Jamie Spears is kicking ass, taking names

February 7th, 2008 // 66 Comments

Britney Spears’ dad (above) is on the offensive ever since Britney was released from the hospital yesterday. After her release, Britney went to the Beverly Hills Hotel where Adnan Ghalib met her. Jamie Spears showed up with court documents and decided he want to land some verbal kickass on Adnan’s chin landing strip. The Daily Mail reports:

Following a conference with hotel security, Mr Spears entered Britney’s room to remind her she was still under conservatorship, and told Adnan: “You’d better be paying for the room”.
By the end of the day, Britney, her father and Adnan were all at the singer’s home, where they spent the night.

Apparently Britney’s dad is planning to set up camp at Britney’s mansion. Living with your dad isn’t so bad. Mine lives with me. Well, okay, it’s more like I live with him and my mom. They make me sleep in a cupboard under the sink which kind of prohibits my romantic endeavors. The last chick I managed to get in there (Jagermeister, I heart you.) got all freaked out when my mom turned on the garbage disposal. I thought it was romantic. She thought it was a sign to toss S.O.S. in my eyes. Fortunately I was wearing my Brillo pad sleeping mask.

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  1. TS

    FIRST to spear you in the ass you fuckin losers

  2. Juaquin Ingles

    Holy Hell, I might be first and I don’t give a fuck!

  3. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Umm Lametown

  4. p911gt10c

    Wow, a parent being a parent, ain’t that a switch.

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  5. my comment

    He looks wasted.

  6. I wonder how long Landing strip is going to hang around with daddy in the house??

  7. grr

    those red eyes the old man is under huge stress shit hope he fdoes not fall down dead

  8. Zim

    Yeah this guy’s a real hero. He’s moved into Britney’s house and he spent the night rolling around on a bed covered with her money, rubbing one out while reliving the times he boned her back when she was a hot tween. The whole time he was singing “one for the cherry, two for the cash, three to get ready, now go Dad go!”

  9. Binky

    Romance With Binky

    Hummm…Maybe Try and find a female plumber Fish Guy. If all else fails – maybe she could ‘unclog your sink.’

  10. null

    “I wonder how long Landing strip is going to hang around with daddy in the house??”

    you mean, how long will he stick around now that the cash isn’t flowing freely!

  11. D. Richards (Loser.)

    What the fuck is wrong with Jim’s fucking eyes? The guy just awoke from beneath his bed after a hellish night of binge drinking cheap vodka.

    So that’s the man that busted Britney’s hymen. Interesting.

  12. Holistic Beauty

    To soothe eyes and minimize redness and under eye circles, lie back and place slices of cool cucumber over your eyes. It really works!

  13. Matt

    Hopefully her dad is moving in for good. He can whip Britney back into shape, get her out on 300-date stadium tour, then make another album and repeat it all again. She can go back to calling everybody “Daddy” and stay thin from all the dancing (to cover the lip-syncing) and have all the money flow into accounts that her parents control. We all agree that she was much better like this, in the old days. Most chicks do better with this level of control over their choices, regardless of what all you pear-shaped Hillarys say.

  14. TS

    #4 – why the sudden change? Last night you were all “I wanna taste it! I wanna taste it!” I didn’t think it would be sanitary, but you were so…eager.

  15. Adnan The Terrorist

    C’mon, y’allz, can’t we all get along? My chin landing strip makes me cool, but still you guyz pick on me. See how I put a ‘z’ there instead of an ‘s’, that makes me cool, right?

    Hey, you! Yeah, the one talking about Arab guys and their 3.5″ peckers! So what? Hey man, if you were sitting on a mountain of oil, you wouldn’t give a fuck if your dick is tiny and you could only be sucked off by a camel!

    I’m gonna go home & rub one out with a poster of a $100 barrel in front of me. Then I’m gonna throw that pair of gay jeans on & waddle around Hollywood like the douchebag cocksucker terrorist that I am.

  16. Andrea

    Leave Jamie alone. He looks tired because he was up all night counting money.

  17. Is anyone else getting confused between the father, Jamie, and the daughter, Jamie Lynn? How about we call him James FTW?

  18. Good. Britney’s dad should take control of Brits funds. And he’s right, Adnan better be paying for shit if he wants to hang out. Britney has enough leeches sucking off of her fortune.

