with cheap shades on – ok back to porn……..

  19. Dozer

    Dear god – i meant to type George. Me no tipe no gude.

    Also at least it’s not the Papa Simpson ball gag versus the muzzle

  20. malicious

    he doesn’t even have his hand on her mouth, big deal, he’s just keeping the paps from getting a clear shot. This man has turned her life around, fuck she is ungrateful

  21. Katherine

    I can’t wait till Britney Spears becomes the new face of ProActive.

  22. Lucifer

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  23. eferw

    Nice spelling Doizar =P

  24. eferw

    Nice spelling Doizar =P

  25. eferw

    Nice spelling Doizar =P

  26. Chemical Toilet

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like she is holding back his pimp hand from correcting someone?

  27. Sandy

    Talk to the hand

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  28. Duck Butter

    Actually, his hand isn’t protecting stuff from coming OUT of her mouth. It’s deflecting errant penises from entering. It happens quite a bit to this chick. Random dicks seem to wind up down her throat on a regular basis. How else do you explain K-Fed, Adnan, Sam Lutfi, etc?

  29. Bobo

    Oops. I meant I suck Adnan’s penis while he smokes a Camel.

  30. Hater

    Well, I guess if world peace depended on it I would throw myself on the sword and do this bitch in the ass but her old man had damn sure be there to keep her quiet!

  31. Mal

    Will someone PLEASE block these spam sites from posting comments?

  32. She is doing ” POLITICS”?

  33. How hard is it to see that she needs this whether she wants it or not? Do we want her shaving her head and hitting cars with umbrellas? Do we want her to get around bad influences like Kerry Katona has and think it’s ok to drink on bipolar meds? Jesus someone has to do this and her father is the best choice, end of story.

  34. spanky

    But daddy you usually put your hand on the back of my head.

  35. ummm...yeah

    Funny you guys! Even veggie got a good one off!
    I agree stick a big cock in her mouth, it’s the ONLY way to shut that numb/dumb cunt up!

  36. B

    Better be careful Daddy Spears, she might think your hand is a cheeseburger…

  37. Balls McCoy

    Dozer = FIAL


  38. Sherb

    He is clearly trying to cover her face from photographers not trying to cover her mouth lol

  39. Vince Lombardi

    Do so-called celebrities not realize that the oversized sunglasses don’t really do a good job of concealing their identity? That we all knew Clark Kent *was* Superman? That people point and stare and shout “Look, it’s (insert lame-ass celebrity name here) in giant sunglasses!”

    I mean, if sunglasses are being worn for camera flash protection, get something that works. Get Oakleys – y’know? “Thermonuclear protection?” Wear mirrored Highway Patrol glasses and reflect the flash back at the paps and make them go blind. Doesn’t anyone think deviously anymore?!?

  40. Lucifer

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  41. Herman Munster


  42. Balls McCoy

    Jamie learns never to stick his sausage link fingers in front of a starving Britney. Feeeeed Meeeee Y’all!

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