Jamie Spears is kicking ass, taking names

Britney Spears’ dad (above) is on the offensive ever since Britney was released from the hospital yesterday. After her release, Britney went to the Beverly Hills Hotel where Adnan Ghalib met her. Jamie Spears showed up with court documents and decided he want to land some verbal kickass on Adnan’s chin landing strip. The Daily Mail reports:

Following a conference with hotel security, Mr Spears entered Britney’s room to remind her she was still under conservatorship, and told Adnan: “You’d better be paying for the room”.
By the end of the day, Britney, her father and Adnan were all at the singer’s home, where they spent the night.

Apparently Britney’s dad is planning to set up camp at Britney’s mansion. Living with your dad isn’t so bad. Mine lives with me. Well, okay, it’s more like I live with him and my mom. They make me sleep in a cupboard under the sink which kind of prohibits my romantic endeavors. The last chick I managed to get in there (Jagermeister, I heart you.) got all freaked out when my mom turned on the garbage disposal. I thought it was romantic. She thought it was a sign to toss S.O.S. in my eyes. Fortunately I was wearing my Brillo pad sleeping mask.

Photo: INFdaily.com