Jamie Lynn Spears was an accident

February 29th, 2008 // 73 Comments

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears’ uncle William Spears is all about airing the family’s dirty laundry. Apparently Jamie Lynn herself was an accident just like the child in her belly that may or may not be Casey Aldridge’s. Jamie Spears had a vasectomy after Britney was born, but yet somehow Lynne ended up pregnant. The Sun reports:

He said: “Jamie got awfully mad. He said it couldn’t be his.” Williams alleges Jamie demanded a DNA test, that eventually proved he was the baby’s biological father.
He added: “That’s why they named her Jamie Lynn, to kind of make the point that she was from both of them.”

Ha! What an amazing way to name your child. I can just imagine how that conversation went with Jamie Lynn: Daddy, where did my name come from? Well, you see, sweetie, Daddy only wanted two kids so he had his balls snipped. See the scar? Well, since God is a sick bastard, somehow your mommy got knocked up. Now I’ve always suspected she’s a cheap whore and didn’t believe it was mine. But stupid science proved me wrong, so we decided, shit, we’re stuck with you, why not pick a name that reminds us of how much I distrust that fucking shrew of a woman and wish she’d die in her sleep. The end. Sleep tight, my little princess. Smooches!

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  1. #47-nice thong. It matches your tu-tu and the ballerina that dwells within you.

  2. Tom C.

    “Regardless, sometimes the body just bypasses the clamps and makes its own way so to speak.”

    That’s so true. I had a vasectomy and now the semen shoots out my ass. Afterwards. (I dunno, I kinda black out during.)

  3. moobs

    mama spears was a regular dumpster, i guess.

    umph umph

  4. jeremiah

    You are all pathetic, worthless, low lifes. People get pregnant, should she have been having sex? probably not. But the way you all treat her, makes me sick

    He who is without sin, feel free to cast the first fucking stone.

  5. #51 – Did I say thong? I meant thing… as in this thing had given me a wedgie, meaning, I musta washed my jeans in warm water… and it’s true, when you pop my heart open, a tiny ballerina, spins around, and vintage Elton John plays.

    (hangs head in shame)

  6. #54 – (hurls stone at Jeremiah’s head, misses due to bad aim, and hits crotch…)

  7. mabbo

    I always wondered about that. Britney and her brother Bryan are only a couple years apart in age: Bryan born in 1977 and Britney in 1981. Now, ten years AFTER Britney comes Jamie Lynn…uh, how many parents do that? Have two kids relatively close in age and then a decade later decide to have more kids? I don’t think so. Jamie Lynn was an obvious “mistake” or more euphemistically speaking we can say she was a “surprise” or “unplanned”. No wonder the family is messed up. All these demons are coming to light now.

  8. Wait a sec...

    Wouldn’t “William Spears” be the uncle formerly known as “Roadkill Willie”? The one who eats roadkill and was convicted for selling drugs? Since when has he become a credible source?

    I’m not saying Jamie Lynn wasn’t a mistake. Or a disaster. I’m just saying that maybe Roadkill Willie isn’t the authority on family planning.

  9. tina

    My sister told me she her new bf through BillionaireFriends.com. Is that true? I think everyone would like to see what their profiles look like.

  10. Karen

    I think that we are all mistakes.

    I had a baby when I was ten years old, and I wasn’t even old enough to have my period yet. You tell me what happened. I’m still trying to figure out why my Mom would never let me go outside our house. All people are just fucking animals that’s all………

  11. The Laughing God

    Awesome, simply awesome

  12. William Spears is a pig for saying this sort of thing, whether it’s true or not.

  13. I just think it’s funny how quick they whipped her off Nickelodeon once she got knocked up.

    Zoey’s going to England. Really. Kinda like when Dad didn’t like my puppy he took it to the ‘farm’.

  14. S

    Ewwwww…Jamie Lynn Spears for some reason is sooooo ABC after school special. Skanky pregnant high school dropout. EW EW EW.

  15. GJ

    #60, you’re lying, and that’s impossible.

    Get the fuck off this site, you freak.

  16. Still Free

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thats the shit!!!

  17. Spirit

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  19. Awesome, simply awesome

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  21. Cassandra wrote an interesting post today on Jamie Lynn Spears was an accident – father had a vasectomyHere’s a quick excerptBritney Spears’ younger, pregnant sister, Jamie Lynn Spears was an accident, just like her unborn baby — her uncle has claimed.

  22. What can be worse of showing the family’s dirty laundry? Only enjoing reading it!

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