Jamie Spears: ‘I had legal right to punch Sam Lutfi out’

May 15th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Sam Lutfi is currently suing Jamie Spears and claiming Britney’s dad assaulted him. Except Jamie’s not taking this lying down and basically told the court he had the legal right to kick the shit out of Sam, according to TMZ:

In legal papers filed today, Jamie is very careful to not admit he punched Lutfi in the chest at Brit’s house last year — as Lutfi suggested in a recent lawsuit. However, Jamie says the law allows him to open a can of whoop ass if the situation calls for it — and according to the docs, the Lutfi situation called for it.
Jamie claims “he was provoked” by Lutfi and was “privileged to use force in and about the matter complained.”
He adds, “Any necessary force may be used to protect from wrongful injury the person or property of oneself, or a wife, husband, child, parent or other relative or member of one’s family.”

I can’t even believe this is an ongoing court battle. I pretty much assumed Jamie’s lawyers would simply point at Sam Lutfi and say “Hey, remember when we kept seeing Britney Spears’ vagina? It was that guy’s fault.” BAM! Case closed. Who wants sandwiches?

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  1. Yes superfish id take a semi warm tuna with dripping mayo to go! now who can sue to keep these peeps tired antics from the tabs….

  2. Jeezy

    Lutfi is an irrelevant fag.

  3. Sentient Yeast Infection

    Glad I am third and not Frist.

  4. This whole group is a waste of space. Why hasn’t Lufti been deported?


  5. Someone Else

    Depending on the state Jamie could have just blasted his ass. Case closed.

  6. jen

    I feel so bad for this guy. look at his eyes. It seems like the mom was such a stage mom and pushed both her girls into show business and he just kind of watched as both his daughter’s almost ruined their lives. It looks to me like he wishes he could go back and un do all the craziness that happened to his girls.

  7. Joe

    Jaimie Spears tod the Judge he had the legal right to kick the shit out of Sam.
    yeah —Maybee in Texas or Mississippi

    Jaimie has 3 major problems with his justified defense
    1-The scumbag is still alive to sue him
    2-Jaimie is in California (land of the friuts, nuts and F_ up laws)
    3- The Judge is also a Jew like Sam (Jew judges always side with other Jews like in New York City)


  8. You should see the picture of Kim Kardaskank on tmz.com. She is not wearing a butt girdle and you can see her saggy ass with a lot of cellulite on her ugly loose ass and on her thighs. She is wearing spandex work out pants. It is gross looking!


  9. Taya

    When I read the headline, at first I thought that it was Britney’s sister that punched Lufti.

  10. festus

    I hate to admit it but I’m starting to like this guy. He should have invited that fuckstick back to Louisiana so he could feed the body to the alligators.

  11. Jamie Spears brings the Castle Doctrine to Malibu. Schweet.

  12. SlowMonkey

    Jamie Spears rules. He should have his own comic book hero series.

  13. BustyRaquel

    Poor man.

    He looks VERY tired.

  14. I’ll tell you: SHAMPOO IS FOR HAIR………………………………….NOT EYES!!

  15. Duh

    To those who don’t apparently know….
    Sam = Britney’s ex meth dealer.
    Britney = recovering meth addict.

    Remember her British accent, the meth pipe was very near then.

    Respect her father for doing the right thing.

  16. Matthew

    go jamie kick that co-swengaili’s butt

  17. Galtacticus

    Is this Sam Lufti guy still not gone? If BS wants to lose her money this bad,she’d better donate it to me.

  18. Boogeyman King Dong

    She still owes me money for the extra 23 hours!

  19. Darth

    @21 Didn’t she offer you bags of cheetos?

  20. sahara

    maybe joe should learn how to spell jamie for a start

  21. This sounds like a great “superficial” way to solve problems, it doesn’t require a more mature attitude. I guess an adult approach is not an option?

  22. gigi

    ewwwww! what’s wrong with his eyes?? Hillybillypinkeye-itis I’m guessing… that whole family is just so gross

  23. Val

    omg, let us forgive and forget :-)

  24. The whole spears family is one big freak show.

  25. Probably the most illogical quote I’ve ever heard.

  26. All celebrities think they are above the law.

  27. Why are people so obssessed with celebrities?

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