Jamie Spears is kicking ass, taking names

February 7th, 2008 // 66 Comments

Britney Spears’ dad (above) is on the offensive ever since Britney was released from the hospital yesterday. After her release, Britney went to the Beverly Hills Hotel where Adnan Ghalib met her. Jamie Spears showed up with court documents and decided he want to land some verbal kickass on Adnan’s chin landing strip. The Daily Mail reports:

Following a conference with hotel security, Mr Spears entered Britney’s room to remind her she was still under conservatorship, and told Adnan: “You’d better be paying for the room”.
By the end of the day, Britney, her father and Adnan were all at the singer’s home, where they spent the night.

Apparently Britney’s dad is planning to set up camp at Britney’s mansion. Living with your dad isn’t so bad. Mine lives with me. Well, okay, it’s more like I live with him and my mom. They make me sleep in a cupboard under the sink which kind of prohibits my romantic endeavors. The last chick I managed to get in there (Jagermeister, I heart you.) got all freaked out when my mom turned on the garbage disposal. I thought it was romantic. She thought it was a sign to toss S.O.S. in my eyes. Fortunately I was wearing my Brillo pad sleeping mask.

Photo: INFdaily.com

  1. lori

    I think I love Jamie Spears. Finally, someone with some balls is taking charge — in a good way!

  2. Max

    Jamie shouldn’t fight with Adnan, he should team up with him and give Britney some “bipolar” sessions. That’ll fix ‘er right up.

  3. Auntie Kryst

    Seriously, I wouldn’t fuck with this dude. Anyone remember the movie Next of Kin? Jamie is just the leader of the clan. All the Spears kinfolk have snuck into LA to help git sum family justis. They are going to trap Sam and Adnan in that old school bus filled with snakes.

  4. Richard McBeef

    @20 – the navy railgun is hotter than janice fuckin dickinson in a bikini.

    i would much rather stick my dick in the barrel of that railgun than in that old beat up trout faced dog

  5. Oh boy….who thought it could get any better?

  6. pussycuntlicker

    What The Fuck.

  7. Shannon

    Why are his eyes so red? Is he drunk?

  8. Shannon

    Why are his eyes so red? Is he drunk?

  9. zuzuspetals

    Damn, I love the no-nonsense way he wears those glasses. He’s not just going to straighten out Britney’s life- I think he may just straighten out all of L.A.

  10. Stop judging Britney, people! Nobody is perfect in the world. She will be in my prayers for ever. I hope 08 is good year for her. I am surprised that Britney has joined (MillMatch……com) and continue her journey to new love. Hope it works for this poor girl.

  11. zuzuspetals

    I hope 08 is a good year for you, too. And I genuinely hope you find a more dignified way to make a living. You and all those like you are in my prayers – forever.

  12. Cleo

    Britney’s dad and mom both only care about MONEY and couldnt give a sh*t to Britney..lol

  13. jafou

    That over the glasses looks means business. I’ve seen that look many times and if my experience is any indication I think Brit’s about to get her credit cards cut-up and will probably not be borrowing the car for a good long time.

  14. jafou

    For the full effect though that look needs to be delivered sitting down and over the top of a newspaper.

  15. jafou

    Oh also before he shoots that look he has to mutter something about “Thegoddamndemocrats”.

  16. KirkPQ

    jafou, if you can work some film noir in there along with some curling smoke, i’d consider it done.

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