Jamie Lynn Spears turning into Britney

January 25th, 2008 // 88 Comments

This story got buried in the midst of the Heath Ledger craziness, but apparently mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears has a partying past. And she’s only 16. Friends say her mom caught Jamie Lynn drinking at age 14 and she’s a smoker, according to Life & Style:

And even after seeing her older sister shuttle in and out of rehab and have her children taken from her, Jamie Lynn’s risky behavior didn’t stop. “She’s been known to smoke and drink,” says a pal, though her rep says Jamie Lynn currently does neither. “She’s starting to remind friends of Britney,” adds the pal.

If Jamie Lynn starts speaking in an English accent, we’re past the point of no return, people. You might as well fit her for a pink wig and torn fishnets. I’ll notify Starbucks. My God, how do you tell someone there’s two Britneys? I’d rather tell someone their dog died and I was the driver. Of course, I’ll deny it in court. Although I’m the only guy in the neighborhood who drives a monster truck with Milk Bone wheels…

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  1. buy stock in starbucks right now!

  2. mom must be so proud.

  3. This is my comment on Jamie Lynn Spears

  4. rkland


  5. swain

    suth’n gals are so smahhht

  6. Racer X

    Good for her.

    /how do you play monopoly backwards?

  7. Racer X

    Good for her.

    /how do you play monopoly backwards?

  8. Racer X

    Good for her.

    /how do you play monopoly backwards?

  9. Andie

    No way. They are SO obviously different. (See, you can tell them apart cuz Jamie is wearing a bra.)

    I must admit though, the Starbucks cup threw me for a sec.

    (Side thought: lots of free advertising for Starbucks with these sisters!)

  10. hausfrau

    She’ll never be able to wear those little shirts again with all the stretch marks she’s gonna get….HAHAHAHAHA. But then again, decency doesn’t really seem to matter in the case of the Spears twits.

  11. No wonder, she’s following the wrong footsteps of her sister

  12. sameshitdifferentyear

    Drinking and smoking at 14
    Sex and pregnancy at 16

    That’s normal these days according to TV like Springer

    I thought turning-into-BS meant she was photographed eating buttered pork rinds and lip-synching

  13. Harry

    Since no other gossip outlets like TMZ has picked up on the story that she got knocked up by an older man on her TV show, I’ll guess it was a fake.

    And #7 — direct your complaints to that ghoul John Gibson at Fox News.

  14. ESQ

    Two words that equal Jamie Lynn Spears – DANA PLATO – enough said. What a fucked-up family they have.

  15. zang

    The baby daddy had the right idea – if it’s a Spears girl, don’t wait until she’s older.

  16. you people suck

    hey people guess what ALOT of teens smoke/drink and have sex… its quit normal! get over it just because she’s a celeb people act like its such a big deal. leave her alone, at least she is being responsible and keeping her child!

  17. ESQ

    #17 – This is exactly why teens should not procreate numb nuts like you, learn how to spell there champ!

  18. a mom?

    I really hope that is a decaf coffee she’s drinking there in that picture. God knows what else she’s doing to harm the little life inside of her…

  19. Hell, if she walked by dressed like that, I’d bag her head & fuck her. 16? 15? Who cares. Look at her (neck down).

  20. Time for the plunger Jamie Lynn… no more retards please.

  21. Clever

    Were you a priest in your previous life?

  22. you people suck!

    haha oops i put quit instead of quite.. SORRY! it’s not my parents fault that i cant spell thanks.. and to the pedo above this comment gross you should be in jail freak!.

  23. you people suck!

    i was referring to jimbo in my last comment btw!

  24. you people suck!

    i was referring to jimbo in my last comment btw!

  25. Victoria

    What? A teenager who’s smoked and drank before?! Find me a teenager who HASN’T smoked and drank and then I’ll get excited. Jamie Lynn just needs new friends, preferably ones who aren’t snitches.
    #19 Google loves you, so does the library. The only thing you’ll find is that caffeine “may” increase the risk of miscarriage. You know, just like sky-diving, punch-dancing and Olympic gymnastics.

  26. Drinking Teen.

    i actually don’t think smoking and drinking at age 14 is that uncommon…. i did it. and now at age 19, i’m still doing A LOT better than Brit is now. =]

  27. Rat

    Jamie Lynn Spears To Give Up Her Baby

    Jamie Lynn Spears has agreed to give up her unborn baby, it has been claimed. The 16-year-old star of Nickelodeon show ‘Zoey 101′ will reportedly give the child to her mother Lynne as soon as it is born, so she can focus on her career.

    A source told America’s Star magazine: “After several weeks of personal soul searching and talks and discussions with her mom, Jamie Lynn reluctantly agreed that giving up the baby is the right thing to do.”

    “Lynne says Jamie doesn’t understand the lifelong consequences of having a baby. She wants Jamie Lynn to continue her show business career after the baby is born and Jamie Lynn also realizes she wants to enjoy her teenage years without the responsibilities of caring for a baby.”