  19. Pete

    Hey I’d do the same thing! Basically he won the lottery, for the second time. This time around, he knows that he has to get in there and throw elbows and keep all the rabble away from his loot. Including Britney – “Sorry, honey, you’re a good daughter and all…but…it’s just business, nothing personal”. Grab and stash, man, don’t be a fool.

  20. overweight and looking

    Soooooo, the ‘new navy railgun’ is So Freaking Hot? Fucking fish.

  21. havoc

    I gotta say good for him. Its about time someone took control of something….


  22. roastbeef

    Jamie-Lynne was named after both of her parents…dad Jamie, and mom Lynne…I know, it gets confusing sometimes…

  23. JimmyBachaFungool

    He looks like Will Ferrell playing the part of Adnan’s new best friend, Jamie Spears.

  24. @20, what are you looking for?

  25. JimmyBachaFungool

    Britney was named for an English speaking body part.

  26. jason

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    your dream can come true here.

  27. I’m sure after Adnan broke out the X they all got along famously..

  28. @26 What id my dream is beating the shit out of you??

  29. Jamie Spears

    “Adnan you are SCUM, you hear me: SCUM! I won’t let you hurt my daughter’s money any more! I mean…my daughter…either. Yeah!”

  30. IKE

    KUDOS TO DAD!!!!

    She needs structure. She needs someone that TRULY cares for her taking control since she apparently has lost it.

  31. Jeff

    Why is there a picture of Bobby Knight with this article?

  32. ggg

    Yay, more news from the Britney circus!

  33. Jeff

    Why is there a picture of Bobby Knight with this article?

  34. rachel

    If he managed to grab $10k from Britney’s petty cash, I’d suck his dick for it. But I bet I’d bump heads with Adnan when I’m down there.

  35. he is one ugly motherfucker.

  36. EuroNeckPain

    >>Jamie-Lynne was named after both of her parents…
    Isn’t that weird ? Must be very confusing at home. It is ridiculous enough, when an American parent gives his/her own first name to a child, but BOTH first names is unheard of. I mean, why would you use your first name for your child, unless you are the king of France or the king of England ???

  37. Liberty

    I heart you Superficial. I HEART you my dear lyrical genius! You are SOS in the eyes of all those other douche blogs

  38. PrettyBaby

    You know what, now that I’ve seen Adnan and what a cocksucker he is (and by that I mean fucks Brits Mom, takes pics of Brit and sells them, has a horrid chin landing strip, etc, etc, etc, and etc) I am not gonna feel so bad about the creepy single guys I meet. Except for that one that parks in the white van and wears that long black overcoat….. he hurts my inner peace. ;-(

  39. Mark

    Watching this endless Spears circus, I’m so happy that Matilda Ledger will always have her dad to protect her.

  40. gigi

    Has MAD-TV already spoofed these idiots yet ?? I so see that dude Michael McDonald playing him…. and why are his eye so red? Is Jamie Spears Satan? twist! Notice how he’s never really been on the scene till now? Brit’s now has to make ammends for f*ing up so badly…..

  41. Sunny

    you’re all idiots. He’s being a good father now in her time of need.
    You guys can all go fuck urselves if ur hurting so bad to find a reason to trash somebody that the best u can come up with is insults about someone’s red eyes. All you guys are trash!

  42. BunnyButt

    36, at the risk of exposing my white trash roots, my cousin and her husband combined their first names to create their daughter’s name. I’m not going to give it out here because it’s quite distinctive, but let’s just say that they’ve destined her for, at best, a career as a waitress at a diner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  43. Sunny Sideup

    “Britney, it’s your time of need. NEED, I said! You need to swallow. Just like when you were 13. Num-num nummy.”

  44. Utley

    When our son was born, my wife and I decided that combining our names was kind of dumb, so we combined our professions instead (I’m an analyst and she’s a therapist).

  45. gigi

    um… Sunny? [#42] [or should I say Adnan? hmmmm??] Bitter much? and Utley [#45] that was genius and gave me a hankering to watch my Arrested Development DVDs tonight

  46. alex oz

    i know it
    fukin jew hahahaha

  47. Salesman Terry

    42, Amen sister! The best thing a gal can do for herself is to let the man who cares most about her take care of her. I’m sure Mr. Spears will guide Britney with kindness and a gentle hand.

  48. D. Richards (Trash.)

    #42? If we’re all ‘trash’, then your gnarled pussy is the receptacle. Open wide, dump, here comes the garbage.

  49. Victoria

    #42 shouldn’t you be over at Pop Sugar or something?

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