Jamie Lynn Spears will probably be a single mom

December 20th, 2007 // 102 Comments

This screenshot of Casey Aldridge’s MySpace page paints a bleak future for his baby that resides in the womb of Jamie Lynn Spears. His last login date was Tuesday and his status reads “Me and Jamie are over…..” This indicates that either Jamie and Casey aren’t as serious as they’ve been portrayed in the media, Casey really isn’t a stand-up guy or he might not even be the baby’s father at all. Jamie was quoted in late November saying she’s not in a relationship and hangs out with a bunch of guy friends who, coincidentally, have a bunch of penises. Also, she shares the same lineage as Britney Spears, so chances are the father is a retarded rodeo clown. Spears women dig the intellectual type.


  1. claire

    Isnt he supposed to be 19…?

  2. lesa

    Seriously? R U that stupid? That’s NOT his profile dumbass…

  3. Chelsea

    And why is that his profile? There are 2 other profiles with his photo and name so why are so sure? Moron!

  4. lilioohpyt

    Ok i really was getting ready to point that out too that he is 19……………myspace is so faulty……u never know who’s really logging into those accounts

  5. lesa_chokes_on_dog_ cock

    HAI LESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    LiEK SERIUSLY – U RITE LIKE THAT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111


    KNOW WELL TAEK U SRSLY 2!!!!!!!!!1111

  6. MID

    What a cumguzzling whore.

  7. yes, she also loves to write her blog at http://www.blackwhitekiss.commm – it is a free community for black and white people.

  8. ballsdeep

    Shut up # 7.

    Writing is for fags.

  9. CJ

    Re: #1, I was thinking the same thing… maybe it’s a ploy to help make the whole statutory rape thing seem less bad?

  10. joeypants

    It’s “Jamie and I are over…” dumbass.

  11. Michael Vick must Die

    Whether that’s his profile or not of course she’ll be a single parent relationships between teenagers don’t last – because they are still fucking children, immature and still becoming the adults they will be.
    This situation is just pathetic and the poor fucking Spears Kids are doomed before they are even born.

  12. Ken

    I can’t stop saying how this particular writer sucks. Let’s stick with the jokes and leave the social commentary out. I thought this site was supposed to be entertaining, not preachy.

  13. bily bob

    jaime is a whore.
    k bye :)

  14. kevin federlines penis

    dammit man someone beat me to to jamie’s vah-jay jay!!!

    now i have to fuck the mom dammit!!

  15. Jeezy

    OMG! This is obviously so real!

    Fucking wankers.

  16. Racer X

    What does Wikipedia say about him?

    /don’t trust MySpace
    //especially girls with webcams

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  18. Bill

    hahahaha these TARDS seem to not realize you can put whatever age you want to on myspace. lots of idiots put different ages.

  19. Gerald_Tarrant

    I think the point isn’t whether this is real or not, or if he put a fake age or not. The point is, Jamie Lynn will almost certainly be a single parent.

    Until Casey releases his rap/dance album and Jamie starts drinking and driving without a license. Then he’ll be the single parent.

  20. melanie

    what about this myspace for Casey, perhaps you have a fake one?


  21. bad ass mofo

    what the fuck is up with the advertisement spams for shitty dating websites???

  22. Tasha

    It’s funny. My Myspace doesn’t have friend alerts like that. Curious. I guess Tom is holding out on us Georgia Folk.

  23. Jeezy

    OMG! This is obviously so real!

    Fucking wankers.

  24. kenlee

    Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs dating club “MeetRich.com”. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  25. jeff

    som of her friends saw a link ov her on this krazy website – thesuperificial.com. she is mocked regularly on there and her celeb friends like it to.

  26. claire

    re :#9

    I thought that, maybe hes saying he’s 17 so he won’t get the police on his door

  27. Anal Phlegm Munch

    Fuck all of you.

  28. John

    People are stupid if you search anyone’s name on myspace thats in the spotlight you will find like 10 pages, and I believe on this cite they are the one you said he is 19.

  29. grits2005

    #9 three years difference isnt stat. rape u idiot.

  30. did anyone notice his profile says he’s 17???

  31. the bor


    Jamie is now like Cartmans mom, It will come out on Maury P after 19 pat. test that SHE is the Father and Mother. Or the baby is Papa Joe’s Simpsons.

  32. Conscience Found

    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~






    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~

  33. shut up

    ok how many of you were virgins at 16? at least she has the money to support her own child unlike all those waste of space wellfare mothers out there.

  34. Hey assmunch!

    grits2005: Genius, statutory rape is anyone 18 or older having sex with anyone 17 or younger.

  35. MindRiot

    Yay #32 – the tabloid reading jesus freak is here to save us all – after he reads all the latest news first. Tool.

  36. omgdz

    he has like 8 different myspaces


  37. Janz

    THIS IS FAKE!!!! There are like 8 myspace profiles for this guy….. that isn’t even his real age…… although US mag is reporting that they have broken up….

    anywho…… who cares!!!! Jamie Lynne is boring………… I can’t wait for britney to be preggers again !!!! :-P

  38. Igottabemeeee

    Oooo – I shall repent immediately.

  39. what an irresponsible fucking ASSHOLE he is!

  40. I live inside Amy Winehouse's Head

    #32 – Fuck you very much

  41. Buy My Product

    Need a redneck whore to bukakke on! Go to http://www.jamielynnlikesbukakke.com all the celebs are doing it.

    Oh yea!

  42. mcbeef

    what a queefy motherfucker.

  43. dozer

    Buy my Product – that was genius. How much for the lost my nick show model?

  44. MySpacer

    It may be his profile, but even though he logged in this week, it was last updated in October……

  45. somebody

    It’s not statutory rape because they were in the relationship before Casey turned 18. And also because they’re close in age.

    Files aren’t going to be brought up on this, it’s a waste of time.

    Most likely, they both agreed to having sex, and this probably wasn’t the first time either.

    Check out this link– it says that in most states 16 is the legal age of consent, and therefore it’s not rape.


  46. To Somebody #45

    No one cares.

    The point is its more fun to make fun of redneck hookers then debate the morality of premarital porking

  47. That’s not true.. I have casey’s myspace n’ he doesn’t have that in his status…

  48. Grace

    someone it too old to know how the myspace works :( hahaha

  49. Grace

    someone is too old to know how the myspace works :( hahaha

  50. negative creep

    what’s wrong with aldridge? doesn’t he know any better? she’s only 16! doesn’t he know right from wrong? doesn’t he know he was supposed to only come in her mouth?

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