Jamie Lynn Spears turning into Britney

This story got buried in the midst of the Heath Ledger craziness, but apparently mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears has a partying past. And she’s only 16. Friends say her mom caught Jamie Lynn drinking at age 14 and she’s a smoker, according to Life & Style:

And even after seeing her older sister shuttle in and out of rehab and have her children taken from her, Jamie Lynn’s risky behavior didn’t stop. “She’s been known to smoke and drink,” says a pal, though her rep says Jamie Lynn currently does neither. “She’s starting to remind friends of Britney,” adds the pal.

If Jamie Lynn starts speaking in an English accent, we’re past the point of no return, people. You might as well fit her for a pink wig and torn fishnets. I’ll notify Starbucks. My God, how do you tell someone there’s two Britneys? I’d rather tell someone their dog died and I was the driver. Of course, I’ll deny it in court. Although I’m the only guy in the neighborhood who drives a monster truck with Milk Bone wheels…

Photos: Splash News