    “Jamie Lynn will be back at work and trying to remind people of her talent and not that she is an unwed teenage mother.”

    Lynne will raise the baby at the family home in Kentwood, Louisiana, away from the Hollywood spotlight. Since Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy she has been living at the family’s $3 million estate while studying for a high school equivalency exam and attending parenting classes. But it is believed once she gives birth she will return to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

    Jamie Lynn, the younger sister of Britney Spears, insists her 18-year-old boyfriend Casey Aldridge is the father of her baby. However, insiders claim the father is actually a much older TV executive from her show.

    A source said: “Jamie Lynn has been working on her show ‘Zoey 101′ since she was 13. In Hollywood, little girls grow up fast and she’s no exception. With everything that has gone on in her family, she needed someone to look up to.”

    “But the man she found seems to have completely taken advantage of her.”

    A representative for Jamie Lynn denied she plans to give up her baby.

    This is good news right? Lynne Spears is such a stellar example of motherhood!

  28. alan

    I can’t wait until she turns eighteen so I can go back, look at this picture, and remark what a great rack she has.

  29. Liv

    This brings me back to my teenage years. I drank. I smoked. So did everyone else. Why is this news?

  30. Champ

    Nice rack.
    Someone tell me why sluts and whores always have a cross around their neck? Its like telling someone off in email and then putting some faggy little smilie at the end – makes everything OK. You can say wtf you want is you end it right ;)

  31. Adnan The Terrorist

    This cunt has the same glazed-over dim-witted inbred gaze as her cow whore sister.

    Someone should whack both of them a few times with a fucking crowbar.

    If they’d spend as much time improving their lives as they do spreading their legs, maybe they’d get somewhere in life.

    Regarding the “nice rack” comments, ummmm… does ANYBODY understand the term “plastic surgery.” FFS.

  32. deaconjones

    Here here JIMBO!!!!
    Im right behind ya! Ill get sloppy seconds, or thirds, doesnt fucking matter

  33. @30

    Yeah, but I bet you didn’t bang all your girlfriends, perform in donkey shows in Tijuhana, dig out your sister’s stuck tampon with your teeth, or snort 5 lines of coke off daddy’s hairy ass. Oh. And loofah Mommy’s stretch marks with your titties in the shower. Apparently, that shit is pretty much Spear’s girls’ tradition.

  34. Anonymous

    Are you insinuating that the Spears girls take showers?

  35. The White Urkele

    If you dress and act like a whore, gues what…you will get knocked up. Unless you take it in the ass like a good dirl. 15, 16, 17 doesn’t matter. Dress like a slut and guys are going to want to fuck you.

  36. CougarTexas

    Are these bitches BayBay’s kids? They don’t die, they multiply?

    I want to send my condolences to Jamie & Britney’s brother, God Bless him. I can’t imagine the shame and sheer embarrassment that guy faces minute-by-minute…

  37. Champ

    Great rack.

  38. If she aborts now, she still has a chance to be hot for a couple of years, and obviously she’s a slut so you can forget about the age thing. The real problem is that nobody in the Spears family has a vacuum.

  39. buddy2007

    Whats up with the eye brows?? Creepy

  40. brandielq

    I just had to say that the writer’s comments on this page make me smile and laugh everyday……I love your page!!!!!

  41. Clem

    It’s a good job that Southerners are god fearing folks otherwise who knows what might happen!

    At least you have your faith. Or something.

  42. Clem

    it’s a good job that the Spears family are such god fearing people otherwise who knows what might happen!

  43. Dr. Phil

    Won’t she be surprised when her kid comes out with three eyes from all of her drug use. She is an Ass of the worst kind.

  44. Jennifer

    She was said to have a personal account on ‘BillionaireCupid.com’ club with her hot pictures and blogs there. The site is getting hotter and hotter, cuz quite a few millionaires and celebrities tend to go there.

  45. baph0m3t

    16 years, and she’s already pregnant. Yeah you can tell she’s from Louisiana. And I’m qualified to say that because I used to live there lol.

    Smoking and drinking for a teen however is hardly newsworthy unless you’re a puritanical religious nut. However, if she continues doing this while pregnant, than she’s downright stupid and unconcerned about the health of the baby.

    But who am I kidding? She’s a Spears. She’ll be a crack whore by next year.

  46. ………………………………………………………………….HOPE NOT!!

  47. beyonce

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  48. Guess what? I was drinking and smoking at her age too. Most teenagers are these days. It’s not unusual. I wouldn’t say that’s turning into her lunatic sister… she’s got quite a bit to go before she reaches that point.

  49. SmartE01

    Who doesn’t drink? The majority of people drink & smoking isn’t uncommon….HELLO!!!! Most people drink alcohol b/f they actually turn 21! We all went to parties unless u were a loser!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!! How dumb can you possibly be to think this is news!

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