Jamie Spears is underpaid for his efforts

March 7th, 2008 // 32 Comments

The judge in the Britney Spears’ conservatorship case ruled that Britney Spears’ estate pay Jamie Spears $2,500 a week and allow him to lease a car while he handles Britney’s affairs. The ruling was made Wednesday according to court documents that the press got a hold of yesterday. The AP reports:

Goetz also ordered Spears’ estate to make a $58,800 payment to Samuel D. Ingham III, the court-appointed attorney who represents Britney Spears in the conservatorship case. She also authorized the pop star’s psychiatrist to hire two other doctors and pay them retainers totaling $9,000 from her estate.

To some of us, $2,500 is a lot of cheddah. I mean, this job only pays me in McDonald’s gift certificates. (I just survived my eighth heart attack. Take that, God!) But, when you think about it, Jamie is getting Britney’s career back on track and she’ll end up raking in millions. Also the poor bastard has to be with Britney Spears 24/7. I wouldn’t subject myself to that kind of abuse unless you paid me $1.2 trillion dollars. Or a Nintendo Wii. Damn, I negotiates good.


  1. Lola

    hmm poor daddy

  2. fergernauster

    AW, C’MON.

    Lame story.


    There’s TONS of celeb shit out there besides this crap. Like the fact Saint Patrick Swayze smokes 15 packs of cigs a day and Courtney Love spells and writes like a 2nd grader…

  3. OutRunner1

    I think it’s funny that Britney has to pay her father to act like one, like a reward for his second chance. You know, because he did such a bang up job the first time around.

  4. fergernauster

    AW, C’MON.

    Lame story.


    There’s TONS of celeb shit out there besides this crap. Like the fact Saint Patrick Swayze smokes 15 packs of cigs a day and Courtney Love spells and writes like a 2nd grader…

  5. fergernauster

    … or Tyra Banks shitting herself @ New York Fashion Week recently!

  6. Jennifer2

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  7. Jennifer2

    I am just a bit gay…Why his profile was found on poverty dating site ‘PennilessStupid.com’ last week?! I will go and jack myself off now.

  8. This site blows

    First, Fish, you stop posting for nearly 48 hours and now you put up Britney and her knocked up, cross eyed sibling? you suck. Bye.

  9. tanty

    how old do yu have 2 be 2 be on heir?… i wood like 2 comment on britney..

    :) LOL!!.

    ROLFLMA!!!!! :|

  10. D. Richards (Greed.)

    Britney’s family really cares about her. They love their beautiful daughter and want to see her, to help her, get well.

    For a fee.

  11. FFSWTF

    She should rather pay $2500 a week to get her life together than buy brand new luxury cars for her boyfriends to get some “love”.
    I don’t know why the media went ballistic yesterday with this ridiculous amount of money, guess they don’t have much to talk about Britney anymore… all that fuss over her it’s getting boring actually.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Jennifer,

    You’re curious every fucking day. How long will it be before you get a clue? Now you go check it like you said you would. I expect you to figure it out before the day is through, you stupid cunt.

  13. Jennifer2

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  14. D. Richards (Shepherd.)

    #8? How do figure time?

    Oh, I’m so sorry, forty-eight hours is sixteen hours in retard-land.

  15. Dick Richards (old stinky fart.)

    Mamma say… mamma saw… mamma say-pew-saw! I love Michael Jackson still.

  16. The Britney will be raking in millions again. The only thing is that it will not be from her music but for showing up for crap like Paris does. The world will soon be asking that question: “Why is she famous? Wait…why is she HERE???”..

  17. $2500 a week isn’t shit. Especially if you have to deal with Britney’s shenanigans. I would only accept the job at that wage if I was able to chain her up and beat some sense into her.

  18. lily

    she’s so sad these times..
    but here is many people on Tallmeet.com just support her.she would be fine..

  19. Anonymous

    Hey #18: Speak English, goddammit!!

  20. D. Richards (Emulator.)

    Oh, #15 — you do a great Dick impersonation. Ass-wink, for you!

  21. j

    Looks like the riders of the spears gravey train are organizing to form a union or something

  22. dan

    she looks just like rosie o’donell

  23. gits

    Weird. I didn’t think you had to pay the father of the whore.

  24. Daniel

    It’s his daughter… he wants to be PAID? That’s kinda fucked up, I mean, yeah shes insane but still I wouldn’t expect to be paid for taking care of my retarded child. or would I?

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Any legal eagles here to answer this question for me, is it normal for a conservator to draw salary from the estate he’s overseeing? Sort of sounds like the fox watching the henhouse. I also didn’t know doctors can be put on retainers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel sorry for this fucktard. It’s all her own fault. It is a little sickening however that everyone is leeching off her so much.

  26. Harry Ballzack

    The nutcase can afford it – her bring home is $750k a month after everything is taken care of and Leech Daddy is paid off, so she should pay him for a job well done. He came in and kicked ass and took names and cleared house like a daddy should. But he has no job and it won’t hurt her a bit to share some of her millions with the one person who actually helped her instead of exploited her. Hell she bought her useless mommy a mansion on a hill and serves as a brilliant role model for her baby sister. Why not pay the guy who molested her when she was a kid ? Grandma & Grandpa are singin a song and the boy is in bed a floggin his dong.

    Gawd I love this family !!! Zannyness Abounds – You Crazy Spears Folk ….

  27. Fish dude must be hung over… his balcony, by his feet, with the bookie’s “friends” telling him that same thing will happen to him that happened to his pretty little laptop on the floor down there, if he doesn’t give them the $42 he lost on last week’s Knicks game.

  28. havoc

    Do you realize if he had just pulled out early, he would have saved us and the rest of the world a lot of trouble?

    But noooooooooooooo………


  29. BunnyButt


  30. The Laughing God

    The government, spending someone else’s, non-tax, money for them. Civil liberties indeed.

  31. Mr. Bojangles

    That’s about as awkward as this watercooler conversation:


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